Treason in the Dominican Republic

Last summer, my husband and I decided to go to the Dominican Republic, relax. We took tours to 12 days.

My husband - a very nice, kind, but do not look after themselves.

After our arrival in this wonderful country took 4 days. And then on the 5th day in the bar, I saw a very beautiful, inflated man. He, too, he saw me and went (my husband was in the room). We had a nice chat and he invited me to his room.

We both knew that we go there not to admire the sea, but I stubbornly kept telling myself: "I have a husband, I never it will not change, especially with a person whom I know for 10 minutes!"

We came to his room, and then as if between us swept a wave of passion. He asked me: "But you do want it, too?" I said, "Take me gently!"

He pressed me against the wall and began to undress. We undressed, he threw me on the bed and put on yourself. I was jumping for 15 minutes! (This I have not been!) Then he laid me on the bed and began to quickly move in and out. It lasted 10 minutes! After that, we started kissing! After passing hour, I called my husband. I came in the room, but could not tell the truth.

We still live together, and parallel I sleep with the young man.