Hi, my name is Olga, I'm 17 years old. Since childhood, I had no father and mother led daily lover. And one day I woke up and heard the screams and the sound of her mother's room. I went and saw my mother fucking with her lover, but with the other, his name is Igor. I spied on them, they are so fucked that I very much wanted sex because I did not have sex for 3 months. Then my mother came out for a smoke.

He saw me and I quickly went to his room, and he followed me.

I have not seen him, and then he opened the door and walked over to me.

- Do you want me to fuck you?

I did not have to say, when he took off my panties.

He was part of a member in my pussy, I was there was not a virgin and it quickly began to fuck me.

I began to moan:

- Oh yes ..... yes .... yet .... still ....

He shouted:

- Whore let's come ....

Then he turned me on my stomach and quickly put dick on the most eggs, where I was a virgin.

I jumped up and shouted:

- Aaaaaaa ....

At this point my mother came, she looked and wanted to us.

She undressed and lay down and spread her legs.

He looked up and started to fuck my mother moaned.

- A-ah come on, my Romeo.

I watched, and then sat down. Bent down and started to suck his cock, he groaned in surprise.

- Bitch come ..... come on.

- Do me Cooney - I said.

Egor ducked, and I lay on the bed and he told me licking pussy to orgasm.

I finished.

Then he fucked my mom in the ass and they left off.

That night I will never forget.