My extraordinary experiment

Hello, my name is Sergey, and I wanted to tell you my story. I am a 16 year old boy studying in school. I since childhood liked girls, I loved them to flirt and look. But now I do not even know who I like - girls or guys.

It started not so long ago. When I bathed washed his penis and ass. And when held by a small hole felt some new sensation. I was curious and I tried to enter a finger, but felt resistance and the pain stopped.

A week later again taking a bath, I tried to repeat the experiment, but this time a little hole and soaped hand. The finger went in and immediately I felt the pain and burning inside. I pulled out his finger and promised myself that I would never try to make like.

Then I liked it when he stayed at home, walk around the apartment naked and podrachivat porn with neta. And during one of the porn search for satisfaction, I came to the site with gay sex. But I have not turned it off and went to look, and I was wondering how this guy sticks to another. • While masturbation again tried to stick her finger in the ass. He he was gone, but I have not stopped, licked it, and tried again. And my anus succumbed. I feel an easy pain, but then for some strange feeling. He poked deeper, and then pulled back. Then again, I led finger and felt them something. I felt that when I touch it, I get a new batch of cool feeling. He began to tickle it, while the other hand simultaneously masturbate. That's the first time I had finished with his finger in the pope.

After a few months after that masturbation, I decided to try again. But now I wanted to finished without touching dick. I stripped, spread out a towel on the floor in front of a mirror. He took the hand cream and lay on his back. Brushing their hands and well point I introduced a finger in the ass. Feeling those wonderful feelings I started to fidget with your finger vigorously. But it was not enough, and I tried to enter another, he came easily and I got even cooler feeling. When I pulled the fingers, he saw that the hole is not tightened and became more. I wanted to shove into it more and I put three fingers, it was painful and pleasant at the same time. A few minutes later I finished profusely.

Now to me, as I said, 16 years and I simply stuck in a deodorant spray from 4-5 centimeters in diameter. And what is the worst I like it. I like girls, I like girls, but even more I like to fuck her in the ass than anything.


Do not judge strictly this is my first story. If you like to write in the comments, will be continued.