New friend of the family part 3

- Run the flat knots-ordered our new boss.

We rushed into the apartment. We got up on the doorstep and waited for further orders. Alex went closed the door. He passed us slapped on the ass Katya.

- Well, bitch, I successfully went to smoke !!! On your knees and suck me a bit, and that is something my friend sagged.

Katya and I knelt down and began to fondle limp dick Boss. As I licked then stinking eggs, Katya tongue fluttered over the head member. I'm excited again.

- I see you like swirls. Katyusha Crawl out into the room and wait for us. You slut go into the other room will put you a bit.

He took me by the leash and dragged to another room. It was a walk-in closet where a lot of women's clothing.

- Little woman I have a business trip right now, so that will put you on something.

He took the red stockings and black thong, and said, as I will wear that would crawl into their room. I pulled the stockings and panties, which were a bit small and I quickly crawled on all fours to the Boss.

- See what slut - she said Alexei saw me-I take a shower 2 days did not go so lazy so that swirls proceed to lick me half an hour to you at all about all.

He turned on the telly, and he lay down on the spacious bed. We started to lick his feet and then moved on to the ass he moaned but only began to lick the armpits as the time is over !!

- That bitch is so slow, but tried very hard I look. Well Kate get up crustaceans so quickly.

Kate instantly got cancer. The owner got out of bed and without delay into her rhythmic movements and fucked her like a whore last grabbed by the hair.

- See a whore as I fuck your little wife. Like??? Why are you keeping silent??

- Yes, sir

- Well done, well ka ka get up close crustaceans.

I was scared because the strap is a strap, and a true member of that other. But I did not argue with rose and stood beside Kate. The owner's wife caressed the tongue holes, and a hand was stroking my ass, then I got pushed back a thin strip of panties and started to drive a finger around the hole and began to slowly introduce it there. and then quite dramatically, I felt included in the head priest, I tried to relax.

- I still lick the ass while I'm the bitch to fuck.

Kate knelt behind the Master and began to lick it. 10 Minutes me fucked in the ass while Alexei raised the body does not shiver, and he came to me !!!

- Lick it all that would not have soiled the carpet and went out !!!

In the taxi we took what had been a taxi driver Alexis stunned, but took us. At the end of the trip we had nothing to pay, we have offered to make him a double blowjob, he agreed.

Coming home we began to kiss passionately and in a fit of passion finally have sex. we have never experienced such orgasms !!!

(All names have been changed, the story is real) to be continued.