Demure persona

While studying in the second year of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, Rita often thought about hot sex, ashamed of his untouched virginity ... However, tightness, especially in young men society, did not allow her to feel like a real woman. And because of this, she had to satisfy herself.

Gently tugging clitoris, Rita imagined that it makes rough hands of men. They come inside, then slip out, wet and slippery wander over her body ... little dark brunette on the laptop screen was shaken by a strong orgasm that only the initiated Rita.

Masturbation interrupted by a call on the door. Dressing and collecting scattered all over the room vibrators, she cursed her neighbor. "Why now?" - She thought, walking to the front door. They lived in this apartment for two. With Julia, she met in the first year, and since then they were shooting together a two-room apartment. so it was easier and cheaper.

Opening the door, Rita was expecting to see a couple kissing near the wall, but the picture was a little different. Blonde with appetizing forms supported by the arms 27 years old man, who, in turn, something drunkenly mumbled and tried to pinch Julia for cherry nipples under the thin T-shirt.

- Give it to me, and I in thee lie, ok'ey -poprosila Julia, setting the stage for a man in your room?.

After a shower, Rita went to sleep, trying not to pay attention to the lying side by side, and completely naked and just take a bath Julia.

From sleep pulled her affection committed by someone else. A hand gently crumpling Rita's chest, while the second has already penetrated into the wet pussy. Rita has not yet woken up to the end, but rather excited to groan respond to petting.

Remembering that lies next to Julia, she turned to the side to the back, and with astonishment looked at her friend, who had already knelt between Rita's thighs.

She abruptly stood up from the bed and stared at the culprit sweet sensations.

- Yul, what are you doing? You little sex with men?

- My God! Rit, you're so delicious and moist, I could not resist.

- Yes, that m ...

- Do not you want me -Oborvala her Julia, still sitting on his lap?.

"And why not? -Think Rita finally time to experience pleasure can I enjoy?"

After this thought tightness was gone, leaving only a feeling of madness.

She also sat on the bed and took a nipple in his mouth Yulka, as it did in many porn. She arched forward, and when Rita launched three fingers in an already wet pussy, girlfriend moaned, clutching tightly to his chest Rita. You looked around his tongue around the nipple and bit it with my teeth, thinking that the same can be done with the clitoris, fell to Julia's bosom.

Pussy smelled of soap and the taste was pleasant, so generously Rita get out of her, and then, after playing with the clitoris, forced girlfriend moan from orgasm.

Vsepoglaschayuschy enjoyment explosion went through every cell of the body of Julia, leaving a sweet languor.

While Rita juices licked orgasm girlfriend in the doorway stood a man, the one who brought Julia. He saw the stranger brought Julia to orgasm and wanted the same. But they did not even notice it, surrendering to each other. How long have they fun? It is now almost morning ...

- Madame, you can join -golos sounded behind Rita was sexual and belonged to a man, I've really missed you?.

Without waiting for an answer, he sat on the bed and put him on his knees Rita. The man was only in his underwear, but with a well-inflated body and sprang member.

First, Rita was scared, but then a more excited and she took off her panties with a stranger. As it seemed, he was a member of the sheer size, but liked. He stood firm and Rita felt sexy and desirable.

Remembering his last viewed porn, busty brunette imitating it, he took the head of the penis in her mouth, running it slowly along the tongue.

- Oh yeah! More ... OO! MM from surging pleasure, he fell on the bed, and Julia took advantage of this and sat on his face, forcing a licking, which he gladly did, and at the same time squeezed her breasts, pinching the nipples.

Rita sank deeper into a member of the stranger's mouth, trying not to choke. Noticing that he was at the limit, and she, too, Margarita decided to loss of virginity. She wanted to feel inside hot cock as he breaks captivity and gives her the seed ..

Rita freed her mouth and started to sit down gently, feeling the pulsing all the body of a man. A little bit more. Finally I caught up with the pain body bondage broken. Rita muffled scream, but the next minute it caught too great an orgasm so that all pain is compensated by pleasure. At the same time it covered an orgasm and a man, and then Julia.

They lay for a long time, relaxation and peace, while Julia did not go in the shower.

- Hey, who are you -Golos man emerged from a fog.

- Rita sighing, she said, do not you?

- Guest, a guest-stranger replied and left the room to Julia, the bathroom ...

After that night, Rita did not see more than a "guest", but their adventures with Julia just beginning.