One night

On that hot summer night, about three o'clock, my friend and I were returning home from the club: tired natantsevavshiesya, happy, flushed and a little tipsy. Kate took to move, and I was waiting for her on the sidewalk all alone. It was very dark, but the lights in the area for some reason it is not included.

I heard footsteps and pulled away, jumped into the darkness: I was approached by three men, grinning unashamedly on all sides. Their faces were hard to see. One of them came closer to me and others, running his hands through my hair, clenched their fists, pulling me to him.

- Dykhne whore - he whispered through tightly clenched teeth. I just shook from side to side of head. He nodded to his friends, and they ran up to me from behind, began to fumble through my skin, pull off her blouse, where the buttons are not the most successful way were placed: the rear.

The guy still kept hold of my hair and laugh, exclaiming:

- Drunk! Slut! Part of signals on the track?

And I again shook her head negatively, and he gave me a scathing slap. Meanwhile, his friends have already stripped me to the laundry, in spite of my protests muffled sounds: a guy stuck in my mouth his fingers, threatening me that I should be careful with them and tenderly, and then it's over pretty quickly. I even had some time to spend on his fingers the language that caused quite a predatory half-smile and an iron strut in his pants.

- What, bitch, you like sucking fingers? - And he again swung, slapped me in the face. I burned with shame and pain, while his friends lowered my panties and bra thrown on the ground. They are three of us began to knead my breasts and buttocks, and I writhed and was still trying to escape. Then I was threatened again, and I decided not to anger rapists.

One of them reached into his hand to me in the vagina, clitoris tickled finger bead. I could not help but groan of pleasure and pain at the same time. And when he stuck me in the hole their language, walking up to them yet and the anus, I shivered, and I cried on how I was pleased. While one of them, bent me cancer, she continued to lick me another, unbuttoned his pants, lifted his rather large penis in my mouth stretched fingers.

I could do nothing except hold on the tongue member, abundantly wetting it with saliva. I gently licked his balls, nadrachivaya body with protruding wreaths.

He shouted again, I'm a whore, and then two men perched behind and one of them put his head in my vagina. I knew how to look vulgar as these guy naginali me, naked, on the street and fucked like a whore last: in every hole, and even cancer. This thought I was very excited, I wanted to finish.

When a member of one of the guys went almost entirely to me, and I still continued to suck dick, causing its owner involuntary moans, she saw that came out of the bushes Katya. She looked at me like that, it seemed, now her eyes jump out of their sockets. That guy who licked me, ran back to Kate and unceremoniously tore off her all clothes with linen. A member of my mouth immediately pulled out and put Katya, naked, cancer next to me. She was flushed, her eyes clouding tipsy plucked out of the picture just what her friend fucked now very rough.

The guys told us to kiss with Kate. We began to weave her language, her lips caressing each other. While we were in the back of a guy, my friend, without stopping to suck nadrachivat other members. We all moaned in pleasure, all five. When the boys finished rapidly as we are with Kate, they had to be swapped.

All night they fucked us all the holes, and in the morning, when we finally got to Katya to the hostel - rastrahannye, sweaty, dirty, almost naked, but happy - my friend just smiled and wished each other good night's sleep.

That night we remembered for a long time.



She got into his car dressed in a light white dress, he looked at her flashy and kissed her on the lips, she would very much like to continue the kiss but he did not let her do it ...

- Pompous turkey .. So she thought almost always because he kept her at a distance.

Hatred ... It is insanely hated him ... for what he did to her. She raved about it .. Its smell his black eyes bloodshot with passion and lust ... From him just a mile reeked of sex. She wanted it all the time with him, she was a real nymphomaniac ... She loved to sit in his car and stick to it since sucking the earlobe ... His is bothered ... because of course he was driving ... But most of all his factory when she took his right hand and watching him slowly licked his eyes each finger with such gusto that even a little moaning ...

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled him abruptly, so that she cried out in pain. And boldly whispered in her ear - bitch suck ... and sent her head between her legs.

She felt a rush of excitement as the swollen her nipples, and how wet was between her legs .... She quickly undid his pants ... picked up his already excited member, and looked into his eyes with a slight smile and licking his thumb of his right hand continuing to look into his eyes touched his bridle and slowly began to stroke her ...

He began to moan softly ... And smiling she continued to caress it with his hand ..

- Take it in your mouth, he growled with such passion that she wanted a little tease him. She took his index finger and started sucking so brazenly nibbling it lightly with his teeth, meanwhile continuing his other hand to fondle his boy.

- Suck bitch, he again took her head and planted her mouth on his penis. She gladly took it into his mouth not much moaning ..

- Yeah, my girl suck and do not stop .. And here it is completely plunged his dick in his mouth, so deep on that he came into her throat ..... She made a couple of moves and he abruptly grabbed her by the neck and I pulled back. She leaned back in her front seat with pleasure licking her red lips .... And as always smiling slyly.)

- You are my creature, how I hate you for what you do to me.

She looked at him with all the passion and desire that she has. He grabbed her by the throat and eagerly bit into her lips. With his other hand clutching her chest. She simply melted away from his touch Its plants his every movement, he let go of her throat and lightly slapped her cheek .... And his hand came down rapidly. she could not control how parted her legs in front of his caresses. And then hand slowly crept into her already mokrenkie panties ... She arched her back as soon as his fingers touched her pussy .... It just flowed juices .. His gentle fingers slid between her legs, as if he examines it .. . Look for the most sensitive spot ... her sex lips swollen from the mad excitement, it stimulates her clitoris so gently so sweet ... her body wriggled with pleasure only ...

- Baby you're so wet .. I do not want you to come right now .... You do it then when I'm allowed. He bent down to her crotch and looking into her eyes, grinning lightly blew on her wet pussy until exhaustion. She screamed clutching her nails into his back ... - Please stop, I can not anymore. I want to finish.
- You probably forgot, you do what I tell you, not what you want, dirty bitch ...
He lifted up her feet and slapped her a couple of times by the pope, so she moaned piteously ...



My name is Katja I am 28 years old. Brunette 4 180 increase breast size with implants Defined ass generally cover girl. I have my own small business in subjection to me a couple of dozen people, and I have a very strict boss. In his personal life, all is quiet for a husband not torn children do not wait. It happens occasionally for sex find a man but not any relationship, I began to notice that I like brutal men from 40 years and older. So I have a wild nedotrah. And then my girlfriend a glass of wine advised good fitness center where you can find a man for sex, by the way, and she advised me at the time to do chest. I bought a ticket there and start walking. After a couple of sessions began to notice the men began to notice me. I started to wear leggings thong sports that can be seen through the leggings, short T-shirt sport. I ran squatted and asked men to show how to do at the gym. Someone waist take someone in the ass as if by chance. I usually go to the closing under the same room because on the other does not work. And when I finished studying, I went to the locker room and in the shower. But in his heart there was no water for the night the owners apparently disconnected. I without hesitation went to the men's, looked in the locker room there was no one threw a towel on the bench and she went into the shower. After a while I went into the locker room there was no one I started to wipe the dressing room suddenly opened. I quickly covered herself with a towel. They included two men who helped me at the gym. One was very well podkachen without excess weight, the second was a little overweight but very inflated arms as legs. Both age 40.

- Oh, I did not know anyone else here is simply in a woman's heart there is no water.

- Do not worry - said one of them

I held the towel with one hand, and the second began collecting shower gels but then the towel slipped from me. I was confused for a second.

- Oh - I said, but then thought that I lose I'm specially come here for this.

- Boys do not help me?

- Certainly one of them said that was stout slightly came up to me.

I without hesitation sat down and pulled off his gym shorts and then began to fondle his penis which instantly aroused. His cock was thick and 17 cm in length. The second competitor came up and got already standing member of his pants. I caressed the two members at the same time. I'm at the bottom all wet. One turned to me ass and spread his powerful inflated buttocks.

- Lick me a

- No there all sweaty and nasty

- Shut up and get busy

The second grabbed my hair and pulled his head to the bottom. I'm so excited coarseness that ostervineniem began to lick ass. Second slapped on the ass that told me rude but I was not listening, I was so excited that she was ready for anything, and I went and started to fuck fiercely. Then he came into my ass, I did blow it changed and they wanted me to bend over. As a result, the tips of my mouth in both so that was all in the semen. But these sensations and orgasms have not received. Taking a towel, I went to her dressing room and was going home, looking at his watch to surprise the time was past midnight.

I parked the car and took the elevator to his floor. 2 apartments per floor neighbor what that ugly neighbor 50 years old I went to the door and started to get the keys in each neighbor went to throw out the garbage, I surprise and weariness dropped the keys on the floor.

- Oh, I said - do not help me and that I was very tired in training ....

Wait continue the fun to come ...


Stories of my wife: Introduction

Hello to all readers of the series of stories told by my wife and I set out to you in printed form. Something of this did not happen with us mediocre, but something told me my little wife. But the history of one hundred percent true!

Let's start with an introduction. My name is Andrew I am 27 years old. My wife's name is Karina and her 36 years, but she is older than me for nine years. The difference in age or when we do not interfere, not in communion either sex. Karina, I liked it from the first day of exploring. It was with a friend at a party. We are pretty drunk, then, as it turned out to be in bed. And on the first night I have mastered it completely. As in very good porn film: everything was deep blowjob and she makes fantastic, and my favorite anal sex. Her shaved pussy with her short hair band drove me crazy. I'm drowning in it in her vagina, licking the clitoris, gently biting his lips. When we went to the ground so to speak, my view opened view of her little anal hole, and I decided to try on, she will carefully treat anal sex. I licked and occasionally dived into her pussy and tongue as if accidentally touched the tip of his tongue her ass. At first, she jerked on my every touch her ass, but I squeezed her arms round her hips, so that it does not become greater escape. Then I started to intensively fumbling in her wet cave language, and stroked her nose in her ass hole. In my contact with the ass, Karina moaned louder and shaking her hips to the beat of my movements. And now, after ten minutes, I had forgotten or scored on pussy and rhythmically licking her anus, then the case, going into the tongue and finger. And when in her tender ass steel placed three of my fingers, I decided it was time to withdraw "missile forces." I sat up on his knees, looked around Karinochka still before my eyes is this picture: it is on all fours ass to me, slender waist, and the maddening deflection, so that the butt to the top and chest lying on the bed. On my knees, I walked around the "hut" at the front and brought his cock to her face. I was waiting for Kareena as the beginning of our sex scenes, will kiss and swallow my unit, but she grabbed my cock, pulled closer to him and began to lick the egg. It looks like Kareena realized that I want to possess her ass. Licking my scrotum, she spat on my cock, took in his mouth so deep that choked, squeezed my "bells" in a fist, pulled out a member of his mouth, held a tongue on the head of the penis, and in the dim light of a lamp, I noticed that, from the her lips to the tip of the stretched thread of saliva. Spitting again on my head, Karina herself turned to me ass, then spat into his hand and held his hand over her ass. As I liked to watch it is: a beautiful girl standing in front of me with cancer, she fondles himself and fingers ass hole making more. Then, not pulling the index finger, middle Karina added, in the course went down and the ring, but this time in a couple of minutes on his knees, staring at the beautiful and stroked his bolt, wet from oral sex. This I did not expect: Karina pulled his fingers from the ass, took them into his mouth and put back all at once. Drew herself, already holding four fingers for anal hole, he came out of the ass, licked her fingers and hand beckoned to him. I came closer, held his hand over his ass, anal hole was wet lubrication neither she nor my pepper nor needed, and I went into it. Although I do not have a huge machine, well, although as anyone, I have a modest 18 centimeters in length and diameter 5, but my partner screamed when I entered her half the length. I slowed down with the onslaught and began to reverse movement. On this Karina for moaning, she turned her face, bit her lip and pointedly whispered:

- Did not stop. Yet! Yet!

I, of course, did not stop. With slow, we soon moved at a rapid pace. This is more merit Karina than mine. After I planted dick in her ass for the most eggs, and quickly began to fuck her ass so that my testicles with power and squish fought on her wet cunt. She began to shake her ass up strongly and forcefully worn on my sticking to one hundred percent of the members. I pulled out of a member of the holes and watched as my eyes narrowed her anal ring, is then inserted back, I have such a sex wildly excited and this I took it harder and faster. Sometimes it sharply entered in to the stop and quickly pulled out to view as reduced her ass. One hand Karinochka delayed the ass, holding herself for a buttock, the fingers of the other hand to smooth down himself on her pussy, paying more attention to the clitoris. But sometimes entering a finger.

Before dawn we tried many poses suitable for anal pleasures. I lost count of her orgasms. But in the morning we went back to where we started. Yes, again I fucked her cancer. At that moment I felt a wave a wave of orgasm. I took out a member of the ass, and vzdrochnul erupted in the hole several times. Cum dripping down on biscuits. Some of the "shots" were right on target, and the seed has flowed through the developed anal passage inside. Before the night with Kareena, I have more than a week did not have sex, so I had a lot of sperm. Once finished, I leaned over and began to sing cover the hips, waist, kissing back. When kissing buttocks, I looked at her anus. He is still declining, and from the impulse flowed sperm. Not a lot of relaxing and breath, we went out separately in the shower. As I said it was morning and go to bed, sleep did not make sense. We went into the kitchen, poured coffee, and talked of nothing a couple of hours. Kareena left for work, I woke up yesterday's companions, his familiar, have we met. Familiar name was Kate. Katya story to me, my goddess of the night, going for her husband and she has a fiance, who is older than her for five years. What would you talk quietly with Katya we went out onto the balcony, and the guests were in the kitchen, continuing yesterday's booze. Kate picked up only with a open bottle of wine, and while I was asking her questions about Karina, she gently dried bottle. Soon, drunk, Kate stopped paying attention to what the wind blowing her robe, and I see her clean-shaven pubis, and when she turned away from me, that would throw off the ash from his cigarette, I saw her little ass. Kate had her back to me, once again the wind blew a strong gust and short robe rode up to the top. I could not stand it, I came close and pressed his already getting up, a member of the firm to the ass Katya. Catherine turned to me, looked down with a silent question that this is it rests on me, not much has moved to the side and gently took his hand between my legs. Through jeans began to stroke my dick standing up, and I showered kisses on her neck. My friend was closely embarked in tight jeans, or even comfortable. And I apply any more force began a little pressure on the shoulders of Katie, as if to say:

- Never push, sit down on his haunches, unbutton his pants, releasing the snake free.

Katya, without hesitation, did just that. Villages in front of me, unzipped, with his hand in my pants, pulled out a member and began to masturbate. Member stood like a soldier on duty. Katyusha caressed his tongue, lips, and the case is completely swallowing. Aspirated, it is better than Kareena, her mouth was beyond praise. But one thing, she was sitting on his haunches, makes me a blowjob, and it is not visible because of the railing, and quite another to tear it out on the balcony. I not once worked with her rough sex and know how she cries at my gestures. The apartment is now crowded in the rooms do not have doors, just curtains of colorful homemade thick ropes. In general, no option too. And while I think where we would be alone, I began to open the balcony door. Kate did not see that someone is coming, and I just did not have time to remove her head from her groin. It was her colleague, who was impatient to smoke. He pretended that he did not see anything. Katya vypivshaya though, but still shy and even blushed.

Naturally her excitement quickly passed, my cock went limp, and we went back to the kitchen to the company. Soon, my cell phone rang. I called Karina. She said she asked for leave from work and wants to come to visit us and to repeat the night of fun ...

On this day, we could not meet, but we called Karina several days on end, met, but more on that in the next story. And recall - this is not fiction, it was real. We Karina, I call it the sun, we live for seven years. She was older than me and experience in sex, as it turned out she had a lot. Karina tells me a lot about her past sexual relationships. I myself she is asking me gets when she tells me how fucked her lover or that she had sex in different places, as she gave into his mouth, four men and a lot of things happened in my life Solnyshko. This is only an introduction, if you're interested I'll write all the more so because his wife does not mind. I just could not ignore such an interesting and winding history.


My extraordinary experiment

Hello, my name is Sergey, and I wanted to tell you my story. I am a 16 year old boy studying in school. I still to early childhood liked girls, I loved them to flirt and look. But now I do not even know who I like girls or boys.

It started not so long ago. When bathed, I washed his cock and ass. And when held by a small hole felt some new sensation. I was curious and I tried to enter a finger but felt resistance and the pain stopped.

A week later again taking a bath, I tried to repeat the experiment but this time a little hole and soaped hand. Finger entered and immediately I felt the pain and burning inside. I pulled out his finger and promised myself that I would never try to make like.

Then I liked it when he left the house, walking around the apartment naked and podrachivat porn with neta. And just one of the search to meet the porn I came to the site s gay sex. But I have not turned it off and went to look, and I was wondering how this guy sticks to another. I just tried the hole again to stick a finger in the ass. He he did not enter but I have not stopped, I licked it, and tried again. And my anus succumbed. I felt the pain of an easy but then what is not clear feeling. He poked deeper, and then pulled back. Then again, I led finger and felt them something. I felt that when I get bumped against this new batch of cool feeling. He began to caress it, while the other hand simultaneously masturbate. That's the first time I had finished with his finger in the pope.

It took a few months after that masturbation, I decided to try again. Only now, I would like not finished Torquay dick. I stripped, spread out a towel on the floor in front of a mirror. He took the hand cream and lay on his back. Brushing their hands and well point I introduced a finger in the ass. Feeling those wonderful feelings I started to poke his finger vigorously. But it was not enough, and I tried to enter another, he came easily and I got even cooler feeling. When I pulled the fingers he saw that the hole is not huddled, and become more. I wanted to shove into it more and I put three fingers, it was painful and pleasant at the same time. A few minutes later I finished profusely.

Now to me, as I said, 16 years and I simply stuck in a spray of deodorant 4-5 centimeters in diameter, that the worst thing, I like it. I like girls, I like girls, but even more I like to fuck her in the ass than anything.

Do not judge strictly this is my first story. If you like to write in the comet will continue.


Private lessons

- How much do you pay my father for these classes?

- A hundred dollars a week.

- I will you pay extra fifty more, if the classes will be held not at us, but you have at home.

- Good.

- Another fifty, if you wear a mini-skirt and fishnet tights on these classes.

- If you want it:

- Yes. I would like to.

- Good.

Stas looked at the woman sitting in front of him. She was beautiful. Once upon a time. About fifteen years ago.

But, however, the figure is still nothing. And why would a plump, poorly uchitelke something?

- How old are you?

- Forty.

- Forty ... Exactly forty?

- Forty one...

She seemed confused.

- Married?

- Divorced.

- Children?

- No, we did not have children.

Stas took out a cigarette and lit it with a "Ronson"

- Do you smoke?

- No.

- I smoke. Condemns?

- It is up to you.

- That's right, me. After all, I already sixteen and I have a passport.

- Yes.

- Do you love a sex?

- ... I ... I ... I do not know.

- You have a man?

- No-o ... now ... no ... no one.

- But was it?

- Yes, it was ... a long time.

- Do you like me?

- You? But ... but ... but ... I ...

- Stand up.

The woman literally jumped out of his chair.

- Show legs.

She looked at him blankly.

- Well, feet, legs, show, lift up her skirt.

Slowly strip of woolen cloth crept up. The legs were not bad. Tights, however, could be poazhurnee and, well, never mind.

- Well, you're right for me ... wait, wait, do not descend. Undo jacket, or what it is. And unbutton her blouse. Pull the breast out of her bra ... Not bad, not bad for forty years.

- Button. Sit down.

The woman straightened her clothes hastily and obediently sat down on the very edge of the chair.

Stas came from behind her father's desk and approached the teacher.

- Remind your name.

- Svetlana Markovna.

- Sveta. Here is what the Light. I used to pay for everything. You, too, I'll pay.

For sex. You're not hurt. At one time - a hundred bucks.

- But I'm ... I'm your father ... - I'm a teacher ... ...

- A hundred bucks. At a time.

- I agree. Yes.

- Lie down on the table. Not this way. On the belly. Do not, I'll ...

The young man lifted the skirt fabric. Round female ass, covered with tights under them - were white panties.

Decisive movement he pulled this underwear. He slapped on the bare buttocks. The woman shuddered.

Stas busily and slowly unzipped his fly of their pants, where immediately fell hard dick.

The boy slowly and somehow solemnly introduced him into the wet slit of women.

She moaned.

- Have not fucked?

- Yes very...

- I like my dick?

- It is hot ... and ... big. Strong...

The young man took a few jolts.

- And who was with you first?

- For a long time ... at the institute. We were friends ...

- And he'll fuck?

- Yes...

Boy sharply and quickly pushed a woman member.

She moaned.

- Who else you fight?

- Male ...

- That's all?

- I...

- Do not pull, tell me everything! Realized whore?

Another strong and fast punch.

- A-ah's!

- Bitch, you say, and then fire you on the dick!

- My friend ... my husband ...

- Where is he fucked you?

- In our house ... my husband went on a business trip ... And then it came ...

- Faster, speak quickly!

- I liked him ... and I ... gave herself ...

- Hui he sucked?

- Yes ... I ... the first time ... he ...

- Cursing know how?

- How?

- Matt know?

- I know .. but ... never ... I ...

- Say, "He fucked me." Well!

- ... He fucked me.

- Come on, come on, slut, tell me!

- He fucked me then ... three times.

- Ah-ah-ah-ah! Come on!

The young man rapidly drives the muscle inside your woman ...

- He fucked me with his by a dick ... I like ... to fuck with him ...

Woman with difficulty pronouncing words. She was close to ecstasy ...

- In my pussy ... he fucked me ... his great by a dick ...

- Soo-oo-oo-oo-ka! Creature .... huesoska Blyadischa ... ... I came-and-i-ide!

- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! - Woman screamed and writhed as if in agony.

The young man lay helplessly teacher.

His dick firmly sitting in her vagina.

Boy Svetlana kissed on the cheek.

- Well done. I like it.

- Me too ... - hoarsely said the teacher.

- Do you understand what is required at this moment from you?

- To tell who fucked me ...?

- Yes and no "fucking" and fuck, you understand?

- Yes.

- When I fuck you, you bitch and whore! One big pussy!

- I realized.

- Repeat.

- I - bitch, whore, and one big pussy.

- Well done.

The boy stood up, looked at the woman and laughed a crucifix on the table.

- The first lesson is over. The rating "good". With a plus. In the "five" until you pull.

- I'll try

Hide and Seek

I do not remember how old I was, but at that time I still did not happen puberty.

It all started when my grandmother went about their business, and I stayed with my sister at home. I remember, we have a television with a cassette recorder. Julia, my sister went to the room of parents and their cabinet found two cassettes with porn, it allows me and we went into the room to watch the most porn.

At that time, I did not even know what the word "wanker", and only about sex, I knew as much as he knew the chemistry for example (at the time, we did not teach her). So, I was sitting with my sister, I look mean and hop, my dick got a stake, I just ohrenival of its hardness. My sister is also the originator, while I was sitting in my pajamas, and she offered to play a game of hide and seek, but not simple, and stark naked. She hid, and I was looking for, and reward some, um ...

The very first time I found her, she took my head and slowly led him to her vagina, it was my first time, I still remember the taste, the second time I found her, she told me that I would I lay on the bed. She slowly took off my pants and started to lick, I almost did not finish, she felt it and stopped and said that I was going to count.

And the third time, this is where it begins and interesting, she hid herself so that I could not find her, I have had time for this time to go, but I still found it. She tied my eyes took in the room, undressed, and lay down. She told me to take off the bandage, I took off and saw before him a pair of boobs, a decent size, and the vagina. I crawled over to her and touched her lips to the clitoris, it flowed, well, I got up again, I was asked what to do next, in response I have received full access to her body. She was lying, and I slowly walked over and entered her, it was amazing, she was moving on my cock, it lasted somewhere about 20 minutes later, she took my cock in his mouth and I finished.


My favorite 2

Once we arrived to the Volga, I was not myself, all of course noticed it, I was not comfortable to know that for a week I was fucking with Sasha, the first day, God it was divine, his mighty steed into me, I felt ha this week so enjoyable to me a little ashamed to admit it, but sex with Dima I also really liked ...... Or rather, even more than of course if to tell all, you might think that I am what that traitor and a whore, but .... Ah ... okay in general, are now all will understand.

In general, when Dima learned that I am no longer a virgin, but rather he learned this morning in the wake of the bolt Sasha on the neck and scratches on his back, in the evening the next day we went for a walk at night a distant shores, in general boating .

- Wonderful tonight - Dima said, when we were sooooo far from our houses, that they even could not see, so still and dark Xenia was very much for something hurt on Dima and left, and Sasha had been poisoned, and then slept.

- Yeah very nice evening - I said, he was sitting a few inches and my chest in a shirt without a bra visibly strained, given the more now that I went in such a way that Sasha was eternal riser and even something to hide Dima was also constantly it excited the riser was not hidden at any convenient, rather I just want, Spsha fucked me as if never again be able to do.

- Hot night - said Dima took off his shirt and, although this was not necessary, his muscles were very sexually covered with her, Sasha was too muscular, but not so much as Dima ,, from that, I caught myself thinking that I want to touch them lick and kiss the lower and lower .........

- Dim why you called me-already starting nernichila their lusty desires, I asked a friend?.

- Just sit, do not want to drink -napryagaya muscles and cheekbones he replied with a grin.

- Come on - he did not hastily turned so that his muscles tensed and under the moonlight seemed even more sexy and great and I'm not much for seed podtyanua jersey, so that the nipple almost looked out of the cut, the evening was actually very HOT I really wanted to go off and dive, but Dima etoyu I can not do that.

We were laughing, joking, drinking, I did not see how Dima sat next little while embracing me his hands were around my ass and added heat on my skin, I cringed a little.

- You're so tense, you want to relax whispered Dima biting ear lobe?.

I froze, catching myself thinking that I do not want to give him, but knew that I had Sasha and his Xenia, she's my best friend, and he was her boyfriend and his best friend Sasha.

- I want to - I blurted out and burning eyes, I turned to nimu taking his hand and with his half my shirt, his de hand, I took him by the hair.

After that, we started kissing passionately, he pulled off my shirt and my breasts slightly jumped at it strongly and took hold of her and began to knead without all this stress nipples.

- What are they beautiful, big and juicy, I like them, they are the most unvarnished now of those chtoy seen now these prelist in my power only my - then he sat down and began to fondle my breasts mouth and writing the language of such zigzags from which I moaned, he passionately sucking one then the other breast surprising time each nipple, then he abruptly and painfully bitten nipple on her left breast from what I hiccupped shaken stir in with a groan.

- Oooo ahhh ahhh - my breathing quickened and I realized that now cum just from the fact that it sucks mob chest.

- You are so hot, so passionately and fully belong to me now, oh how de I envy Sasha, it's a miracle to have you, in all senses - then he stood up and took off his pants, now I take him boyfriend in full, it was that -That something at length, he was very sensitive about shorter than Sasha, but in girth can be seen even in the eyes that more when we fuck with Sasha in the morning I was very sick when he came out for his tolschenf in at Dima, he is much thicker and it is not at all but roaring, but then will be on such slozhleniya from which you can only dream of.

- You tear me he did not go down in me, he is such a huge de, Sasha then ate part - my shock was simply not Meren, it so much, so thick, so hot and tempting.

- I do not want to first demonstrate that from what Sasha flies as from paradise.

I understood that it was a blowjob and really wanted to try it another feel the power of his vgrigata in his mouth to understand it, he sat on the bench, was a member, and without it, but after I started to passionately suck it, he hardened even more that's what that, and I was able to do a blowjob so that my ex had finished a couple of minutes, considering that I did it to him more than once a day.

- God is a fiction, mmmmmmi baby, yeah oooo ...... how good, oh my goodness, do not ostanav ........... oooo Washed - spruce fir moaned Dima.

He then powerful wave finished in my mouth, I tried to swallow, but I did not work and sperm began to gently flow down the chest and so I wound up it, but in this form clearly excited even more, because after his cock went limp I just kissed her head and began tsklovat eggs he instantly rose.

- I want you now, I want to - he said, and set me on the bow of the boat took off shorts - lie down.

I did as he asked, and then I wrapped her legs around his waist, and he was very rude and abruptly entered the boat swayed me and I cried.

- AAAA ...- I purred in pain, and Dima is already like a beast in the whole skewer me on his crush aggregates feelings were much nicer but more when he leaned his head only, it obviously could not enter, I was moaning like crazy, and the boat tottered adds sparkle.

- Oooo aaaaaa God Dima aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAA yes Yeah First let's come to AAAA - when I thought that I finish he came out of me grabbed unfolded arm, abruptly, I thought if we had not turned over, put the cancer and began even stronger peck me I was delighted with such rough sex, it was EXTREM in several cases that we're caught or turn over the boat, so still I was afraid that he had no gum.

- Baby, and you're the pope a virgin chtoli he asked ceased to fuck me with his finger in my ass?.

- Yes, I said embarrassed

Then Dima leaned on me, clutching his chest and began to be pressed. me in a bench with his stick.

- Not only ......- but it was too late, he finished with great force straight at me clutching my chest, then I also came.

- Dima PR you've done, what are you to me -ispugavshis finished I said, I did not have the strength, so another slozhleniya from joint orgasm were reyavshimi, I liked to feel the sperm Dima napolnyakt inside me?.

- Damn I'm sorry, I forgot that it is not in the gum, now everything quickly vymaem dovretsya me - after a brow, he picked me up and sat on the bench, took a water bottle and began to wash the sperm, and turned me over, I kissed him again very passionately and once again he made it a memorable change.

After we returned to our place of rest and went to the boys, I was a bit awkward to see after the incident, as Dima caresses of Ksyusha.

Our adventure was repeated night after not a multiple of one, I was just in love with such a violent and Extreme sex, once when Sasha and Xenia left for food, we felt that they would not be two hours we fucked right on the porch.

- I love your body, you're so beautiful - said Dima when pressed me to a table on the porch and took his fingers in my pussy, displaying patterns of love - you're my goddess - and then he took off my panties and started delat me Cooney, my God it was the same feeling I was 7 heaven, then I came and we do a farewell sex, so violent, so passionate, I was his rider, punished his Everest and caught samoyu enjoying top.

Boo such memories I have after the trip, took 2 weeks I did not see Dima, but almost every day saw Sasha and every day we have sex, but I have not been on as much good as it Dima I had to pretend that sex gave me de such pleasure as before, but alas it was not udzhe reality.

Even when we were on the Volga, three or four sex. I was not as good as one man only sorry that it was not my boyfriend Sasha, was his best friend Dima Pi Compatibility my sex god and my most wonderful poupoitelnee my body.



My name is Vladimir! I am 23 years old! For three years I lived alone. One day my friend Nastya, introduced me to her friends Masha and Christina. He was 17 years old. So I like the attention paid to them did not, but the thought flashed fuck ... The girls were in the juice! They themselves were from the village, came to the city to study, girls lived in a communal apartment. Upon learning that I live alone, they asked for a couple of weeks to stay with me because the room they were given bedbugs. I agreed. Let them live all the fun!

After living with them for a few weeks, I gazed at him. Girls constantly bred boys at the cafe on the clothes ... Every day they went for a walk with the guys (different). But I am sure of sex they had. In the evening they went somewhere again, I was friends came to visit. Drink vodka! Thumping with friends for some reason I thought about Masha, and strongly wanted to fuck her! Try not to torture!

We also were written out, my phone rang, rang Oksana. Oksana girl for whom I cared, but I otshivala, and then for a long time it did not communicate the Cape. She said that standing at my door asked her to open the door. I discovered she was drunk, I realized that it is clearly not come to tea! Having sat sipping beer, came Mary Christina. I left them with my friends, and he retired with Oksana in the room, on the couch! Undressed we kissed passionately, suddenly came into the room with the words Kristina:

- I sleep not mind me!

She lay down on the bed, just in front of the sofa where we could clearly see, I realized that it came not sleep! More suck Oksana I got down to business! Kneeling spread her legs, and began softly softly sweet prisovyvat she moaned, I still accelerated and accelerated Oksana entire arched beginning of stay, it was good. Looking up on the bed, I saw that Christine does not sleep and is watching us closely, I began to try even more in the end I finished in five minutes! (I have not had sex). I saw that Oksana was not enough, a moment rested I opened it, put the cancer and started fucking eggs loud beat of her pussy! Soon I had finished, Oksana went to sleep!

I went to the kitchen to the thumps his comrades, he came after me and Christine. Friends I spent, Maria Christina sat in the kitchen and talking about something ... Do not become disturb them I went to the bathroom to smoke. Immediately I went to Maria and offered to take her shower, I refused because Oksana slept in the hall.

Waking up in the morning, Oksana was not she left for work. The girls were not dressed as always. Masha in a very short skirt home, and my white shirt. Christina in small shorts and skin-tight tank top. Through it well looked through her small nipples. I went to the bathroom washed, smoked. Going into the room Masha asked to give her a foot massage, without hesitation, I agreed. He sat down on the bed began to massage her beautiful heels, and I noticed that it was completely without panties. Massage it clearly liked baldela it madly. Caught my eye she nodded showed me to take her pussy. At this point I was overexcited to the limit and was ready for everything! I reached under her skirt and quickly began to lick her already wet clit. Suddenly I felt Christina's hand in my pants, I was in a little family, a little at a rose so that she was more comfortable stroking my dick. Stroking her hand pretty passionate, less than three minutes later I finished it right in his hand, and cowards. A little pomuslyakov CIMS Masha, I got pulled off his pants pulled up her skirt, spread her legs and began to brutally fuck, fucked her for about five minutes, I felt sorry for Christine, and I switched to it ... Everything took off her pussy was at .. it is not shaved, but it did not bother me at all, I began to lick .... dragged it Masha so much better, so I did not want to break away from it. Otlizal, she got cancer per fifteen minutes, I finished it in the ass. Right down to rest, but it did not take long to rest, not satisfied with Mary until the end, it was already on me CIMS and held-to-face, tip of the tongue, I began to carry her, and a member of the already settled down Christina. Soon they changed it lasted for about 40 minutes. I had finished, I cried from the heart! I lay down and immediately passed out!

Friends was fantastic and unforgettable was just super! The honest truth!

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