Hi all!) My name is Christina. I am 18 years old) Then I was in 10th grade. I was one girl among classmates. But then it happened what I've been waiting so long. To us in the class came to the girl e. She previously studied at this school, and I went to the 6th grade here, but it is not so important. With Lena (the name of it), we became friends very quickly. One day after school, we went to my house. We got the brandy and drank a lot of my father's bar) Including dvd and started watching a movie then. Another sip we did, and on TV began showing erotic scenes. I have not had time to change clothes and was therefore in petticoats, T-shirt, bra, skirt and panties. Suddenly I felt like Lena put her hand on my knee. I did not attach any special significance. But she began to rise higher and higher)) And here she was in my pussy.

- What are you doing? - I asked.

- Christine, relax you like))

Lena began stroking my pussy through the panties, then deftly pushed them, I would have been that it is convenient legs wide apart. She began to caress my clit I'm terribly excited) Lena unbuttoned my shirt, pulled the T-shirt, bra and began to fondle my breasts. I started to moan. I took off all her clothes and stroked her soft skin sinking lower and lower .. Suddenly, Lena began to greedily lick my pussy. Ohhh yeah .. Ahh. What bliss .. I immediately finished ... Lena asked to fuck her, but I was not able to .. My pisya glowed with pleasure and with her juices flowed our love .. I lay still for about 20 minutes without traffic .. After that, came to my parents, I quickly got dressed. And since then we Lena spend all the time together))

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