As I finished the first time

One day, about the middle of June, I went to the country with his brother and parents. We arrived and went to the lake. When we came back, the parents went to the neighbors and my brother stayed at home. I went into the shower, he played on a computer in the bunker. When I finished, I noticed that I forgot a towel. I thought, "brother in the room, a quick run into the room and take Towelie." I got completely naked. Brother stood at the door in his underwear. He and I became very excited. He stood up, and I ran. I felt that I will soon be over and squatted down. Legs apart, bryzgula jet. She sprinkled brother and floor. I blushed. Brother smiled slyly and seems to have been satisfied. I quickly ran to the room for a towel and wiped himself. After 5 minutes I went to his brother and said, "you may not know about and did not see it!" He nodded and continued to play. I went and wiped the puddle. I went to watch TV and play Sims. When they came to the parents, we behaved as if nothing had happened. We laughed and talked.

P.S. Then I was 16 and my brother 15 :)