Anastasia and Alexei

(Invented names)

Nastya 22 year old girl. The brunette with straight hair. Very beautiful, so it is not more than 20 who did not give. Despite the fact that she was 22, she was a virgin.

She went to a party, where she met a man. His name was Alex. Beautiful brunette, pumped and rich. He was 24. He worked for 19 years, his dad got a job, so in the 22, he had a car. And not long ago dad bought him an apartment. Nastya and Alex was already drunk so when he said he invites to his home, she did not understand what he was alluding to sex.

He brought to his home. Once they removed the upper clothes, he immediately started to kiss her. A minute later, Nastia was already naked and lying on the bed.

- Alex, I'm a virgin and never had sex.

- Are you a virgin?

- Yes!

- You will be pleased, I will do everything carefully.

- But I do not want it now, let's take a closer look.

- Nastya, you will not be hurt.

After these words, he began to lick her crotch. Then he decided that it was time to insert a member at Nastya.

- Please, I'll forgive you do not do this.

Alex did not hear Nastya, he just began to insert member.

- Ahh.

Nastya felt that something big climbs into her little hole.

- It hurts.

Alex continued insert member, but soon felt that something interferes.

- Who will be hurt. Alex warned.

- Alex is not necessary.

Alex just made a strong push and all his cock was.


Then Alex began to move quickly.

- You're hurting me, please aah.

But Alex did not notice, he just finished. He did not stop, he kissed Nastya and began to move slowly. Nastia has not cried and moaned and tried contrary to Alex to go on further. He soon finished again, and lay down beside him. After lying 2 minutes he appeared and said.

- Nastya, were you hurt?

- The first time, yes, but then I was very pleased.

- Nastya, I love you.

- Yes, but I have a boyfriend.

Suddenly everything began to spin, he realized what he had done. He stood up and began to dress quickly. Nastya got dressed and started to stop him. She caught up with him near the elevator.

- Alex listen to me.

- I'm sorry I did not mean to hurt you. I'm sorry you probably want to do it your boyfriend.

- Alex, I love you.

- What guy?

- He needs just sex. Sex with you was just wonderful.

- But you did not want?

- So what? I do not want to but I liked it.

They kissed. Then Nastya felt something pouring down her leg. Looking, she saw sperm and remembered that she wore panties. Anastasia looked at him, he lifted up his hands and raised in an apartment where he took off his shoes with her and with yourself. He carried her into the bathroom, where he undressed and then undressed her and got her into the bathroom. All this was exciting, so not having to turn on the water, Anastasia leaned over and leaned on the bathroom making it clear that he wants to put a member. He immediately took the hint and put the penis. Fuck 5 minutes. He pulled out a member and all the sperm came back Nastia they showered. Then they ate and went to bed, where they had sex. But suddenly she called Nastya guy.

- Who is calling? I asked Alex.

- My boyfriend.

Nastya picked up the phone.

- Hello.

- Nastya where did you go?

- And what do you care?

- Listen, I'm tired of running after you. I want to deprive you of virginity.

The moment Alex heard and thought that the guy likes Nastia. Nastia understood.

- I'm not a virgin, and you do not like.

After Nastya ran for Lesha.

- Alex, you're misunderstood. He does not like me and just want to take my virginity. And I'm not like you. You gently done, and he probably just wants to rape.


- And you do not drop not sorry that I love you and so deprived of innocence?

- No, I'm the same person I love deflowered.

- Okay, you go pomoysya.

- And you?

- I'm a bit busy.

When she came out of the bath that was waiting for her a nice breakfast. So they spent the day.

Soon Alex did Nasty proposal, she agreed. After some time, Alex went on a business trip for 3 weeks, Nastya did not mind when he arrived it turned out that he had to leave. They spent a wonderful night. When Alex came Nastya told the good news, she's pregnant. And that night when Nastia was pregnant, they will remember for a lifetime!