Well, that came our second meeting with her. Prior to that, we exchanged messages in the social. networking and sms-kami erotic sense.

This time, she persuaded her sister, so she let her down to my floor. We decided to retire to the reading room, there are a few desks and chairs. It started fast and quickly. At first we were a little kissing. And after a moment she was doing me a blowjob, I quickly finished it in her mouth. And wearing a condom decided to enter into it. It was a very tough and rough penetration, as it was dry. We quickly finished and I decided to try it again in the ass, but unfortunately there was no lubricant and as a result we almost tore the condom. After removing it, I have continued and within an hour I had already finished her ass. We decided to go up to her room. It was about 4 in the morning, and we wanted to continue.

I knew that she had a twin sister. But I never imagined that it virgin. And the fact that it is with a certain horror to watch how we have sex with her sister on the bed. She sat on a chair in front of and slightly stroked pubis. Ramil dragged her into our bed and we started together to please sister. First shaved pubic all the vegetation in her and sister. After their caps glistening with shaving, I have decided to bring down the hymen Lily. It was a little frightened, but at the same time excited. And succumbed to the temptation. Not knowing that it would be better if I sobyu finger or a member we decided to knock down using cucumber. After this procedure, Lily quickly showered widely slid feet and we started our Ramil tale - two girls lying on a bed, the eldest over the younger to me turning her wet cunt, and I tirelessly served in one direction and then the other. An hour later, I had finished the youngest in her mouth. And we decided to knock off her virginity to the anus. But that's another story.