Like in the movies

(Invented names)

Anastasia, a beautiful 19 year old girl. At just 19 she was a virgin, but in spite of it all it wanted. Nastya was opposed to her deflowered not clear who.

How is her friend offered to go to a club, but said that after all her friends and girlfriends will spend the night at the cottage, and she must take a lot of clothes. Nastia agreed, she came to the club. Everyone started dancing in the moment as Nastya something embarrassing.

Soon the man approached her, to look for 25 years.

- Hey, we can get to know you.

- Can. Nastia not much embarrassed.

- My name is Tom, and you?

- I Nastya, nice to meet you. she said with a smile.

They danced and talked. When he offered to go to him, she refused, but he insisted. After talking with his girlfriend, she went to him. They got into his car and drove to his house. When they entered, he showed the apartment. Surprisingly, he had 3-bedroom apartment. He asked her to wash, after which she wore a nightgown and went to bed. A little rested, Artem said that she went into the kitchen. There he poured the champagne and somewhere took the pizza. Nastia always look away from Artem.

- Something happened?

- Why did you bring me here? You want to rape me?

- No, you're just very beautiful. I think you'll be pleased.

- So why did you bring me here? I'm sure you want me to rape.

- I do not want. Okay, I'll go pomoyus.

While he showered, drank champagne Nastya. When he came Nastya looked out the window.

- All is well?

- You want me to rape? In tears, said Anastasia.

- I do not want.

Suddenly the towel fell and Nastia saw his cock, turned and started to cry. He picked up a towel, tied it around him and asked.

- Why are you so upset?

- I saw your penis, then you me iznasiluesh.

- If I wanted to rape you then you're a long time lying on the bed bound and I fucked you.

From these words Nastia even stronger start to cry. Suddenly Artem picked her up, she quickly grabbed his feet. In order not to fall.

- You're a girl?

- Yes.

- Did not you want to be a girl.

- Not yet.

Suddenly the towel fell and member touched her crotch. Nastia started yelling.

- No, please neet.

- Calm down, I'm not going to fuck you.

He took it and kissed it. After that carried her into the room, laying on the bed, he began to kiss again.

- What are you doing?

- I kiss you?

- What for?

- I love you.

- No, you just want to rape me.

- How do I prove my love?

- Call her and my parents and tell me that you love me.

And he did so.

- Well, now you believe me?

- Do you really love me?

- Yes, I do love.

After he kissed her. He soon took the nightgown. He started kissing her body, did Cooney. And when going to insert a penis, she broke away and began to run away. But I could not run away, he caught her and carried her to the bed.

- What?

- I'm afraid that you did iznasiluesh.

- I do not want to hurt you.

- But still.

Suddenly he took a rope and tied her hands to the bed.

- I told you. Pomogiteee.

- Do not yell.

He began to fondle her crotch, she was pleased. She was moaning, writhing, screaming. When he decided that it was time to insert a member, she began to cry in tears.

- No, please, aah, no, I love you.

At that moment he realized that she did not want to lose her virginity so that she was ready to give everything. He untied her hands and lay down beside her.

- But why did you let me go?

- I understand that it is not so much you want to lose your virginity, was ready to say anything.

- But I do love you.

At that moment, they started kissing passionately.

- I agree.

- For what?

- I agree that you robbed me of my virginity.

He began to insert a member at the same time wanted to cover her mouth, but she did not agree. He began to slowly insert, but Nastia slowly rose up, Artem pulled her to him so quickly that even went into it completely, Anastasia screamed.

- Aaaaaaa

- All right, no more pain.

After increasing the tempo began to move.

- It hurts, aa

- All will pass.

- Aaaaaaa please.

But it was too late. Artem began to finish.

- Aaaaaaa. It hurts.

- Sorry.

- It's okay I'm not even a lot of it was nice.

He lay down beside her. Nastya did not like it, she thought that it will take longer to fuck. Nastya, looked at his penis. He was still standing, Artyom was lying with his eyes closed, Nastya crossed her for Artem. Soon the village on his penis and began to jump on it. Artem was porozhon, he did not expect such a Nasty. When she bent down and kissed him. He started to move his cock in her crotch. Nastia was moaning, he soon finished. Nastya lay down and soon fell asleep. Nastya morning woke up kissing, but it is not what is not remembered.

- What happened yesterday?

Artem has told all. Nastya fell face in the pillow and began to cry a lot do not. She did not know how to react.

- Nastechka what? But I love you. Tell me you love me?

Nastya, not what not to say, he left the room. He brought the breakfast they ate, and he was gone again. Nastya, not what is not talked all day. At 6 o'clock, he came in and said she was going to. She quickly gathered, they went for a walk. They went without a lot of talking. Then he stopped and looked into her beautiful eyes and kissed her. Soon he said.

- Nastya I love you. Tell me you love me?

Nastya, she thought, and when they came to talk fainted. Artem took her home, section and put on the bed. In the morning Nastya asked what happened? Artem has told all. Soon he brought breakfast, she was very nice, she had wanted to say that she loved him, but he did not say he was released and she started to cry. When he came and saw it immediately said that she gathered her things. He took her to the cottage she looked at the house on it. He ran into the house and immediately showed her to her room, she began to lay out his things in the closet. She undressed. But she began to cry again, she lay naked on the bed. Artem undressed completely and when he heard that Nastya was crying then immediately went to her room. And I sat down.

- Nastya what happened? Why are you crying? - Ii love you. Ate she said.

In his eyes, there was a spark, and the smile on his face. He gently kissed her, Nastia strongly excited, he carefully removed her panties. And he began to insert in the crotch dick Nasty. This time, she was not hurt, and even very nice. She moaned. Soon he had finished, he carried her into the shower, and he went somewhere.

- Where are you going? I do not want to bathe without you. Zakapriznichal Nastya.

- I'll be right back.

A minute later he came with two towels. Nastya did not bathe without it.

- Why do not you wash?

- I'm waiting for you.

He smiled as he climbed into the shower, and very tightly pressed against her. He took the gel and began to lather her, he was very gentle and careful. Then I washed carefully. She asked that she washed it. He agreed. She began to lather his, the last she soaped it was his penis. Then she carefully washed and start blowjob. In the mouth it is not finished. Then she took a towel, quickly vytirlas and somewhere to start to run, he quickly ran after her. He caught up with her in her room, where he kissed her and asked if she do not mind living in his room, she kissed him and quickly ran into the room. After 2 minutes, it has already been collected from clothing.

They were good together, a week later, Nastia went home, then two weeks later, he proposed to live with him, she agreed. They lived and rejoiced. A week later, Nastia went home, even after 2 weeks Artem suggested to live with him, she agreed. There came Nastya's birthday. First, Artem did not know what to give, but then I realized. Nastya gathered and waited impatiently. Well, in general, he brought her home already there, everything was ready. They stood candles and lay of land. They talked and talked kissing. Then he knelt down, opened the box in which lay a ring and said.

- Nastya, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I can not imagine my life without you. You agree to marry me?

On Wall eyes filled with tears.

- I agree.

He put the ring on her finger and kissed her. Then they were talking and stuff. And after a night it was very passionate.

The next day, Nastya introduced Artem. And Artem said that made her an offer.

Now Nastya 22, Artem 28, they are happy. October 5, 2014, gave birth to a daughter, Nastya. When she was pregnant with Artem it is very good to Nastya. They have arranged a room for a child in the country and in the apartment. They are pleased that once Nastia did not want to lose her virginity. And they have all the like in the movies.