My first time ***))) Loss of virginity

Hello everyone .. I am a girl with a very good figure. With 3 breast size, and inflated fucking ass. My name is (Natasha), I was 17 when it happened ... My guy (Maxim) was 19 .. We met in the camp .. During my, arriving there ... As it turned out, he was a counselor, in this camp .. I came to spread out things, and went to walk with his new friends. I met Marina, who soon had my best friend .. On the way we met Max, he was going to meet us .. That's when I first saw him. It was a nice guy, athletic, with a beautiful smile ... He was simply magnificent. He came to us and we went for a walk .. During the walk, we talked about many things .. In short, we found a common language. We then for a long time, walking alone. And thus we learned much about each other ..
One evening Max came to me and offered to take a stroll in the moonlight ..
I immediately agreed.
We walked together, we were good.
Then we came back somewhere in the beginning of the 2nd.
He invited me to come to him, to drink tea .. But I refused, I said that I wanted to sleep.
The next day, our counselor was another birthday. So we decided to make a surprise, and had a party ..
I liked everything, everyone was thrilled ..
At the party, I was approached by Maxim, and said:
- Let's go take a walk? And this time I think you will not deny me to make the company ...
- Okay, let's go take a walk.
- I'm not against.)
We took a long walk. He took with him the wine, we were talking ...
Then up to the door of the room, Maxim ...
He invited me to come again ..
I did not want to hurt him, and agreed ..
When I went. I saw many bouquets of roses .. In the middle of the room stood a table on which were burning candles, stood the wine and it was so romantic.
- Do you like?
- Yes.
- It's all for you !!!) I love you ..
I have neither of which did not respond to his words ... But also wanted to say that (I like) but could not ..
We sat talking .. Then he sat down next to me on closer .. And asked if it was a lot of my guys to him ... But I did not understand in terms of what he meant .. therefore I took what I was up to it 2 Man with whom I met.
Then Maxim leaned over and kissed her gently, tenderly ..
We kissed another 5 minutes, where it .. Then, he took me in his arms, and carried her into the bedroom .. rose petals scattered on the bed, the music was playing.
He put me and lay on top. Max kissed me, while undoing the zipper on my dress. I wanted it .. but was afraid that would be very painful ..
Soon I was lying beneath him almost naked, on me were only panties ... He caressed my breasts, biting nipples at the same time.
I pulled off his T-shirt. From shorts he freed himself.
When our bodies are fused into one whole, I felt the tension ...
Max tried to take off my panties, but I soprativlyalas ... He kissed me, I relaxed. Then he abruptly withdrew me them ..
He lay on top of already completely naked ..
Max began to slowly push my legs apart ... And I felt it the guy who resisted me in the vagina ..
He caressed me, kissed and whispered in my ear sweet words .. He said that he loves ..
But I did not go out of your head, then that's going to hurt ...
He kissed me, and tried to enter .. But I jerked, and stood not much above ..
- Zai what are you doing? What happened?
- Everything is OK...
I looked at him with frightened eyes ..
- Are you that girl?
- Yes..
- I'm sorry, I did not know ...
- I'm afraid that will hurt ....
- Believe me, I will not hurt ...
- I will not hurt you, I promise the sun ..
And Max kissed me gently, gently ..
He took me by the waist, and sharply lowered me down .. So I again felt on his ..
He took a small pillow, and planted it under my ass ..
And he began to gently go .. I shudder ... He tried as much as possible more tender, enter into me ... Then he stopped .. He took me by the waist, that I again did not rise up.
He looked at me, not taking his eyes .. Distracting me while I relaxed looking at him ...
Those times he abruptly entered into me ...
- Aaaaaa
- Hush, hush sun ...
- It hurts ...
- I'm sorry, kitten .. Now everything will be ...
- You will be pleased ...
- I beg you, stop it .... It hurts ..
I started to break out. But he held me tight ..
- Beloved, I beg you relax. You will not be so painful.
- It hurts.
- Honey, my little, love calm ... Now everything goes ..
I knew it would hurt, but not as much .....
I scratched at the same time it all back ... I lay there and cried ... He reassured me, kissing ..
But then the pain subsided, and Max began smoothly in and out of me, and the faster and faster .... I started to feel those pleasures which I not when I did not feel ... It lasted about an hour ... After that I finished, then finished and Maxim ... Exhausted, he fell next, about me ..
But his cock while still standing ... I decided to make it enjoyable, took him in her mouth ... He was lying with his eyes closed and moaning at the same time ... After that, he finished ..
That's when I said that I love him ...
Now we have been together for like 4 years .. And I'm waiting for his child ... and we are fine)))
I am glad that I have it was the first ....