Irina Nikolayevna. Part 3

The next two days I was still at lunch did it Cooney. Already without his pants, as she liked to contemplate my ass in stockings and panties. After him, Irina made me a blowjob, poking their fingers in my ass. She invited me to shave my body as much hair on the legs and stockings look neistetichno. And on a limb hair climb into her mouth. I gladly accepted, and shaved off all his hair, even on his chest. On the third day, Irina came to work just before lunch. Oh, I'm tired to walk! You can massage the legs to me? These marvelous legs, I was ready to stroke day long, so I immediately went down on his knees before her and removed his shoes. Her feet smell a bit, but it only added spice. I started to rub and massage them, licking tongue through the stockings. Irina even closed her eyes with pleasure, when I started to suck toes and lick the soles of the feet.
It lasted almost the entire dinner. My cock stood rooted to the spot, and when Ira began to move her foot in my mouth, I introduced the members of her husband, finished without using their hands. Okay, that's enough! Look! All stockings me slaver! Taking out a new pair of drawer, he handed it to me. It is an unforgettable experience, women wear stockings to her feet! You roll down the stocking, and slowly watched as the leg is hidden behind a gentle nylon. When I put her legs, Irina, looking me in the eye downward, he said. I want to discuss with you here what the topic of our future relations. My husband is bisexual! He likes the boys in a passive role. You've never tried? No. Do you want? I see that you like it when I fuck your ass fingers. I have since the first days of thinking about it. Looking at myself in the mirror in the women's clothes, I dreamed that I was received as a girl, with all the consequences. My response was swift and brief. I want and dream!
I know you're for! Here are bought! For you! Irina pulled from her purse a small anal vibrator, and what - the spray. Take it! House Work out! A member of my husband, though not very big, but it's going to hurt. House disguised as a woman, and sprinkle on the ass spray, I gently introduced a vibrator in the ass. It was not painful, on the contrary, I felt some - Wake up the sweet feelings. My cock stood up, and I jerked it until their stockings filled with sperm. The whole evening I went without removing it from the priests. Waking up on Saturday morning, I carefully Throw the whole body, and began to gather after breakfast to visit Irina Nikolayevna. Vibrator took its place in my pope. They were waiting for me for dinner and I was standing in front of an agonizing choice what to wear. I really wanted to appear in front of them fully dressed as a woman, but not daring, limited white lace panties and white open-work stockings and lacy bra with silicone inserts. The door was opened by Irina husband - Victor. He met me dressed in a bathrobe.
Come into the room, undressed. In the hall I met Irina, dressed like her husband in a bathrobe, but in addition to it on her legs were stockings that I bought it. Ah, here come our girl! She was glad, I prepared a gift for you! Let's go to the bedroom. On the bed lay a black velvet dress with a neckline, a box of shoes and panties with stockings and a belt. Odenesh? Of course! I started to undress and Irina smiled when he saw her bra. Well done! I like it not guessed! But with stockings panties take off until the dress does not fit. The first I wore a thong. Rope immediately disappeared between the buttocks, and eggs with a member of tightly pressed to the groin. Then lace belt with black openwork stockings fishnet. I had to dress in time, Invisible Ira took off my measurements at work. Great! She said, but the shoes were eating found! When I wore them, it felt like a full-fledged woman. That's not all! Ira took a cupboard and put a wig on my head.
Now vannoyu painted and to the table. I flaunt it for a long time, not allowing me to look at myself. Girls! Are you soon? Victor has called us impatiently several times. That's it! Come on. Looking at myself, I was taken aback, rather taken aback. I was watching a woman, not beautiful, but very nice. My mother would not have recognized me, and I did. I ask the girls! Victor pulled me a chair, sit down to dinner.

An unpleasant surprise!!!((

Hello everyone my name is Katya, but friends call me Kat¸nysh and I like it a lot! I am very sociable, cheerful, cute, in general I'm just super! The most important thing I can really love, and not just me ... I've got a great figure, I am very slender face and I have a very sweet, although sometimes daring, but everyone liked it. And besides, I was a virgin.
It was Friday the 13th ... I never believed in omens, but now I believe ... That day I broke up with your loved one and by the way still love him ... I came to her best friend Lena and told her all . We decided to go to the club and shatter. We drove to the shops chosen clothes and many other things ... Back home we began to gather. The mood was nasty, and at that moment I hated all the guys! We packed up and went to the club. Face control, we have passed without any problems, it's us! Upon entering the club we all noticed ... For me uhlestyvat always a lot of guys, but that would be so much at once, I was not posebe, because I was all surrounded by many sights. Tables were not available and we went over the bar. But then we drove to the 2 guys and called to him at the table. We are going. One named Sasha (as has my ex-boyfriend), and the second Oleg. I immediately liked Sasha and he told me, in principle, too, and Helen Oleg found a common language. In general everything went well. The boys all bought and bought us a drink, well, we did not refuse. We just tried to slowly drink that would not be very drunk, but it was late, we were quite drunk. Men offered to go to them and continue the evening at home, we agreed.
Arriving to them we Lenka began to look around the house. He had a huge 3-storey. We walked around the house for about 15 minutes until the boy was not invited us down. We went and saw a huge table set. It was great. I was quite drunk and barely control himself. Sasha told me in love and I believe him. We went to the top of that to retire and leave Lenka and Oleg alone. We sat on a soft comfortable bed, listening to music hugged kissed and everything was fine, until his hands were under my mini skirt ... I removed his hand, but he began to poke her and began to re-understand what it is, and how much he loves me! I said that nothing we have not come out, got out of bed and tried to get away, but he grabbed my arm, turned to him and hit in the face, saying: You're not going anywhere bitch! In my eyes there were tears, and then I do hate all the guys! He threw me on the bed and started to lift up my blouse and skirt, I tried to pull away, but then he got another slap in the face! I was afraid of this. I began to cry in earnest, I became hysterical, but he paid no attention to my tears, it is even more factories ...
I began to call for help Lenka, but once again received a strong slap in the face ... From such a shock I felt dizzy and I almost fainted ... I heard like a ladder and climbs Lenka happy thinking that it would help me, but it was not there. Lenka flew into the room and wanted to help but then flew Oleg and dragged her into the other room ... I knew that to save me the most was no one, and was shaking me. I was already in shorts, but I do not even have the strength to resist, he began to caress and kiss me, but I was so disgusted that I turned away, and then again received a slap in the face and passed out ... I woke up 10 minutes later by another slaps. I've seen how he takes off his pants ... I umeraet fear. He approached me and started kissing me, I was not even able to turn his head. He sank lower and lower, I did not want it and ate with his mouth open is not necessary to say, but did not pay attention to it. From my eyes tears flowed. Then I felt his lips at the pubic. I winced, but he went on, I began to like the way he drove his tongue over my lips, between them, sucking my clit and poking his tongue into my very narrow crack. Devil's physiology ...
My moo gradually gave way to moans and she did not notice that I finished ... It refreshed me. He tried to get me but his huge cock could not get through to my little hole. he is enraged, he smeared grease me there and entered me with all the dope and the most eggs, I cried out in pain, probably my cry was heard a kilometer away ... But he never stopped entered into me with all the dope, I did not want all of this, but takes its physiology ... I began to flow. I enjoyed every second and we finished at the same time ... And then he began to lubricate my anus, I was frightened again, and only managed to utter no way he put in with all the dope in my anus, I started to moan after 2 minutes the screams ... I was hurt and nice and again ... I finished that night I experienced a lot of orgasms and never forget it, and I do not regret about that night ... But since I oblamalsya her boyfriend with whom already reconciled that I was not Tselkov!

A diary. Summer 2008 Part 1

It happened in the summer of 2008. Every summer I go to the country with his parents and sister, t. To my sister graduated from high school in 2008, she had to go to university, and thereby miss a month of summer. This fact was not very pleased t. To sestoroy we very friendly and let her older than me for 2 years I do not feel the difference.
My parents, this is a 40 year old people with a good job and his zabotalmi, we sestoroy life is just paragraphs (1 marriage, 2 children ...) in a word, they love us, but we spend a little time. I, Sasha, razdolbalka, not that I skip school, I just nihilists. And the summer of 2008, I would like to take place in Turkey. But parents otpraveli me to the cottage in the Novgorod of blasts in the village "Gorki"In the country is home to my grandmother who has 2 cats and the only thing that it cares) And so the summer of 2008. . . (my diary)
8:00 I was sitting in the bus with rotten ancestors and look out the window, go to the village for 3 hours and during a trip to the bathroom wildly, mashenist bus stops and people go out on the dirty gas station not far from Staraya Russa, I run to the bathroom and of course there is no toilet paper. . we're on our way in a few minutes on the bus to my village left an hour away, I mentally curse the lazy father who did not want to go by car!
11:20 we arrived at the cottage, of course if the trip was by car, we would get a lot before, but ...
So, t. To ride was long, I decided to sleep outside in a hammock, before I go to sleep, like some predurok started something cut and I woke up. To be honest, I was in the country last time somewhere in the 10-11 years old, and everyone in this village I have something to do not know, I have not even seen. So I was confident that di sdes to boring and there are no people with whom you can poobschatsya. I got out of the hammock and decided to go to the store for cigarettes.
And so I'm going for some street near the church and noticed that I was staring wildly, not only guys but also with envy in the eyes TEENS. I knew immediately that I can not find a girlfriend, and now I'm near a store to buy cigarettes kent 4, and leaving light a joy. By the way, I forgot to say that the cottage is a village with a population of over the years people and there is only one school XD so that all envious glances devchenok justified by the fact that I'm tanned, slender and long-haired brown-haired woman with green eyes and fucking breasts, and of course comely mardashkoy) All the girls in the village (I am sure) still virgins or whores for a long time. So I go in denim shorts, white socks on Kalenkov and high heels basanozhek. On my white T-shirt transparent floor and 2 sizes bigger than me under it shines red bathing suit and everyone was looking at me. Village same girls are three volosiny on his head and a rare fringe eotoraya slowly rolls over into a high ponytail dull hair, lips cheap lip gloss for 14 rubles, on his feet jeans flared with high seating, and short little tops sticking out of them small tits no more tomato. Jealous that their guys are looking at me. Yes guys are not so ugly even has a couple of nice.
So I sat on the bench and light a second cigarette. Comes up to me man 17 years old with dark hair, tanned and strange, but he was well dressed in sweat pants are not as many of the village, and even in very tight pants, not the ones that chmorey or likeness of them. and straight pants without a pattern and white jersey as Dima Bilan on Eurovision XD only this guy is not a fag. It turned out that his name was Yuri, and it's true 17 years, he is not from here, and from Moscow. Here he lives grandmother and he came here with his 15 year old sister Katya, what can I hide this guy I immediately liked and he has a sister city. So I had a girlfriend)
All day Jura wandered with my friends here, and Katya and I just sat in my house at the same second on the bed and watched telly, well and accordingly chatted. Already 23:00 Kate stayed the night with me. She called her mother and asked for leave. We were lucky with each other. She, too, was not alone among these people, and she told me that when she came here, she met with the local Masha "beauty"and she took Kate to his company, but after the machine was the guy uhl¸styvat Katya Katya and she obmaterila potsapalas with her in front of everyone, though her disgrace. Naturally I immediately did not like it Masha, when the next day we went for a walk with Kate and sat down on the bench. Masha passed before us and bitchiness looked at me. And then I saw an ad on the board. What's a disco held in the house of culture. Katya and I were confident that would be cool to come back and just to light with all the guys.
22:00 disco began, and then came to life like the village of nowhere got out cute guys and a couple of normal girls. Perhaps this is the city I thought. DJ included the song Benny Benassi - Who Is Your Daddy, and here we are with Kate did not panic and ran into the middle of all rastolknuv. We have started to anneal and I deliberately began to caress her body hands that led all the guys excited. The song ended, and included a ballad, Kate went to a nice guy 18 years old, and they began to dance. And I was alone with a bottle of beer and danced in splendid isolation. So I danced 15 seconds and suddenly someone grabbed me by the waist, from which I was frightened and wildly beer bottle fell on my leg and shrapnel hit the bottle directly into the finger. Anyone who so wildly frightened me, took me in his arms and dragged him into the street to help with a splinter in his finger. It turned out to be the benefactor of Jura. He just wanted to invite me to dance, but it turned out differently.
23:24 I'm sitting on a bench near the village club, next to the Jura me, my feet in his lap and he gently moistened hands vodka pulled out a small fragment of the bottle. It was terribly painful, but still ... And so we drank vodka remnants of Yura for a couple on a bench. And here we sit and chat with him like an hour already. And at that moment I had forgotten about Katya. I smoke 10 cigarette per day, along with Yuri, and all of a sudden we start kissing. And so passionately that we begin to undress each other without noticing it. Cigarettes already lying on the ground and sparks ignited the grass. I feel the smell of smoke and a small fire foot carcass. To be honest the alcohol wildly influenced us with Yuri and I was ready to fuck with him on this bench right now. if I had stopped her then smoke. I pulled myself together and went Jura to the column, after washing, we sobered up a bit and realize what we have done. But I did not stop the common sense and I glared at Yuri and his lips without noticing it fell on a par with him into the bushes. From the road we could not see and I decided to act. Never before so I was not excited guy. The feeling that someone might notice we only even more exciting to me.
I unbuttoned her jeans Jura and at the same time kissing him, I stroked the fabric hand underpants, knowing that nothing do not get turned on a guy like abstinence. I knew that if to prolong the very moment that it will be much cooler if you go straight to the point. So I take off from the lips of the Jura, and go down to his sherinke. I thrust a hand into his pants and pull out his penis. I chew over the head of the penis while masturbate his hand up and down the trunk lying tongue all sides and caress the penis itself bridle gently vsasvaya. Then Yura takes me around the waist and tear my clothes off in one fell swoop at the same time leaving me only in her bra and underwear. He pushes a strip of panties and begins to caress the clitoris, thus causing my wild groans. My pussy is already all wet and Jura realizing it puts a condom, it takes me and abruptly sit down on the trunk, and moan with pleasure, and we are moving in time with each other. I jump on it like crazy. And we at the same time we finish.
To be continued ... (write)

We loved. Part 7

Part 7.
I jumped up immediately, carefully selected from Serezhkin embrace. Mother beckoned me to follow.
- Where is Dad? - I asked.
Mama wearily held his hand over his face.
- He's operation. In the morning they brought a couple. The boys broke into a motorcycle.
I dropped his hands.
- Strong?
- The girl - not so. And the guy ... I hope that will survive, but there is a very complicated case.
- Mom!
I hugged her and pressed her to his shoulder. Mom patted me on the head.
- I'll take a shower, - she said. - But you still wake him. I need to talk to you.
I nodded.
Seryozhka have not slept. He looked at me questioningly.
- I've heard - he said.
I nodded sadly.
- What will your mother say? - he asked.
I shrugged.
- The fastest way of physiology.
He raised an eyebrow in disbelief.
- When every day you face death, everything else seem so small, - I said, and added. - It's Dad says.
- Besides love - my mother said, entering the room. - Okay, let's talk right now.
Seryozhka instantly jumped od¸rnul clothes.
- Sit down, Alina M., - he said.
Mom smiled and sat down on the sofa.
- As I understand it, between you all happen - my mother said. - I'm interested in two things. whether sex was safe? And what the hell are you dressed and slept sitting?
I snorted. Seryozhka looked at me and laughed, too. My mother burst into with us. I have a cool mom. With my parents I was lucky. But the first question was quite serious. I looked at the earrings.
- We can say that there is, - he said. - Interrupted Act.
My mother looked at him, then at me. On the face she had written everything she thinks about us.
- My brothers - my mother said. - Understand one thing. Youth - a wonderful thing. And it is quite short. Spend it on procreation - a crime. Now you are free and carefree, do not create problems themselves. And we at the same time. Enjoy. Only reasonable.
Mom got up. The conversation was over.
When in the bathroom rustled water Seryozhka decided.
- Paul, and everything ?!
I nodded.
- And your father is going to say?
- I suppose so.
- And he did not forbid us to meet?
I sighed.
- Serge, you were already considered. Evaluate measured and found fit. In truth, they hinted to me that my sex life - this is my personal business. That's just about safe sex, they also hinted. And I forgot.
He hugged me.
- Do not worry, nothing will happen. I have everything turned out, I could.
- Thank you - I said. - Come on, I'll make breakfast.
Seryozhka held my hand, pulled her to him and kissed her. It was very nice.
Parents discussed and solved the problem of my upbringing as a very long time. I remember my grandmother all strolled about this, but did not intervene ever. I allowed a lot, but if you say "no", then it is not subject to discussion. Bans were few, but they were iron. For example, I was not allowed to go somewhere without calling and without warning. Not allowed to skip school, eat cold food and smoking.
Once we with Natasha have tried in our bathroom. Mom immediately smelled when she came home from work. What happened! They brought me along and turns. They harassed me jokes and direct notations. Worst of all were the lectures with slideshow titled "Slow death by nicotine." Hell was a week. Since I'm totally indifferent to cigarettes. And Natasha's smokes. In my opinion, out of a sense of contradiction. Her hysterical mother every day shmonali her things and room for all sorts of forbidden things. As for us in the house this subject no one else raises. We talked - and that's enough. If you do not understand something very stupid.
Seryozhka sat with his feet on a stool, as perch and watched as I cook. I have now all turned out. The shell does not fall into an omelette, salt does not wake up by, the milk was not curled. Even the toaster spat and politely vyschelknul finished bread. Under the outset, I dragged out of the refrigerator and put the cake in the center.
- Milk or juice? - I asked Earrings.
- Same as you, - he responded.
I poured him a glass of juice and sat down to wait for my mother.
When we had breakfast and my mother was terrified of whipped cream on the cake and we Earrings guffaws of laughter, called Mariana. It asked whether the costumes are ready, and whether the ball will come my parents. My mother was part of the parents' committee, and its presence was important for Mariana. I gave my mother the phone, and she listened for some time, promised that will come.
- And your mom come? - She asked Earrings.
- No, - he said. - First of all, she now begins a great week visit. Well, maybe, you heard us and came to Argentina prezidentsha with her large entourage of politicians and businessmen? And secondly, because I'll still not an artist. Mariana and I even did not touch, when the roles distributed.
I know why it does not hit the Mariana. She literally gets lost from his manner to communicate with teachers - politely, but independently. It only turns matematini put him in his place, Mariana each time screeching breaks on. Last time he brought it himself from the statement that Dostoevsky could not stand, and it despises the heroes. It was clear that the "Idiot", which was discussed, and he read any criticism on it too. Mariana rushed to defend Prince Myshkin. But broadcast wasted. Seryozhka spoke again sunk into his looking glass. A class does not understand what the problem was.
- A call home you do not want? - Mom asked.
- I've called, - said Seryozhka. - So I know about argentosov.
When we came to school, Mariana dragged practicing artists. Remaining carried us envious glances. First there were the short scenes, which involved a pair, and then Marian took for us and for the group, which represented a piece from the play about the war. It turned out that I do not remember the text, and Mariana yelled at me. Then Vaska Igoshin depicting General, said that the phone will be on stage smoking for real, and Mariana ran valokordin drink.
We sat down in the auditorium and waited, what all of this will end. I repeated the words, holding Maryanin collection of Chekhov's plays.
- You look good, - Eugene told me.
Mechanically I thanked. And then I went to a book on chocolate bar. I looked up. They all looked at me.
- Help yourself - casually said Eugene.
I said I do not want to, and held out the tile girls. Sveta slowly turned away, and Natasha happily began to knead chocolate. Of the five of us, it only does not nervous.
- Come after the ball to visit me - told me, Eugene.
I laughed and shook her head. And then he suddenly rushed to explain that there is nothing that reception arrange his parents. There will be a whole class, teachers and members of the board of trustees.
- And Gray - Eugene said. - I called him. He agreed.
Reply I do not have time, because rushed Mariana accompanied by the headmaster, and it all started over again. I met and this time did not forget anything, but Mariana still remained dissatisfied and said that I was even talking about love as about the weather, indifferent and expressionless. Yevhen it, on the contrary, praised and allowed us to have to make their small affairs.
We rode with Natasha to the toilet, and Eugene, Sveta and Artem went to the back room, of enclosed between male and female toilets, and closed there.
- Where did he get the key? - I asked.
- Bought at the moment technicals - Natasha snorted. - You remember, Sveta today we have parted with the anal virginity.
I shuddered. Poor Sveta.
- Are they the same for a couple it will plow? - I asked.
Natasha laughed.
- Well, your mouth something to her than it is necessary to plug, so as not screaming .... Why not Temkin member?
- If only she had bitten off! - I muttered.
Natasha went stupid neighing. She closed the cabin door, and I saw how she shoves a vibrator between her legs and pulls the top briefs.
- Are you mad or something gone? - I asked.
- You are about rubber? - She chuckled. - In the morning I had planted, and the moms took my bag to shake up. Nowhere to be hidden. Would you?
- You're a fool! - I was angry.
- I do not like it - do not eat! - Natasha cheered.
From the back room don¸ssya pleading whisper and scream.
- Well, - Natasha said. - Our friend upgraded hole.
Five minutes later, pale Sveta went to the bathroom and closed in the booth.
- Well, how did it go? - Said Natasha.
- Passed, - muttered Sveta. - Go, you are waiting for.
Natasha skipped away.
- Light - I said. - Why did you?
I did not understand why, but I it was a pity to death.
- Yes, shut up! - Suddenly she fell. - Do you think that no one noticed what you have said today with Galitsyn ?!
I think she was crying.
- Two of the elves! - Sveta continued. - Eugene all the time staring at you! Even Mariana noticed!
- What she saw? - I did not understand.
- Nothing! - Muttered Sveta.
She went out and began to wash. Natasha has ridden.
- Baba! Kaif! - She said. - One in the mouth, one in the ass, and igrushechki front! Royal Orientation meeting! It came up with Eugene. However, zdorovski?
I covered her mouth and Rushed into the booth - poison. Natasha guffawed.
- Here, take your thing - she said Sveta. - How do you?
- It hurts all - Belianska complained.
- This is because it is clamped, - with knowledge of the matter said Natasha. - I'm focused on the nipple. When Eugene drove me drin, I just swallowed! And stick to the hole-ezhno not so ...
I vomited again.
- What can you do this ?! - With these words the toilet broke into Mariana.
- Why, - said Natasha. - Polka again rinses.
- Well, it's not normal, indeed! - Exclaimed Marian. - Girls, she accidentally pregnant?
From indignation at me then it all passed. I began to wash.
- Polinochka, - cautiously Mariana. - You do, of course, I'm sorry ...
- No! - I snapped. - Why do you think so?!
- Do not be rude, - appeasably said Mariana. - You do makes to think so. Your sickness. And this Galitsin ...
- What Galitsin ?! - I yelled.
- Well, of course the same - said Mariana. - Between you something to eat!
I began to shake again.
The toilet came matematinya.
- What's going on here?
Mariana void sumnyashesya beginning to spread her his speculation, if we with the girls here do not have.
- Dearest! - Valentine said with disgust, not letting her finish. - In your place I would poostereglas it is all to say aloud. The girl's parents may apply to the court. And they will be right ...
Mariana looked at her, swallowing air and then began to call names. Matematinya made us completely unambiguous sign - get out there! We have a bullet flew out of the closet. The girls laughed, and I was literally shaking. Near the door of the assembly hall I caught Seryozhka.
- What happened to you?
And then I started to cry. Seryozhka reached into his pocket for a handkerchief.
- Come on, - he said. - Full of people.
He grabbed me by the arm and dragged him under the protection of trees that we have in the lobby, live in a hefty tub. Here we are, and found my mom.
- I already know - she said shortly earrings. - Go. Everything will be OK.
She took from her purse our house means.
- Why are you so sensitive I - my mother muttered. - Well, now red eyes. Do not worry, Marina apologize. Are you with Sergei, kissing on the audience or what?
- You what ?! - I was indignant. - We just came in and we were immediately lit - me to a rehearsal, and he remained in the classroom.
My mother shrugged and squinted. Noticing this squint, I calmed down completely. Mariana now just nepozdorovitsya.
- Come on - my mother said. - Pope also came. He wanted to see you on stage. I'll help you change.
We sat in the audience, because our scene was in the second part. First performed Mariana nightingale poured, and what we are, it turns out, all talented, intelligent and beautiful. In the front row sat the officials from the Department of Education and members of the board of trustees. Mariana leaned toward him and asked to pay attention to the fact that the school should always be your theater. Then the stage rolled anarchists of "Optimistic Tragedy". They were not terrible, but when they began to speak, the audience simply toppled laughter. Then there was the monologue from Fonvizina about "me coach, coach," then a scene from "The Inspector General". Then during a break in the music included, and we went to change clothes.
When he saw me behind the scenes, Mariana immediately apologized in the presence of the girls and asked to make allowances for the fact that she is also very worried. I nodded. She asks with Natasha curiously looked at me. They worked hard on their dresses and now looked stunning. We had to open the office, we were prepared for the guys with the military staging and complete all were Romeo and Juliet. They just snatch, as usual, and throw candy wrappers from chocolates.
Before the second compartment is also one speaking, standing beneath the stage. We talked about the fact that the theater and really need that in our school, students must have a maximum capacity in order to identify talent. I looked out into the hall to look at the speaker, and froze. A woman who appeared to me to be seen in profile. But I would have known it, and from the back. She was Amazing colors on the hair - like flame, and she was dressed very strictly - in black, simple, impossibly elegant dress. Then she turned her head slightly, and we made eye contact. I read in her eyes the recognition. It was the cat, and she knew about me.
I do not remember what I was carried from the scene. I reigned such chaos in my head that buckled his legs. I focused on parents and somehow finished performance. Once I felt dizzy and I almost sbryakala right there in full view of the audience. Fortunately, the next was Eugene and deftly supported me, portraying that as intended. We even applauded, it seems.
Then, when the other guys were, I looked out into the hall. The cat was sitting in the front row. It is elegant as the protocol, straightened her back, she joined and slightly bent knees, and about something exchanged words with a neighbor, smiling corners of the lips. And then, when we all went to the bow, she looked only at me, still smiling regally. That's just her eyes did not smile, but were cold and studying.
The man, who was sitting beside her, turned out to be the father Yevhen. He also served on the board of trustees. When the evening ended, he proposed to move the celebration to their house and invited interested persons.
- Paul, come - asked Eugene.
- I can not - I said - do not feel well, I'm sorry.
And then I asked who this cat. Zhenya looked.
- And, - he said. - It Jensen Hope. She is chairman of the board of trustees.
- And who she is studying in our school? - I asked.
- Nobody - Eugene shrugged. - She have studied. Then he married a wealthy Herra, and he threw the hoof, and all she had left. She returned to Russia and is now involved in charity work.
It's nothing to explain. And why she kept looking at me - too.
I found my mother and said we're going home. With Dad, we met in the lobby. Dad was very tired, but congratulated me on my debut and told me that I done. When we drove away from the school, I saw the earrings. He jumped out of the school in his shirt and looked around.

You're a first-class whore!

On the tongue of my favorite
I'll put nedetskiy member
Without it I really tosklivo-
It is my holiday without any problems!
Ah, what a woman! Sex-bomb!
It is not a sin and Jam!
Paris, New York and even London
From envy can not sleep!
Ah, the ass and legs!
I put cancer that for a view!
Let you slide Troshka,
From the erection hurts.
I'm that bitch horny
According to a member of your tonsils are planted,
To moaned with tears,
What I was producing inside.
Ebis, ebis, ebis with me!
You created me to suck!
Your vocation takoe-
You're a first-class whore! :)


She stood in front of me and smiled, occasionally glancing in my direction. She was dressed in a mini skirt and a T-shirt, emphasizing her delicious ass and breasts. Member already started to get up, when to stop, finally, came a bus full of people, it seemed, to the limit. But wait for the next, I will not go into it. And this girl also moved to the door. I missed it, "sat" the bus. After we went more people, and I found myself pressed against the front stranger. Through the clothes, I feel her hardened nipples. My cock began to rise again, she rested in her leg. She felt it, but continued to smile. Suddenly I felt her hand creeps over the waistband of my pants, moving to the penis. More I can not stand. Lowering his hand, I climb under her skirt to get wet from her secretions panties. Infiltrating a finger into her vagina, starting "fuck" her.
The stranger, meanwhile, already nadrachivat my cock as it allows you to make the crowd in the bus. Suddenly transport stops, beginning to enter people come new with a girl, we find ourselves far apart. Sometimes she flashes her disappointed face among all the other parties; bus finally reaches the stop my. I go out and, turning his head, I see that she, too, went out. I walk over to her, digging into her mouth, we start kissing. Stranger whispering: "Come to me", I agree. On the way to get to know - her name is Olga. Hardly going to the apartment, she throws herself on my neck, he starts to kiss. I handed grabs her ass, her hands down to his belt, unbutton it. We are slowly moving into the bedroom, falling onto the bed. She unbuttons his shirt to me, pulls pants, shorts; I, and turn her undress. In front of me appears a magnificent breasts, which I begin to caress her mouth, as if trying to swallow. Then Olga goes down, takes in the mouth a member, adopted passionately suck it. She licks his cock, kissing, licking it occasionally publishes his mouth and takes the eggs in her mouth ...
Then he jumps, sits on the cock starts to rhythmically move her ass up and down. Olga gradually accelerating, her breasts bouncing in time with the movements, she moans. We are changing the posture - now I'm lying on Olga, slowly introducing her cock. His lips, I dug into her lips, catching her moans. We are changing the posture - Olga is cancer, and I introduce her to a member of the anus and the vagina alternately. She seemed to feel that I will soon be over: Olga abruptly pulled out of the embrace, turns around and sucks dick again. I cum on her face sperm spreads on the lips, cheeks, dripping on his chest. We set off in the shower. I water Olga water, washing it with sperm, and she hands again Jerking my cock and then goes down again, and with the help of a blow job makes me cum, this time swallowing all the sperm. By putting on the edge of the tub, Olga, I begin to lick the crotch until she finishes and ...

Sweet fantasy. History of Wirth.

- Confectionery belongs to my sister. It is out and I have to keep going dela.Segodnya output and it is closed, no one was there except the boy - watchman.
- So why go if there is no one?
Although, I'm sorry, you had better know what and why, I am grateful that you dragged me out of the house, and we make m so wonderful evening stroll.
They came to the little house. He knocked on the door. Opened swarthy young man of sixteen. Rat bit talked to him in Spanish.
Carefully scrutinize Man, knew immediately that he was the Latin blood ANY KIND not Mexican, not Spanish .... looked around the house, he was small and the smell of chocolate and caramel is already felt on the street.
Go not fall behind me.
I follow you
We passed several doors. We are in the kitchen, around the stove, oven, dishes and huge vats with sweet fillings. Something the young man said again, and he obediently went
He looked around, inhaling the sickly sweet smell. * And what we're going to do? and where the boy was gone?
I told Jose that he would not let anyone in here. * He came and took you by the shoulders * We are here like a queen odni.Chuvstvuy sladostey.Hochesh w okolada?
After the words that we zde! Camping alone knew what you were plotting something and can even indecent * with interest came to be large vats and watched that they smell so good *
This is a filling for chocolates. In the last vat of chocolate, it is a delicious liquid ...
* Open the lid of the first tank and moknula finger in the thick orange massu.Oblizala finger * mmmm ... orange jam ... yum ... * nyam- immediately went to another and again lowered her finger, tried to .... * and this something bitter, brandy? rum? like truffles ... * you * turned to Rat, and you want to try? * Held a sweet finger *
* I came up, and also smeared finger into the vehicle. * I want to try it on you. * Thickly smeared the sticky mass of your neck and licked *
Ahhh ... what are you doing! ?? I'll be sticky and sweet !!!
Good proposal- approve. * To smear jam on your chest *
Hey! stop, Rat ... you are also stain my dress !!!!!
So it is necessary to remove it. * Unbuttoned and pulled the dress down sharply and the only movement *.
Left in shorts, I wipe sweet stuffing from his chest.
When you're with me, make sure that on to you has never been cowards.
* Stared * without panties in your company? It means to be always ready for the fact that you will want to take advantage of my pussy? Where and when you want?
* Smile * I guess that should be done slowly pulled her panties * and hung them in the short handle large casserole *
Go syuda.Ya want to try stuffing. * Scooped * hand strawberry jam.
He came close and smiled * You are a sweet tooth!
* Densely became smear your breasts jam ... ... bent to lick the tongue held at the nipples. *
mmmm ... nice ... delicious? I also! I want to try on the jam! * Taken from the vat red dough and held your hand on the cheek, look like dripping jam on your white shirt *
Wretch! Who is allowed to do it? Well now hold on! * I took off his shirt and grabbed a naked squirrels. *
* Began to kick in your hands and squeal like a pig .... feel of pressing your naked torso * menya..iiiiii let me .... where are you talking about ???
* Keeping your one hand, I smear on your body from the vat of chocolate *.
Emotions overwhelmed, my whole body is now a sticky and sweet, try to get out and spread you in response to a chem-
do you like cream?
neeeeeet ... I do not like slivkiiii ... iiiii .....
* Fall in love and you put one hand pressed to the table .... began to pour the cream on your ass * Squirrel.:
* I rest her hands on the table, trying to get up and I can not stand this Udo BNO "the letter G"But your strong strong hand presses me ..... surely feel like a cold stream flowed on my ass as the cream penetrate between the buttocks on the floor and flowing on my thighs .... draining on the legs cream schekochat feel .... grimy pig .... sweet hair plastered to her neck and back ... I look at my chocolate hand ......
I love cream. * try your tongue between the buttocks *
mmmm ...... I am now Milk chocolate ..... * arranged the wider legs *
* The whole back of chocolate *
* Secretly reached for kakoy- the jam jars with green fingers and dipped sharply povernuvshis- smeared you on the shoulder gustchyu sugar *
* Immediately grabbed you ... sat down on a chair and put his stomach on his lap ... gathered from the shoulder that you smeared and strongly slapped you in the ass ... I smear. *
oh ... * felt with some sl adkim squelch lay a hand on my ass, I turned over! shoulder to look at how you smeared green goo ..."probably with apple flavor"
* I began to slap on the ass as worthless little girl *
AY..AY..ay..hvatiiit ... I will not! * Began to say through his laughter and blows, meanwhile, grew stronger and stronger ... feel like your fingers glide over the sweet, smeared buttocks *
At this point, the kitchen comes boy Jose .He stood by what he saw.
* Unnoticed nothing around, I continue to scream and chatter feet in the air, in the stomach rest against your knees, already tired in that position and try to escape. *
* Stroking your red ass *. Quietly, looking at you.
* Looked up and saw the stunned gaze of the Spanish boy .... a little confused at first, then in the mind slowly began to paint a picture, which sees this young man, because I came statuesque lady in a red dress with a Zherelo, and now all of a necklace in chocolate, as well, and the lady herself .... sticky, dirty and even slap me like a child .... cheeks glowed crimson with shame and embarrassment .... God! I'm naked !!!! *
I called Jose. He came up to us. we exchanged a few words in Spanish.
* I got up off your knees and began to stroke her arms, as if it will help wipe away the body and I will be clean. *
He says you're very beautiful ... never seen naked women so near, let him show you. * grabbed her hand and put it back on his lap back *
Rat nado..on is still very young.. * Tried to get up, but your strong hands is not allowed to do so *
you feel sorry?
* Looked at him, he with eyes looking at me and studied as if I was 8 th wonder of the world .... listened to him and realized that my resistance is not more than a tribute prilichayam, which has long had to forget in my shirt! zhenii ... .vozbuzhdenny look Jose I was still confused, and I turned away, exposing your eyes his soiled body *
* Spread your legs. He began to drive through the body by hand. * You did the first woman that he would look into his eyes, you will become his queen. Every night he would dream up wanting to be in my place.
I feel like the hands glide over my chest, demonstrating strong nipples, tummy sag under the touch of his hands ... I feel that soon you razdvinesh my pussy lips and show this boy all the secret folds between my legs ... I do not know why, but I began to strongly excited by this .... a little turned her head and looked already began to observe the reaction of the youth
* Said the guy has come blizhe.On squatted arranged at your feet. I began to play with your pussy in front of him ... Tereblya clitoris ... tugged at her lips, opened to your hole. * Pozzhimay hole! ...
* Began to open and close the hole of his vagina, you can feel how much is pulled my lips sex. *
boys took a finger and sent to your vagina *
* Raised her head and see that you let him fuck me with a finger, he gently and slowly introduced him and leaving within a few twists schupaya stenochki hot vagina ..... mmm..kakoy cool finger.
I spoke to him in Spanish .paren pulled his finger, nodded and quickly headed for the exit. I put you and kissed on the lips
* I turned away from the kiss that you tell him? stop talking in a language I do not understand! You know how I feel uncomfortable when he looks up and mutters something in Spanish? !!
He admired you. Now he went to take a shower for
there is a shower? It's great! True, I can not imagine how it is possible to wash all this sweetness.
Dush- an open cabin with a drive to verhu.Hose pours! t warm water and poured it under naporom.Ya undress and wash we go
assessed glance your naked body, thought for a moment we were in your bed and as I clung to you when you entered into me ... went into the booth and looked around for soap
Man climbs the ladder and pours a bucket of water to get up a jet of warm water.
lifted her face and closed her eyes, the water pours down on us, and the skin is washed away streaks of chocolate, cream, jams .... drive a hands on her chest, thighs .... found a piece of soap and lather hands, then his stomach ...
hugged you ... became tselovat.Chuvstvuyu your body ... I want you.
* We embrace under the jets of water, I stroked your body .... answer your kiss ... I want you too, and right under the shower .... water gets on the face, I harbor a wind that so too frequent by absorbing lustful desires *
A young man stands in front of an open stall and stares.
When your hands were compressing my buttocks when my breasts were outstretched for your kisses, I noticed the corner of my eye a familiar look Jose full of wild excitement and fear, and lust, and interest .... * Rat, watch us again * smile * really we will continue to seduce the poor boy .... he is a virgin, he may have enough experience to date?
let smotrit.On envy me now. He will also have to dream of such a beautiful woman.
* Smiled and looked at him ... we met eyes .... I madly wanted to bring to orgasm both of you, one will be in the power of a touch, the other from the spectacle ... winked playfully Jose and he shyly smiled back.
I'm starting to crush your chest ... biting soski.Schipayu hips and zadnitsu.moy member stood up and rests in you.
Spuskayus s on your knees and take your cock in hand ... the water at this time Perez! tala lit sya ..... looked at the guy and never taking his eyes from him brash, I began to suck your cock.
The young man was dumbfounded by this. Sharply ordered him to pour more vody.on heard only the third time.
* Try to suck your cock as best as possible, wanting to not only bring you the highest bliss, but also to impress the brain sore virgin ..... suddenly poured water again .... being sprayed me hard suck, because the water gets into the nose .. .mne out of breath, but I do not dwell. *
He pointed to the iron handle driven into the wall of the booth * .Vozmis for them. * raised your waist, so you could get *.
You pressed me back against the wet concrete wall, his hands I take up the pen and hold on to them ... feet covers your thighs
* Sharp jerk lift you even higher ... your legs on my shoulders ... tongue I drive by your cunt
Aaaaaa .... * ka to feel you caress me, his hands trying to rise even higher to frame your tongue * mmmmm ..... from my pussy juices with water and washed off your mouth
It's time to show the superior performance of the guy ... * I omit your feet below you keep them apart ... dramatically enter my dick in you. *
DAAAAAAAAA ..... Bow legs your thighs ... feel like you walked into me and starts fucking ... hands struggled holding on to the handle, back rubs against the concrete wall ...... hooded eyes looked at Jose and Notice how the breaks out his penis out of his pants, "this young man must have a good member"..... Again look at you, I feel like your fingers dig into the skin of my thighs, you are so vehemently skewer me on his penis, squelch our bodies against each other thunder heard throughout the room
* Fuck you harder. Member of the beats of the uterus ... you're hot inside. *
hands are tired and I let go of the handle and hold you by the shoulders, curled up, we as a whole ...
whole .. member dies inside of you ... I think what surprised parnya.Hochu so that you dreamed of him every night!
lips caressed your lips, I whisper in your ear: can back?
I went down with it and you turn to face the wall ... Spreading the buttocks ... spit on anal hole
* Hands rested against the wall, legs widely breed .... shudder from strong .... and spit in my head thought more about how to react to the fact that Jose you now fuck me in the ass, he probably did not think that was possible. ... I give birth to these thoughts, I like that he is looking at us, I am pleased that in these moments I have with such a strong man like you ... relax my anus so that you can quickly enter and to stop
head presses down on the anus and pushed into your member tselikom.smotryu the reaction of Man with you
screamed a sharp pain on your head ... in the eyes dimmed slightly, but recovered quickly
I begin to slowly fuck
I turned to the guy and see him dazed eyes, smiled to cheer him up, .. look that said all right, and it's even nice popku-
bystrey..smotryu fuck my cock enters tebya..rukami slap on the ass
* From your shock chest pressed against the concrete wall, rests his hands so as not to scratch the skin of the uneven surface, repelled each time entering your daring, face turned to the side, but sometimes still be a coward cheek against the wall *
can you finish at me with this guy at the same time? * See a sticking member Jose * Pets guy jerk
do you want him to cum in your mouth, and died from a heart attack?. * laugh *
* Took you by the hair and turned to face him. * Or maybe he wants to see how you cum?
* I squatted down and took your cock in her mouth, and she began to fondle himself fingers. I look at you from the bottom up. I imagine he thinks the young man, the Vedas! s Nav ernyaka he drew attention that in my mouth a member, who has just been in the ass ..... I wonder how he would react to the semen flowing from my mouth?
The boy kept his eyes. In his pants wet spot stood out ... he shyly covers his hand
I saw the corner of my eye embarrassing Jose and became more carefully suck, drive a hand on your cock, eagerly waiting for the sperm, she fingers rub her clitoris with wild speed
does not end until I will not permit you
* Pulled your head of hair ... a person keep in member and furiously masturbate hand in your mouth ... jet of sperm flies on the face, chest and splash wipe penis on your lips *
* Lick the head and rubs his hands cum on his chest .... rented fingers sperm from her face and sucking his fingers. *
* Raised you and kissed on the lips ... I try his sperm *
and now the guy will do a gift. * beckoned to the boy in Spanish * .ty fingers caress yourself, when you're on the verge say.
* You are standing legs apart ... I press my behind your back to him. ..tseluyu your neck and Tereblya nipples, tits mus. *
* Caressing fingers excited clitoris, your touch my breasts turn me on even more, my nipples are the most erogenous places on my body ..... I feel like approximating your orgasm violently force myself to finish faster *
Jose is near * .milaya you ready ?. * I say something to the guy, he asks *
mmmmda ..... I ... I ... I'm pretty soon .... left ... left ... aaaaaaaa .......
quickly otvozhu your hand to the side, put his fingers on the clitoris Jose ... help him pull at you.
I drove myself to the extreme point of orgasm was inevitable. As soon as the cold fingers guy lay on the clitoris, and second, I screamed in orgasm, the body began to beat, began to touch his feet, the body crawl *
You finished great! * Hold the .ja GUT! e body is in their hands. I turn your head and kiss on the lips *
* For the kiss my body calmed down ... I smiled at you and put her hand on the cheek ... looked at Jose, he was staring at his fingers, which glistened with my juice, carefully sniffed them and did not dare to taste .... ... I went up to him and kissed him on the cheek, his body trembled like a mouse *
dear it's time! * Told * .ty ear I love you best ... Squirrel.
your words were sweeter than all the jams and chocolate ... you gently smiled and handed the necklace straightened, checking whether I lost it in the course of sexual frenzy.
I quickly got dressed and gave you a dress fasten ... help
yet you fastened on my dress, wet hair braided, wore shoes ... soon we will come out of this sweet little house, checking - on the spot whether the chocolate is over)))
said goodbye to Jose, we go home I hold your hand
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Father. Part 4.

Once I woke up in the night, the toilet itch. Almost without opening his eyes, I went to the night journey through the apartment. Coming out of the room, he ran to his father, who was walking with a cup of milk in one hand and a piece of bread in the other from the kitchen to the hall. On the way, he took a sip of milk, from which he had appeared on the lip "whiskers" and winked at me. With me instantly flew all sleepy, and I thought: "He would have been a" mustache "person of my sperm, however, like to me from him." Quickly cope their "business" in the toilet, I sent my "ski" in the room where the folder was watching TV and prihl¸byval milk.
Entering the room, I closed the door to my mother heard nothing. It is, of course, is sleeping soundly, but, as the saying goes, "better safe than sorry." The father was sitting in the chair, he had already finished his milk, but milk "mustache" still adorned on his lip. I came close and op¸rshis hands on a chair, leaned over to Dad's face and licked the "whiskers". Dad at the same moment his lips stared into mine, and his hands started from the bottom in my pants and started to crush my testicles and penis. Our tongues intertwined, pushing each other, we are more and more inflamed and were both panting with excitement. Looking up from the Pope, I stood up to catch my breath a little, and he, pulling my pants up to the ankles, and began licking my cock, from which is already abundantly flowing lubricant.
Papkin language walked around my penis: he caressed my balls, then licked the barrel, then began to be screwed into the urethra, and then crawled under the foreskin. In general, my dad loved passionately. I was already close to orgasm when papulka sharply his finger in my anus. Here it is the sperm out of me just gushed into his mouth. In the end, briefly pulling the head out of the mouth of Pope, I pulled a little bit on his upper lip, and get a "mustache", to which I immediately fell down and started! lick. Then I bit pobultyhal tongue in the mouth of his father his sperm, he was a little poured it into my mouth and I gladly swallowed. He kissed me again, a folder took up my cock and began to suck it out of the remnants of sperm. He coped with the work, he leaned back in his chair and began to squint, like a well-fed cat.
I pulled his pants, stood in front of his father on his knees and pulled out his penis through the "pocket" began to please him. Play a little with the head of the tip of the tongue, I climbed the language under the foreskin and began to lick, then, down below, I began to alternately take by mouth each egg and pinch his lips scrotum. At this time I nadrachival his unit. Gradually I began to insert his fingers into the anus of a folder, one by one. When it came to the third, his scrotum and testicles pulled up to the base member, and I realized that a little more and my father to finish. Continuing to massage his prostate, I took his head in his mouth and began rhythmically to sit down on the penis. A few moments later Dad gasped and began to fill my mouth with his "honey." Sperm were so many, but I have not missed one bit and swallowed everything, not forgetting finally draw a "mustache" papkinym "milk," which he immediately licked and we began to kiss again, and now share his semen.
Sucked out of my father's sperm remnants member and licked it clean, satisfied, I went back to bed, because the morning to work.

Demons are telling the truth

My name is Olga Zaretsky, and I write erotic stories on the TV series "Supernatural" Please raise the rating. Comments and suggestions (as well as curses and swear words) to submit to [email protected] I'll wait!
Dean, even when pressed against the chin to the hood of the Impala own, carefully do not believe in what was then - at the cemetery, trying to shit finally - the yellow-eyed telling the truth. Because demons always lie, is not it, Sammy? Whatever it was, if it believed the murderer of their mother? What if listened, wondered, doubted? I hesitated, started to look closely before, hesitated, started to notice that at first seemed postadovym syndrome, your mother? The kid even five minutes ago roasted in the company of those who sent to the neighboring bunk, he told himself. It will be held, I thought sullenly watching the vain attempts to pull the younger flash piano right from under the nose hanging around at the crossroads of the ladies. It will take, you just have to give it time.
A pair of girls, a couple of cases of beer, a couple of kilos of salt, a dozen or sent back to immigrants, and all the way through, it is hoped, simultaneously burning through the remaining months. Away from the most eager to communicate those with expired visas fuck this light is already sent to the home, with a sulfur smell and taste of lava, hearth and home.
Impala-Babe it's time to take on the service and the documents in the name of Dan Hermansen burned More in Illinois; and do not forget about the red-haired to a fourth the size of a diner Sunflower, scribbled pencil fragment numbered two and a half days hanging out somewhere in the lining of the jacket. The thought occurred to climb in the order of disorder, and Dean frowns, snorting, kicking his feet, trying to catch the fraternal dignity - and fuck, there will be nephews, he is to survive can - clenches his jaw in pain in professional zalomannoy hand, regularly wipe the dust burning cheek with it seems to be heated up to the melting point of iron. Yelling, "What the hell, Sam ?!" worth when he was confused in all possible ways, with glaring demon bitch. Now, izvorachivayas - is at least trying to - inhaling the aromas of the mud, ash and chips with vinegar, eaten Sam during lunch, Dean just grins at least modest possibilities resisting and pulling, mowing right eye on the skewed face wrestler with -zlom-to-it:
- I know that is irresistible, Sammy, but we need to keep yourself in their hands. We film for family viewing.
Under unbearably hot sun, in the ditch on the N52, Iowa, Nebraska, Dean Winchester is covered with cold sweat, feeling hot tongue on his brother's neck. Sam licks your skin almost like a dog, except that the slow movements. And wide, the maximum width of the language, nasty wet saliva from someone else's trail seems too strong dissonance with the usual surrounding reality. Not so, however, detract from the urgent attempts to kick cornstalk standing behind, and after a few minutes, Dean boasts yet untouched virgin ear, selective abuse attorney future - God willing - and strapped a belt just above the knees down.
- Come on, Sam - he puffs under his weight, almost completely paralyzed - we can always find you a woman or two for razvlekuhi, we should not rush into extremes. What? You do not want a woman? Will you man, I bet! Two is, Sam, if you're me, fuck, let go, finally!
And in between lengthy reflections on the weather, politics, eroticism, the cute girls from the site in favorites Sammy, Dean vows to himself that will continue to only wear overalls. Those with at least twenty small stubborn buttons per square centimeter; You can even hook and, in principle, to sew ... A foppish denim, which is the main calling time next fall at the feet of a pretty waitress or bartender, go to rags to wipe the sides of the glittering metal native and the only crumbs. The one snarling engine under two assholes who have decided to take a sudden extreme sex in five meters from the largest route between the two states.
- Forbidden Zone, Sammy, Forbidden! - Dean was nervous, tugging, twisting ass insidiously slips clothes.
Nimble long fingers pull together a strong ass jeans with boxers, and Sam, with superhuman strength crushing brother with one hand to the hood, kneels. He bites his teeth, biting, growling louder squeeze 180 miles Impala, sucks the skin in the mouth with the blood of the tread. And the sucking, licking tongue bite, roughly fingering Dean never for a moment forgetting to keep it stationary.
I'm on the beach, is Dean at the nudist beach, right fourth dimension, the third on the left, but what ass; goes brunette, waist, such that some people in Hollywood would faint with envy. And the red-haired and blond, though not in its taste, but how much sex and grace, and beach volleyball, without in any way. At age 17, during the impending storm on Connecticut when Sam ran for the first time, it helped. Rushing in search of his brother in what was - semi-wet with sweat after sportivki push-ups, but ragged black T-shirt was still without a title favorite band on the chest - Dean presented himself gde-nibud in Egypt, and it was so hot that any, even the smallest breeze as one - 150 miles per hour - seemed pleasant.
Physiology. And burn the lungs, the heated air to the heat of Sam's boiling point. And nonsense in my head, and screwed-up eyes and convulsively clenched buttocks, and only pride that prevents succumb hips forward, into his arms quite girly soft nemozolistyh fingers. Dean does not blame himself that excited, he would have worried more if desired after prolonged stimulation of the body did not show any interest in what happens. Again, everything can be explained by thinking about girls. About a girl whose delicate, full breasts so nice to hold in your hands, and our common mother, Sam, you're a dick doing ?! Panic and feel similar to the red-hot poker, retracted in the ass. Not that Dean before experienced on myself something like that, but what else can compare the feeling, which in the eyes becomes cloudy, veins clearly appear on the neck, and comes to the throat nausea?
- Ubyuyuyuyuyuyu - hisses through his teeth, Dean and Sam hammering, moaning with pleasure by releasing the cocked her brother's arm, paralyzed by pain.
Sam Dean Eggs slap on the buttocks with each thrust, hands crumple all sides with the same incredible strength, and Dean yells in the voice growled, biting her own brush. With disgusting serene smile on her face became quite a stranger - a mad gleam in the red eyes from burst blood vessels - Sam ends. Falls by the wayside, lazily fastens his pants and took out a Colt, waiting patiently until Dean trembling hands frees his feet from the belt, he pulls on his clothes and breathing levels.
- The car - a dull, not Semovym voice tells Sam, the charge of the head of his weapons, and silently sits in the back seat.
Dean runs a T-shirt in his belt, squinting, looking at the sign "Welcome to Lincoln," and collecting all his courage to shame does not fall from weakness, climbs into the driver's seat. While he was at least a chance, he will believe that Sammy instill evil, does not respond to the holy water, the mention of Christ and quietly walk around under the giant devil's trap. While he stayed at least one chance to save his brother and stop this crazy ride through the United States, he will not believe that demons are telling the truth.

About me. Part 4

About me. Part 4.
At last it came to this part ... I think that by reading my stories, many already think: "had he never played with his hole?". Of course, yes :) Somewhere in the years from 13, and as I do this periodically. It anal masturbation is exercise, which I probably spent the most time among my "hobbies". Here, of course, I can describe only a fraction of all cases, when I was playing with his anus, it will be, we can say only the beginning :)
It all started with the fact that I, like, probably, any boy who is experiencing a surge of hormones, became very interested in his body. I already wrote that I was excited to be naked, to present themselves to the side. But that's not all, I've always wanted to try something new, I wanted new experiences and discoveries. And it is quite natural that this erogenous zone is the anus, I could not stop my attention.
First, I took a small zerakalo, undressed, lay down on her back, spreads her legs and through the mirror examining his ass. I was, of course, excited, so I always masturbated ... I parted the buttocks hands, it is better to see, but not touch the anus: this caused my association with uncleanness, but not exciting as I thrust into her mouth panties and repulsive. At the same time, I wanted something to thrust himself back.
First, it was the subject of a simple ballpoint pen. Personal Lubricant I did not know and did not even think, so was the stuff just like that, "dry". Pen, less than a centimeter in diameter, would not enter into me: firstly, due to lack of lubrication, secondly, my hole has not yet been developed. It was painful, but I continued, I really wanted to discover the sensation of penetration from behind. With one hand I pushed the handle, the other holding a mirror and looked. The anus does not want to give in, but after 10 minutes of pain and fidgeting on the bed in different positions, I still managed to shove it! My ass hurt, but even after a few minutes I was used to new sensations. I can not say that I was pleased first times still prevailing psychological arousal on my ass doing something. But then I began to enjoy herself back pain, a feeling of fullness sphincter ...
The first times I used the pen odanko ever (I do not know why) did not finish with it: first I pulled it, and then went on masturbation. Still, without lubrication was hurt, so very soon I began to take a little bit of food oil. Now included is much easier to handle, but the anus still let her not once, but gradually.
But the pen, it's still a very small thing, and I wanted something more. I lay on the metal packaging cigars santimatra half, probably in diameter. Now it seems to me very little, but then - imagine what a half centimeters ass for the 13 year old boy ... The first time I wanted her to thrust himself back I simply did not work: the anus wildly ill and one millimeter did not let the new "toy".
So I picked up a pen and decided to stretch their first hole it. Lying on my back, I have not introduced the handle jiggled a few minutes, and then pulled out easily. Behind all this, I watched through the mirror. Then again, I took the metal box of cigars, put to the anus and began to apply pressure. Anyway, nothing came of it: it is a little input, but then seemed rested in something ... I dropped the mirror, and became liberated hand to push the buttocks, but it did not help. Then I changed my posture: knelt down on his elbows and again began to write, "a toy" He is slipping in the hand, because it was covered in oil, as well as my ass, and I could not push it.
It's been 20 minutes of such attempts, I went to the side, then back, lifted his knees to his chest, she spreads her legs, became "cancer"... But, finally I succumbed to my anus (or I'm used to pain), and "a toy" plunged by 5 centimeters in me. That was something! My ass so bursting like never before ... I thought me something huge, that it would break me up inside ... sphincter tightly encircled my "toy"So I did not have to hold it ... I took the mirror and looked: it was very unusual at the time: the anus was something plugged, so sexy, as if it were a plug inserted into the bottle. I turned the booty up and down, feeling all lit from the inside of each movement. It was awesome!
Now I began to occasionally play with them: my anus take this box of cigars for at least a couple of times a week, I masturbated with her inside, slid her fuck yourself ... But every time she came to me very tight: that's what it means young and undeveloped ass! I loved this little thing to thrust itself on the entire length (10 centimeters, probably), so that it almost disappeared in the anus. And sometimes I do thrust it entirely, and my anus closed, hiding the metallic finish inside of me ... Then I puffed and end slowly, reluctantly parted the sphincter from the inside, and I looked at her half-open hole, watched as she slowly moved apart as pushed it "a toy" from her.
Yes, now I remember, it was great when you are depriving yourself of the anal virginity ... When you're 13, and you think in the morning on how you will develop your anus, he will take larger and larger objects, think quickly and masturbate because the excitement can not hold back ... and you fuck myself in different poses, each time getting a new experience from these invasions ...
Oh, I did not write half of what was going :) But I have to go, so you need to check out ...
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