Hunger is not sleeping

On a hot sultry day she sat at work. It was close to the end of the day, the minutes passed slowly, but she did not care about the time: her thoughts were somewhere - somewhere far away. In breast intercepted with excitement, her breathing became deeper and more penetrating, the body is vibrated by her sweet fantasies.
In addition to her office was even three girls, but they did not notice her glass eyes and pink cheeks - women such things are not so attentive as men. Her fingers pressing the buttons on the keypad, wrote an erotic story about a trip to a warm country, which should always be summer, where the sunsets are what can be seen and die with delight, where the air smells of flowers. The sea roars willfully, in the sky hovering gulls, and around her dream beach are the impressive mountains and reliable.
The history of the women knows no beginning and no end. The tale of her and her vast boundless love. Going through the images in my head, she lived every moment of the sensual imagination.

Silence. White sand. A warm wind blowing in his face. It is in white short dress light, almost translucent, but this is even more enticing. He - a continuous stream of power and wisdom, courage and sincerity, kindness and justice. She feels his presence, but does not see it. He comes up behind her, gently touching her shoulders, but she already feels his body warmth of his chest, feeling his gaze, his attention focused on her. She felt his touch, his warmth, his scent, his energy: everything in this world ceases to be so as it seems. He slowly leads her hand over her hand, as if to protect it from the wind, it removes hair on the other side and begins to gently kiss ... first in the ear lobe, neck, descending lower. According to her skin tingling and running electrical currents, impulses penetrate her body, telling her how much she wants to merge into one with this man. Her actions, urgently! Turning around she starts to kiss his lips, each kiss more and more inflames passion that arose between them. Movements are becoming clearer and specific: his arm gets under her dress, feeling her panties - for them, the other he presses her to him, the word does not want to let go - and it is not going anywhere. It's moving in the right direction, feeling her warmth, her juices, her fiery desire. She was attracted to him, the flash of love, heart palpitations, large pupils, and the fire in his eyes - all this for him. He wants to be desirable, and it desires and love. His cock was ready to get into it, so alluring and defenseless. With one hand clutching her chest, the other he stroked, gently at first, then her ass rougher, compresses it and skewer it on themselves. It spreads the hair on her back, her eyes closed arbitrarily, and the body begins to move in time with him. Inside her tears from thirst, she dreams of is to satisfy his hunger, but from his movement, everything inside her want him more and more. Moans become sweeter, and now gravity is lost - there is no more attractive, there is only him, and he her. She feels his affection. They change positions, she knows its energy fill her, and it - it. His cock fits her perfectly - it penetrates it and the movement of the movement, over and over again, she felt his surge: she feels that he wants to finish it. It excites her even more. It would seem that moment, but if it lasts forever - they are experiencing with this stunningly strong orgasm. It ends right in it, it feels every "shot", the warmth of his sperm. Her vagina shudders from sweet spasms in her stomach comes a welcome sense of sweetness, relief, love, and the fullness of eternity. Peace. Harmony. Happiness. But not for long, because hunger does not sleep ...