We left the kids at home

Parents went to her grandmother in the village and left the kids at home. His brother's wife was 17, and her sister Anna - 15. Since childhood, they were very friendly especially the children's parents were not worried ... It was about 11 when Eugene returned home. He went into the room and wanted to tell her sister that she was going to sleep.

Anya was asleep on the couch. She was wearing a halter top and shorts, which she always wore around the house. Jack walked over to her and looked around realized that friends say that Anna is very beautiful, telling the truth. Slender legs, flat stomach, already formed breasts second size and a nice face. The girl woke up and said:

- Onii-chan, go to sleep with me tonight ...

Jack was about to give up, but suddenly for himself said: "OK." Taking a shower, a guy walked into the room the sisters. She slept in his long shirt, which was once selected Zhenya. My brother went there and was going to sleep, when suddenly Anya threw her leg over his thighs and squeezed his cock. For the body it did not go unnoticed and he began to climb. Zhenya is brought and jumping, he pulled off the t-shirt sisters. His gaze introduced girlish breasts with pink nipples gently. The guy started to bite them. Anna woke up and stared at the guy. Jack kissed her sister and began to pull her panties. She did not resist. She stood up and began to stroke his brother cock. Liberate and sister, and a member of underpants man looked at the labia sister. He spread his legs and sisters began to lick her clit. She stopped and offered to give each other pleasure. She began to suck dick brother and sister brother licking lips. Putting his sister on his back, he brought the term to the virgin womb. He stopped and looked at his sister. She nodded and asked to do it gently. Carefully entering the sister, Jack stopped and waited a little, and began to make it pushes. From the girl escaped moan of pleasure and it quickly came. The guy a little later, too, had finished and they fell asleep.

Parents went to her grandmother for three days and the children left alone ... In vain, oh, how vain)