My little sister

It happened one summer when I was 19 years old. My name is Valera. I am a man of good physique, tall and long, strong member. At school, sometimes staying after school, I fucked my girlfriend and her friend. In short, the life I had that right.

I graduated from high school and went to the village for the summer to his uncle, his wife and my sister, who was 20 years old. This evening I had a long sitting at the computer and watching porn, did not notice the time. Suddenly, I heard from the next room loud cry and sighing. Like a meteor, I jumped up and ran to the door. Quietly opened it, I began to remember the room owner. Remembering that my sister lives there, I'm a little stunned. She rarely wake up at night, even in addition to shout not her style. I quietly went to the door to her room and opened it. From what I quietly gasped.

My sister sat on the bed, completely naked and sucking dick uncle. He just moaned with pleasure. It was evident that my sister is doing this is not the first time. Here Uncle sharp thrust pushed her onto the bed, and he lay down on it with lightning speed. My legs suddenly started to twitch. The sister smiled and offered him a member of her wet pussy. Uncle slowly began to enter into it, and then put the entire length. Sister blissfully moaned. I pulled out his penis and began to masturbate. Uncle, meanwhile, fucked my sister at all. They groaned, shouted from every push. Sister twitched and seemed on her movements came. Uncle soon also finished in the sister and pulled out his gun. He put his lips to my sister and she quickly began to lick all the sperm. I broke down and stepped into the room.

My sister and uncle stared at me as if I was some sort of super-duper famous. I walked a look at pussy and ass sister and looked at his uncle. His eyes suddenly lit up and the lights of understanding, he nodded to me, and went away. I went to my sister and jerk pulled off his pants with shorts. My penis (which is 19 - 22 cm) turned out to be the face of my sister Ofigevshy. I put it in her mouth and began to fuck wildly. She licked my tongue member and this gave me strength and confidence. A few minutes later, I pulled out a member of her mouth and began to masturbate. Sister waiting for the moment when my penis will explode and you can take it into his mouth. Soon after I finished it in his mouth and decided that with me is that enough, went to his room. The next day, my sister asked me with his uncle to fuck her pussy or ass. I agreed. She kissed me, went to my room.

The next day, I forgot about this conversation and went to bed early due to lack of sleep (I often did). I slept soundly and did not notice that someone tried long and hard to wake me up. In the morning I remembered the request of the sisters and was almost decided to drown in frustration, but changed his mind. It is, of course, I was in despair, but still did not talk to me about it all day. That night came. I broke with his uncle in the sister's room, and we flopped next to my sister on the bed. She smiled and got us into cowards. Uncle moaned loudly. I tried not to show that I like it too, but the resistance was already useless. Soon I could not stand it and shouted loudly from the buzz. Everyone stared at me with a surprised views. I just smiled and continued to groan more quietly. After about 15 minutes I took off her panties and sisters eagerly pounced on her wet pussy. Her sweet groan ... Nezobyvaemy smell of her pussy ... I will never forget the moment when it all happened.