My sister! The case, Incest, Observers

Hello! My name is Andrew! I am 16 years old! Besides Mom and Dad, I have a sister Marinka! She is 22. He is studying for 4th year in honey. Institute. My sister is a very attractive appearance. At its 170 cm. Growth in her 3 breast size, slim figure and a smart ass. Marinka every summer comes to summer vacation. Our house is not big, and we have to sleep with my sister on one bed. I have often been able to see his sister in her underwear. I have her, even though she and my sister always gets my dick. Panties in her almost all the strings. In front they are in the mesh, so I do not just lucky to see her stripes between his legs. When she wore a nightgown, she was illuminated by her magnificent breasts and nipples. In my 16 years I have not had a girlfriend.

One summer, when Marinka was at the club, I'm up late stuck in a computer. Somewhere at 4 am I heard the voice of his sister in the street. By the way, we lived in the village in a private home. I decided to go out and piss at the same time to meet her. For a long time I did not come into the yard. I quietly crept up to the fence and looked out. Marinka with mine, as I understood later, a classmate of the steppe, and sat on a bench about something talk. Then I saw him put his hand on her buttocks and then began to massage her. I am very excited, my heart almost burst from his chest .. I pulled out his penis of 17 cm. And began his podrachivat. Meanwhile, Stepan reached for breast Marinka! He began to crush her, she already moaning. She was dressed in a short skirt and T-shirt. She was very beautiful and sexy.

They were clamped for 20 minutes and Stepan took off my T-shirt sisters, and later her bra. I immediately had finished, he saw her chest. It was just gorgeous. Papillae she looked up, I just wanted her to take her to his chest. But it was lucky to make my classmate. He took it and tits and nice ass convex ...

Then she did say something in your ear, and everything stopped for a few seconds. I have thought to go to sleep, when I saw how Marinka turned to him her beautiful ass, he lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and began to shove in her crotch her fingers. Seeing this picture, I immediately terminated. Then Stepan pulled out his penis and put it in the hole. I am at this moment is very jealous of his classmates and wanted to be in his place. A sudden movement, he went into the pussy of my sister, she already cried with pleasure. He moved very fast movements in it. She was squirming, trying to hold back his emotions so as not to moan loudly. Meanwhile, I had finished the third time)

15 Minutes tough fucked Marinki with steppe, he finished right in her CIMS and went with her. She wore panties, bra and pulled his T-shirt and hugged kissed him. I quickly ran into the house, but remained unnoticed. He lay down under the covers and waited Marinka. As soon as she entered the room, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. She turned on the light, looked at me and making sure I was asleep, began to dress ...

I lie on the bed and pretend to be asleep. Sister making sure that I sleep start to change. In the meantime, I have a little opened his eyes and began to pry. Her face looked pleased, but a little tired. Still, after such sex. First Marinka gently removed a T-shirt and skirt, and then fell down. Oh God, it is difficult even to convey the beauty and my excitement! Then she took off her bra, thereby putting to review his magnificent chest. I was in seventh heaven! Then she turned back to me and bent down to get it out of the closet her robe. The sight of her priests, I almost did not finish in the pants, barely restrained.

Her ass was like a heifer with porn, though Marinka and my sister, but I'm at this point just wanted to fuck her. Marinka threw on a bathrobe and went into the shower. And I fell out of his pant rather big dick about 17 cm., And began to masturbate on my memories seen. He closed his eyes and imagined as a cancer on the bench, I have my own sister. Before he could finish, the sister came out of the shower and I almost slept in front of her during masturbation, well, thank God, I had to throw the blanket and close your eyes, thus showing that I sleep. Sister in her robe and lay down next to me, turned to me sing a few minutes and sniffed.

To dodrochit, I had to quietly get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Close to the bathroom, I went on masturbation. I do not know what prompted me, but I opened the basket of dirty things and saw my sister's panties, which just recently saw her. I took them and began to consider. They were very wet, and still on the inside and white spots. Oh yes, it's a sperm classmate.

There and then I decided to sniff panties. They smelled somehow not obvious smell, but also enjoyable. I stuck out his tongue and licked the remnants of sperm and moisture of my sister. How pleased I was at that moment that I immediately had finished, the idea that suck dick with his classmate and lick beautiful crotch of her sister. With these thoughts, I went back into the room to his sister and carefully so as not to wake her, I lay down behind her and covered himself with a blanket. I was still greatly excited. I wanted to touch a little ass in Marinka. He held out his hand to her ass and touching her priests, I realized that she was sleeping without panties.

Everything that happened after, I'll tell you in the next story !!!!