My Favourite sister

It was back in 1998. At the time I was 17 and my sister 16. I lived in St. Petersburg, and her daughter (sister) in Samara. Since we have seen very rarely, I decided to go with my mother to her and to the family. The road took a train one day, we left at 10:00 and arrived at 21:00. Apartment Anastasia was in the center, where we arrived in 15 minutes. We do not have them for 2 years, since the last visit, a lot has changed: in the apartment, they made the euro-repair, bought the cottage, and her daughter started going to the gym, and it has become even thinner and fucking her ass stuck out! When we visited them last time, I'm not really paying attention to Nastia, as she was just a pretty face, and the ass and was not at all. But not now!! She wore black leggings and a white shirt (her tits fucking size 3.5 bulged and were clearly visible, and especially the nipples). From that day, I imagined how violently fuck Nasty pussy and her anal when given free time. One evening I bathed in a shower and masturbate to it, fiercely nayarivaya, I have not noticed in the shower came Nastya. She burned me in the act, and said that's what I'm doing (although the all understood perfectly). After this incident, I began to carry out all its whim (I was only nice to watch it), otherwise it is said that he would tell all mothers. Since we arrived in the summer, Anya (mother Nasty) invited us to the cottage, which is 150 kilometers from the city. Nastya said he would not go, and I, too, because we was not interested. They left in the morning, and her daughter told me to make her breakfast. I was too lazy to do it and I refused, and she replied that he would tell about masturbation in the shower. At this point, she was lying in her bra and tights, with his back to me and watching TV. It is on the second zasmotrevshis not heard as I walked. I wrung her hands behind her back and said fuck it. She struggled but I kept it. I offered her a contract - we will fuck sake of their benefits, so it was nice to her and to me. She agreed. I furiously tore off her tights saw her black thong, about it was perfect, her smoothly shaven pussy just shine like a star! She lay on her back, and I started to make her Cooney, 5 minutes later she came squirt and I licked. The time has come and its obligations ... I stood there, and she sat on his haunches and began to make me a blowjob (if I was a member of 20 centimeters). After 10 minutes, I finished it in her mouth, she gladly swallowed sperm. Then I began to fuck her in the pussy, because she was a virgin, she was bleeding. Then we found in the bedside table of her parents gel. I smeared her anus and abruptly put his penis, she yelled, and I covered her mouth by hand. After fucking sex we were and I rubbed on her tits, licking them. We slept together. Three hours later I was awakened by her blowjob, then I offered to have sex in the shower. She agreed...

Completely naked, we went into the shower with Nastya. I turned on the water and licking her entire body, I crept to her pussy from it smelled so good, mmm. I was ready to lick her and lick! I totally clean licked her pussy and drank vaginal fluid. Then I put her cancer and began to fuck wildly in her pussy, after 30 minutes I stuck penis and began to fuck her in her excellent elastic ass, I slapped and spanked her like a dirty slut. During fucked we have not noticed how her mother returned to Anya. I do not know that she had forgotten at home but when she came home, as she could not find us (at that time we did not know about her parish) I firmly tore her ass. Entering the bath Anna gasped in surprise and began to steal rags us (by the way Anna was 32 years old and she was a brown-haired woman, she also went to the gym and she was 4 breast size and ass better than Nasty). I yelled and said, it is still not change anything, join us! Fortunately for us she agreed (since a very long time did not have sex with her husband) and we went into the room and continued to fuck, only this time Nastya sucking with her nurse and I did Cooney Ana. After a few minutes we changed positions and Nastya already doing Cooney and Anya furiously sucked me. After I fucked them both a couple of hours and in the mouth and pussy, and anal. This divine feeling when in your possession are two sexy chicks and you fuck them and they suck you without obligation. In Troy, we went to sleep, I got up first at 21:00 and has called mamma, she was in the country with her grandmother Ani Ani and her husband, I said that Anna will not be able to come because a little unwell, and said that they were not worried, they reported back that will come in 4 days. This was the good news! During these 4 days I thought that lose my member. I fucked Anya and Nastya just continuously, we can say that we have tried all the poses. The scheme was such - finished, rest, continued.

It was the ahuitelnye vacation in my life.