For the first time in the 7th grade))) Teens, Loss of virginity, Case

It was in the 7th grade. Well, of course in 7) the time when most raging hormones. It was after 6 lessons (last lesson (story)). During the lesson, my classmate came to the board, she was wearing a transparent blouse, I saw her belly and chest (in her bra of course). At this point I got))). After the lesson, my classmate went to the toilet and when she closed the door, I ran after her and locked the door. She did not understand the demand that I do and then I kissed her. I stood up again))). And I started it.

Slowly undress, she resisted a little bit, but it was nice. First we stripped each other to their underwear, she touched my penis (through the panties) and I touched her breasts. She said she did not want to rush anything much, but I did not listen. I climbed into her panties and began to masturbate her, she sometimes cried softly. I undressed her completely, she had small breasts (I love). She did not want to lose her virginity and resist, I had to clamp his hands on her. She screamed from the loss of virginity (I have it, too, was 1 times). We noticed our other classmate and knocked on the door. Masha (the name of that which I have) had to open the door Alena (the name of the one that was knocking). Masha Allen was surprised and told her that she heard screams. When Allen went to the toilet, I ran out and closed the door, I stood naked in front of Alyona (Masha had time to get dressed in a hurry). I started to undress Alain, she resisted more strongly, but I fucked her and. After that, the door of someone else knocked on the door, we decided to open without dressing, there was second-form girl. We stood in front of a 3-second-form girl naked. She was frightened and ran away. We had to quickly run across the men's room and change clothes there. The next day we started dating (Masha) and engaged in sex together)))))