Revelation pervert

After I parted with the girl, I went to live temporarily familiar. Familiar name was Natasha, she had a medium build, decent sized breasts, nice ass, do not say that beauty, but nice enough. She came from another town and rented an apartment until you were asked to move out. So it happened that began to live together. Natasha worked in shifts at the bar, and not always at home, and come with a change of late. But when she came, I started holiday. She brought a bunch of booze khaljavnogo, I was in the shower, while I set the table, and we started drinking all night. Naturally booze flowed into sex. We have not met, so the sex was special, not to say that a very dissolute, but quite frank. The sex with her I was more open than the one which met. But talking about sex were very perverted, we discussed the different types of sex, fantasies, and so on. N .. I had nothing to be ashamed of, I knew that sooner or later we will run away and soon meet.

Natasha loved oral sex when she suck her nipples, lick pussy and ass. Sometimes I started fondling her boobs cool, down to the wet pussy, and sometimes just glared at her baby girl, sucking all the juice. I loved to lick Natasha - sucking her nipples and play with the language, I am very like the taste and smell of her pussy, her labia a bit and I hung them sucked, pulling the lips. But I did not remain without attention, Natasha madly in love when she suck and finish in the mouth or on the face, chest, buttocks, and when it is filled with sperm girl. When I finished on her face, she took great pleasure smeared semen on her lips and breasts. In short, we have tried to live a sexual life rich and diverse.

Once Natasha came home from work (she always came vypivshaya from work) and went into the shower. On that day, I, too, was fun. After some time, she called me, so I rubbed his back. Instead of rubbing her back, I began to knead her ass. With one hand I held her breasts, the other squeezed her ass. Then I began to drive his fingers between the buttocks and massaging the anus. Natasha became excited and lifted her hips, exposing her ass forward, at my disposal. I parted the buttocks and began to lick her ass, do not forget about pussy. My language each time deeper and deeper into her ass from time to time I fucked her anus language. After these caresses I put one finger in the ass, and the other two in the already wet pussy, and, clutching his chest with the other hand, he began to fuck her fingers. Natasha began to moan, from all this is terribly excited and I began to lose control of himself. Natasha, too, covered with great excitement, and she began to drag me into the bath. At the same time whispering, so I sat down and began to lick her baby girl, and in any case did not stop. Another whispered something about a new experience, but I was so excited that all dutifully did and never thought. I sat down in the bath, and Natasha stood over my face so that I had full access to her girl. I began to greedily licking pussy, sucking all the juice and swallowing them. Natasha moaned and pressed my face to the pussy harder and harder. I felt that it would soon be over and increased affection. I licked her clit, he felt that out of her pussy at me starts to drip liquid, and when it began to lick the labia, I realized that she began to write. I was clear about what sensations she whispered. But the excitement was taking its toll and I was even more eagerly began to lick and suck her labia. Its flow has increased and began to fill my mouth. I continued to caress without swallowing, and therefore the urine dripping down his chin on my chest. She was warm and not at all nasty as I thought. On the contrary, due to the fact that mixed with her discharge, she was not an ordinary taste. Soon, Natasha had finished, and without saying anything, motioned me to get up. She dropped to her knees and suck my dick table that was ready to burst from overstimulation. I finished quickly and violently in her mouth. When my cock filled her mouth with sperm, she sucked it a little more, not swallowing sperm. I felt like my head is completely immersed in the semen, as it is a lot. Then, kneeling, she looked at me with happy eyes, and raised his hands chest and began to pour it with sperm. Cum trickle flowed from his lower lip in her chest, and dripping with nipples on his stomach. Then she smeared semen across his chest and offered until the wash and to drink.

Sitting naked in the kitchen, we have to share impressions. From us smell of my semen and her urine and the smell gave us a slight excitement. Natasha said she has long wanted to try this, but no one wanted to lick her little girl, when she will urinate. I also told her that he thought about it, but did not dare. After talking about it and drank a little, we came back excited. And decided to repeat, this time in the kitchen in position 69 ....

After such a fun and drinking, we did not reach the shower and went wrong. Lying in bed, drunk and in an embrace, we continued our conversation. Natasha confessed to me that at work almost every shift her fucked by some guys. What end up wherever you can, so it goes directly into the shower, because all comes in the semen. She liked it, but it can not always relaxing. Another told me that no one wants to lick her ass and the girl, on the grounds that they are contrary to lick a piece that all fucked. Not much after a while, a gentle voice said when I licked her little girl, but now, perhaps, stop. I reassured her, saying that everything is fine, that she was clean, and even me, it does not bother. The more that we do not meet. She just smiled and hugged me, continuing the conversation. Natasha told me how to fuck, which end up as she likes, when she poured hot and thick sperm that she loves to suck and the like. When she finished her story, she said, that she had a dream (fantasy) that her baby girl licked, after her otrahaet several guys. After a pause, she asked if I wanted to be that person, experience new sensations, to taste her pussy otrahanuyu. I did not know what to say. On the one hand, I never did, and was afraid that I might be sick, the other - from these conversations I was very excited, and when I'm excited, I lose my head and ready for anything. I said that I would probably be disgusted. Natasha began to convince me that sperm is not a nasty taste, and its juice is a unique taste ... In short, the excitement got the better and I agreed ... ..

On the next shift Natasha began to gather early in the morning. She follows her pussy shaved, wearing a short skirt, a light silk blouse, beautiful lingerie. All morning she sowed joy and told me that today it will be at least 5 to fuck guys, and maybe more. What would she ask for them as much as possible to give vent to her and her sperm. And she with anticipation already all wet! I have to be honest, he was on edge and looking forward to the evening. But at the same time very nervous. Before leaving the corridor, Natasha put her foot on the bedside table and lifted her skirt, pushed aside her panties, revealing a pussy. Hint I realized immediately and squatting down, began to lick pussy. She really was wet and smelled fragrant. But I'm not licked a long, late Natasha.

Evening came, and I was waiting for all. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I opened the door. The apartment flew disheveled but happy and Natasha at the door and kissed me passionately. I immediately felt a sharp smell and the taste of semen, sex, and a member of another man. Her lips were moist and tender, and the language of the sperm become slimy, but very pleasant and smooth. I felt slightly salty, and an unusual taste of semen. And at first I was disgusted by the fact that her recently fucked in the mouth and finishing, unknown to me people. But as soon as I imagined how she stands on her knees and her beautiful mouth sucking cock, and when he finishes, she pulls out her tongue and he pours his sperm, and she starts to suck again, I became insanely excited! I even began to like the taste. We were kissing, sucking each other lip, she shoves his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it. After the kiss, she whispered in my ear: "I hope you like it. My two friends a ride on the way I sucked one, but I have almost all swallowed. A second escorted me to the elevator, and I sucked him, he came to me in the chest. So there are fresh, not mixed with anything. If you do not change your mind, you can try. By the way, his sperm to me like the most. " With these words she moved away from me on the pitch and took off her blouse. Her large breasts were slightly damp and dried semen. On the left breast were large and thick drops of sperm, one drop completely covered nipple. Natasha grabbed the chest (which was fresh semen) hand and put the nipple forward to my face, from which small drops of sperm dripping. I was a little bent down and touched the tip of his tongue nipple Natasha sweet breath. I started to drive his tongue over the nipple, licking the sperm, and after hugging her lips began to suck. In the mouth I felt the taste of fresh sperm, and it was really nice, so thick that when I got used to it, then began to lick it all. While I was licking tits Natasha moaned and drove them to me in the face. After I licked, we went into the room. Natasha took off her skirt and panties was not, and lay on the bed. I lifted her legs and spread widely. In front of me there was a beautiful picture - otrahanaya her pussy was wet and sticky from the semen, labia were disheveled, it was immediately clear that her girl fuck not one anus was slightly ajar, and from it flowed a little sperm. From crotch was an extraordinary flavor of sperm, its secretions, sex and sweat. All this covered me and I eagerly began to lick her ass and pussy. Every drop of semen, which is derived from its holes, I licked, sucked her clitoris and labia, and her orgasm, meanwhile, was approaching. All this is driving me crazy! I never thought I would try such a thing, thought it would be disgusting! But then I have great pleasure in licking this wonderful cocktail of sperm and female secretions. All this time I imagined how her fuck, finish this slut. And the thought that now I lick her little girl after all this, excited me even more! When I completely licked her crotch, she was finished. But inside there were still remnants of where my tongue could not reach. We went in position 69 and then I started to suck the sperm remnants of her holes. I put the language into the vagina as deeply as possible and felt on it drains cum in my mouth. The same thing I did with her ass. Natasha came second orgasm, and she began to suck my cock. From a strong overexcitation I almost immediately had finished, the Gulf of her mouth with sperm. Sperm was so much that she could not swallow everything, and part of the glass of sperm on my cock. She smeared the remnants of sperm member in the face and panting, buried her face in my crotch. The orgasm was so strong that I did not immediately come to the senses, as well as Natasha.

When they came to a shared their impressions and came to the conclusion that it was amazing and needs to be repeated ...