My name is Sasha, I was a member of 18 to 20 cm.

I remember how I ebalsya with mother very often, and we had a relationship, his father abandoned his mother at 18 when I was born my mother 36 years, 4 breast size ass all the fire, she looks rolls for 18-20 years.

When she took the summer vacation we decided to go to Sochi to rest when she came she went to wash, while I was watching porn and I stood up and then I forgot that my mother in the shower and I went to the bathroom to masturbate. When I masturbate, I saw that my mother looked at me and said.

- Why do not I better to thee suck.

I agreed and began to touch her boobs t. For she was naked. Then she kissed me on the lips that kiss lasted about 2 minutes and then she sat down on my dick her pussy and rode on it, and then I came in her pussy.

- Honey, let's behave like a couple?

I nodded.

- Well dear, tomorrow we will fly to Sochi for a week.

I nodded and we went to bed together and then I woke up she sucked my dick flaccid but then he started to get up and finally stood up then I nakonchal her mouth. It swallowed all the sperm completely. Then while we were going I fucked her pussy a couple of times and went to the airport.

- Honey, the hotel fuck me in the ass, please.

- Good moms.

When we arrived we went to a nearby hotel and rented a room there for a week. Then she undressed and got cancer, I slowly began to insert into her virgin ass your dick she just moaned.

- Let's Fuck me like a bitch.

I started to fuck her faster and finally finished it in the ass when I got out of it his dick out of her ass tech trickle of semen.

- You fucked me good.

- Thank you, we will go tomorrow in the coffee?

- Come on.

Then we went to bed.

When I woke up the mother was asleep, I decided to prepare coffee and go to the store. When I arrived, my mother was sitting in a dressing gown at the table, we ate and went to the coffee as agreed.

- Let's go to the beach?

- Come on.

We went to the coffee and went to the hotel. The hotel she undressed and was completely naked then she wore a swimsuit and shorts, she gave me a blowjob, when I wore swimming trunks, then we went to the beach.

At first my mother was sunbathing beach, then we swam. When we swam, I fuck her pussy and we went to the shore and went home.

Then we ate and have sex and then we fell asleep. When I woke up, I went and washed decided to see porn on the TV and then I fell asleep. After the remaining 6 days and I just ebalsya with my mother, we love each other as a couple.

Thank you for that you have read my story.