The impression of a strange cat

Lived cat Snowball and he was not any friends, except Matilda, who did not like to walk. And that's why on Sunday (in the clear, sunny day) he was sitting at home alone and drinking milk. As a result, he got tired and decided to take a walk alone.

Snowball took his phone and headphones, and including songs and inserting them walked out of the apartment on the first floor. Snowball wandered around the city and examined the passers-by and passing cars. Among all of them, he saw a beautiful emerald eyes, white, slender cat in a pink dress. She really liked him. Now he was walking and thinking about her, about her beautiful clothes for her charming legs ... Snowball tired to walk, and he went home.

Even at home, he never ceased to scroll thought associated with the cat. Snowball had found on the desk console, hit the remote and turned on the telly. There was a sex scene and the cat knew that he would also like to deal with the unknown. In his mind flashed the thought, he looked back on the table and his eyes came across the line, which was 40 centimeters. Snowball took a ruler and a chair, and sat on it unzipped his fly on his jeans and pulled out his penis to put a line of it, and gasped at what he saw. I have a 23 centimeter one voluntarily I do not give it-thought. From these thoughts I unclenched his right hand and a ruler with a crash fell on the floor.

Snow threw his little feet and almost razlgsya on a chair. He took his penis in her hand and slowly began to drive on his hand up and down. He watched the sex scenes, which really excites him. And he thought about the cat represented her naked, was a part of in her pussy as she squeezes cordially his dick at this time shaking her breasts, and how with them to the beat, almost coming off the floor shaking his bed ... hand began to slide quickly over the penis, Snowball hard, jerky breathing, he very well could hear his breathing. In his body beginning to run the heat and now in addition to breathing in his ears was the roar of his heart. Hand very quickly moved on the trunk of his body excited, the most vulgar thought slipped into my head. Then the cat just beginning to shake the hand clenched right on its beautiful red head. He moaned and groaned through clenched teeth in his hand slapped jet of sperm. But here, as always someone rang the doorbell and Snowball almost fell off the chair.