First experience

Hello! I would like to tell us about his first experience with ... well it does not matter).

- -

The school will teach a lot, but about things like sex ... I did not expect this. All my classmates (well, almost everyone) knew what sex is, and the only one I did not know what it is (if I was only in grade 3). In general: the lesson, I asked to go to the bathroom, I went for Leon (as if something sought by me). When I went, Leon pulled me to the wall. I thought that he would beat me, but there it was. He told me all about sex (if the experience he was small). Taught masturbation. I thought it was nonsense. House decided to try. Happy parents worked. I started masturbation. After several repetitions I enjoyed.

- -

In 4-5 year (s), I got a little surprise. After I began to masturbate, I soon began to tremble, and I jumped out of some sort of crap (in the consequences I have learned that it is the sperm).


I'm tired of pull my dick, like new experiences. "It's time to make friend" - I thought. In our class was slim, attractive girl (as I was the anonymous author, I will not specify the name). At first we were friends. From friendship to romance all passed. We recognize each other's feelings, and began to meet frequently. We walked, talked, and the heart was beating and beating. All of our relationship began in the park, when I earned my first kiss. 2 years later, we moved on to a serious relationship, "All these years of my life I waited for his first sex." - I said to myself. Details of the words just can not describe. After I finished, I simply just fell asleep.