A trip to the country

One Friday evening, there was my wife and I to spend their weekends in the country, broil kebabs, drinking brandy and fuck each other out ... And as the thought came closer to the end of the day, even in the time of harvest was very small, and the road to the garden almost 50 km, this everything was done in a hurry and with notable enthusiasm. And at seven we still broke out of the city, with escaped so very eager and on the first ambush "possums" with striped sticks, I saw me waving that same stick. Out of the corner of my eye I looked at the speedometer - 140 .... when permitted - 90 ... ... I was stopped in meters 50I by cops.

- Damn, Now will make the brain. Or lose time or money. - I said Irina.

- I thought half a day, as it were, a fun weekend, and then here you are - she said - Let's go, I'll try to solve everything itself.

With that, she jumped out of the car and went to the meeting slowly marching to our traffic cop. I did not realize that it was going to be addressed. In the rearview mirror I saw her halfway to the traffic cop car intercepted and something beginning to tell him actively and explicitly with the flirt and flirt. Already getting dark, and as the passing cars were already povklyuchali lights, I could not see their expressions and reactions traffic cop to the entreaties of my little wife. Their conversation lasted about five minutes, and then they both went to the side of the patrol car. Thus Ira took the phone and there is something to push. A few seconds later I rang alarm SMSki - "Dear, smoke for about 20 minutes I will be soon. Kisses.". Then I saw how she sat in the back seat of the patrol "tens" and the policeman who talked to her, I said something, too, and his partner sat in the car on the backside. His companion, in turn, sat behind the wheel, the car started up and turned around, slid off the road on a country road in the direction of landing. In the gathering dusk, I noticed that the car drove to planting borders and stopped there, after which it lights dimmed, and it was not visible.

I have realized how his wife decided to "negotiate" with gaytsy and pictures that drew my imagination, made form cramped in my pants and smoke almost one after another of my cigarettes ... About 20-25 minutes later, I saw near the landing were involved lights, and the car went into the side of the road. Go on the road, traffic police arrived at my car and stopped in parallel with it. The back door opened out of her IRA and the words - "As long as the boys," she closed the door and went, get my car back to sit next to me. At this time, the front passenger door window opened and a policeman smiling and contented countenance, showed me his thumb and said, "Good bitch!". Then the window closed, and "ten" forward drove off the track. At the same time the passenger door shut and I turned to his wife.

- I hope you did not miss much, dear? I quickly coped? - Said Irina, at the same time, even in the dim interior, it was seen as a spark from the bl ... th lust of her eyes.

- Not much? - Shoot down the voice, I said, and moved away from the steering wheel, showing the bulging pants.

- I knew you zavedet, - she whispered, pridvinuvshis, kissed me passionately, with one hand began to knead my cock through the fabric of jeans.

During a kiss, I immediately felt on her lips the taste and smell of semen.

- Are they both finished in your mouth?

- No. Only one. One is younger.

- And the second is that? I was not satisfied?

- I'm not satisfied with the left, - he snorted Il - Skorostrely what it turned out to be ... I do not have time to start once finished their ...

- Thus, the second? - I did not understand - He's not finished?

- I did not say that he did not finish. Just not in the mouth, but .... - She slyly smiled and his eyes pointed at her pussy. - We'll have to wash the panties in the country ... until now follows ... the impression that muzhichek liter to me later ...

Then she looked at me and whispered:

- Favorite, and you do not want to help me? You like my pussy?

- Of course! Well you know how much I love her.

I quickly laid the seat backs, and Irina had pulled off his jeans and climbed the higher spread her legs. The passenger compartment was filled with the smell of sex and sperm mixture Irkin juices. I bent down to her pussy and began to run wild excitement there tongue. Policeman seen really quite abundantly descend into my pussy "neblagovernoy" and its occasionally sperm flowed out of it and got on my tongue. After 10 minutes of my efforts Irina finished with a groan, and murmured:

- Well, here I am little satisfied ... You're my sweetheart ... I love you.

- It's my turn - I said, and began to unbutton his pants were, but she stopped me.

- Wait. Hold on to the garden. Pliz ....

- Have you decided to torture me? I now have the eggs burst!

- Well, have patience ... Let's go soon ...

- Hmm ... soon ... For soon, with your help, I already get himself almost sucked in ... traffic cop - a comic I muttered resentfully.

- Come on. You do not like it? - Like a fox she said.

- Liked. But I also want.

- Be patient favorite. All will be!

The car took off, and we rushed to the country.

Irina was still present sadistic. On the way to the garden, she told how her fucked traffic cops. The young policeman with whom she talked on the road, it looked about 28-30. Irina began to suck him more on the way to landing. Once the car stopped, it lasted no more than two minutes, and finished it in her mouth, while prohripev that she swallowed everything and that is not inherited in an official car. But to beg her and it was not necessary, she did everything with pleasure swallowed. After this partner, who was sitting behind the wheel, said it all, and getting out of the car, called Irina out. On the street the second policeman, he was 45-50 years old, unbuttoned his pants and drew from there poluvstavshy member. The size of his member Irina impressed and she knelt, shoved it into his mouth. Suck a little, she felt his cock fully rose and filled her whole mouth. Choking, she released a member of his mouth, and a policeman, lifting her from her knees, she turned to face the trunk. Irina immediately unbuttoned jeans and panties pulled down with them to the knees, leaving sweaty with excitement pussy to his cock. Policeman immediately drove to the base member with Irina and fast as the piston, began to fuck her. And he, too, will not last long. After a few minutes, he violently ended in my wife. Young, who was standing next to, then he also wanted to settle back and have already started to build out his dick to the ass Irene, both croaked car radio, and Senior he said that it was time to go. However, when they went from planting young yet picked up the phone my wife and promised to phone her and finish the job.

From her story I have a little sperm out of his ears is not flowed, and as soon as we drove into the courtyard garden, I jumped out of the car, on the move unbuttoning his pants, obbezhal the car to the passenger door, and immediately buried his member in his wife's face. She, and not having to get out of the car, smiling, completely swallowed the cock in her mouth and began to suck. But as a young policeman, but taking into account the experienced excitement, I could not stay long and deeply exhaling began to cum in her mouth. I finished a long and abundant. Irina, without having to swallow all the sperm produced from the mouth and the one flowing down over his lips and chin, dripping on her chest right through the slot on the T-shirt.

- Do not think that now you can relax! - She said, having finished sucking the last drops. - I still have big plans for you, and for this weekend. I want natrahalsya in full.

- Well, at least meat you can first fry? - I cried, feeling that poured out so abundantly that for some time to me in any need to recuperate.

- Can! - She laughed, and added, - But you can not count on a good night!