Birthday gift

My name is Leroy. At this point I was 15 years old. Today was my birthday. But I did not expect what I saw then.

I loved to sit in the cabinet and in the light of a flashlight to read books. This day was no exception. I took a flashlight and a book. Climbed into the closet, I turned on the flashlight and began to read. I do not remember how much I read, but certainly for a long time.

Then I heard my parents entered the room. With them, I would not want vylazit. I put the book and looked through the keyhole. They sat on the sofa and started kissing. They kissed minute 2. Then Dad took off his pants and his cock popped out. My mother immediately began to suck. I even numb. It was a further 2 minutes. I was tired and was not interested. But that was not all. Then Dad put his mother on the sofa and began to enter into it. He slowly at first, and then as soon insert the entire length. Only now I began to realize that I look like my parents fuck.

Then I took off her panties and began podrachivat her clitoris. I was excited. Their sex lasted for about 20 minutes they constantly change posture. I have managed to finish just 5. Parents have finished and gone. I finished again, took a book and a flashlight and went out of the closet. I was shocked by what he saw. My parents were fucking, and I looked. And I wanker. It was ridiculous. I threw all my thoughts and continued to read the book.

This is my story 1.