My friend Lisa

This action took place in 2005 in St. Petersburg. I at that time was 16 years old, and Lisa (my girlfriend) 17. We studied at the same school. Lysine class we had a nat-ra 2 times a week. All the boys in my class watched her ass (by the way she she was smart, and breast size 3). We had often corresponded in VKontakte, I offered to meet her but she did not agree. I forgot to add, in our school was the section of volleyball. I learn that she is engaged in volleyball group, immediately I asked the nurse to write me into her group. I watched her ass and her tits all the time. One day we went on a tour bus with lysine class. Luckily there were no more seats, and I was put Lisa. We had to go for 2 hours, I began to watch porn, since (we sat in the very back of the bus) Left neighbors slept two, Lisa, too, are interested in porn. She clung to me and we started playing with porn, and then I felt that I got (I was a member of length 21 cm) and Liza saw it. She, too, was excited as I am. I offered her a nap with me, to the strangeness she agreed. I covered her jacket, and she began to quietly suck my dick. After 15 minutes, I finished it in her mouth, and she gladly swallowed everything. I pressed her to him and we fell asleep. We arrived at the destination, and we started to talk all sorts of rubbish. We moved with her to the bathroom, I put her on the sink and began to make her Cooney. After 5 minutes, she came squirt, and I swallowed with pleasure. Since she was a virgin, she did not give a fuck, but I convinced her to anal sex. I fought it for about five minutes but did not finish, because already we had to go back. It is time for the road home. We again began to watch porn. I pleaded with her that she gave me to fuck her, and about the hundredth time, she agreed. Lisa said that we would meet after training in volleyball, and I fuck her in 30 minutes in the women's locker room.

Here come the next day, we went through all the lessons and I went to the gym for volleyball. Today I noticed Lisa was wearing a new T-shirt and his trademark tights. By the way she was without panties !! She bent over the ball and I saw it. We played a few games, and exercise is over. I dressed, and waited 30 minutes. The time was already 20:00. All they piled up from school, and I went to the sports hall. As she had promised she was waiting for me in the locker room. In the locker room was a small table for things. I took off her shirt and saw oherenny breasts and swollen nipples hard. I put it on the table, took off his leggings and saw a shaved pussy. I reassured her and began to insert into it have long standing member. One moment, and Lisa was a woman. There was not much blood. I wiped everything and we continued to work. I started to tear up her pussy in 30 minutes, and then I came on her tits and belly. Lisa asked her to do Cooney, I licked it all out there. She finished squirt and I again licked her pussy clean. Then I fucked her anal in 15 minutes, finished it. After a brief respite, she began nasasyvayut me. After 10 minutes, a blowjob, I finished it in her mouth and she gladly swallowed. Then there was the most interesting ...

Lisa had a girlfriend Vera. Faith was not nearly as good looks than Lisa. Vera also had inflated ass and tits the size of 2.5. For fifteen years, it was normal for her. Everything happened then when I came to Lisa in her mouth. At this point, Vera was looking for Lisa, Vera wrote a friend of Lisa's volleyball, and a friend said that Lisa was the last one in the locker room. And then Vera came to the school and went to the locker room and saw us ... She immediately started talking to Lisa as she could, and so on. D. There remained little. We are almost forced to force Faith to fuck with us. But then she agreed because too long wanted to have sex. Vera was also a virgin. I offered to go to my class. Already in the class, I put my faith in the party and prepared it. Lisa suck it, and I gently put his penis and deprived Faith virginity. Blood was more than Lisa. Then Liza kissed me, but this time I fucked in the ass Faith. After 13 minutes I had finished the Faith in the ass. After I sat down on the desk, and Vera and Lisa began to suck my cock in turn. Then, after fucking sex with two beautiful young girl, Vera washed the floor with blood, and left. And we continued to fuck Lisa, after 20 minutes I had finished her hair and body, and began to make her Cooney, she, too, will soon be over, and I'm licked. She further said that her parents went on vacation, but she could not because of school. Lisa invited me to his home. And I told the parents that I will stay with my grandmother. All this week, I lived with Lisa, we fucked every day and brought each other pleasure. When her parents arrived, we did not finish the job. We also fucked in the classroom and in the women's locker room after the volleyball. And of course, after all this is happening, Lisa became my girlfriend what I always wanted and dreamed about it.