I'm Angelina and I decided to publish his story here. So.

This summer, my mother sent me to the resort, there were reasons, and I had to go, but I really did not want to, because it was not just a resort, and the resort, horrible, no one looked at the girls shy boys were all spitting, we slept with the boys in the room, of course, and dressed, and even the toilet was common, it was awful, as always, to me * lucky * and when I went to the bathroom just in front of me was a girl, she broke the latch. But the toilet I really wanted to, and I have no fear came, it was already very late, everyone was asleep, after I was nobody. But when I corrected his need, burst into the toilet guy, he's like somewhere in a hurry, I saw him a couple of times, but I personally did not know, he hurried to open the door, I cried and tried to close her pussy, he saw me was surprised and his penis rose. Then he boldly came up to me and put his hand to the pussy that I was very scared, and I began to fight back, but it did not help, he squeezed my hand, and began to shove his fingers in my pussy, I screamed, but he gave me a slap in the face and closed his mouth, then he called a couple of the guys, they were not far away, they brought a rope and tape and tied me up, I was really scared, but I could not resist, they began to paw me and undress, a minute later, I was already naked, and oblapanaya, they lowered his pants and one of them shoved me his penis into the mouth, and began to drag me by the hair back and forth, it was very painful .... expect to continue. It is indeed true ..