1 Sex

This story is real, not my usual nonsense (not strictly judge). My name is Maxim good pumped up, sexy, 17 years. One evening I was watching porn and fucking like very much. Drochnut I decided when I came into the room suddenly became my mother (Mother 4 36 breast size is a good ass). When she saw my standing member, she said,

- Wow, what a great! You can ... ... His touch it?

I certainly was surprised at first but said sharply:

- Yes.

First, she had to touch, feel, and then ...


- Can I have it ... well ... suck?


- Uh .. Yes ...

Then when I had finished she swallowed even choked. Then she said ...

- Do you want to insert it in my pussy?


- Yes...

Then we fucked around ... Well, 1:00 exactly. When I finished she got off and absorbed my sperm, then she, too, had finished.


- I'm sorry ... I ... Your mother ... So ... You're not supposed to is now probably hate me ...


- No it was great, so let's repeat?


- Well ... Well ... Not today.

Then we slept together in her room ...

When I woke up, I saw my mother was preparing breakfast. I approached her lifted her skirt and put his penis in her pussy. After we have sex, we started lunch.

I went to school, after school, I came home.

Mom walked naked and then I took off his pants and started to suck it, I finished it in his mouth after that we had dinner and went to bed when we went she wanted sex in the ass, I agreed. We fucked in the ass for a long time, when I was finishing my dick slipped out of her ass and she got the sperm on her stomach and tits. After that we went to bed sex.