Hide and Seek

I do not remember how old I was, but at that time I still did not happen puberty.

It all started when my grandmother went about their business, and I stayed with my sister at home. I remember, we have a television with a cassette recorder. Julia, my sister went to the room of parents and their cabinet found two cassettes with porn, it allows me and we went into the room to watch the most porn.

At that time, I did not even know what the word "wanker", and only about sex, I knew as much as he knew the chemistry for example (at the time, we did not teach her). So, I was sitting with my sister, I look mean and hop, my dick got a stake, I just ohrenival of its hardness. My sister is also the originator, while I was sitting in my pajamas, and she offered to play a game of hide and seek, but not simple, and stark naked. She hid, and I was looking for, and reward some, um ...

The very first time I found her, she took my head and slowly led him to her vagina, it was my first time, I still remember the taste, the second time I found her, she told me that I would I lay on the bed. She slowly took off my pants and started to lick, I almost did not finish, she felt it and stopped and said that I was going to count.

And the third time, this is where it begins and interesting, she hid herself so that I could not find her, I have had time for this time to go, but I still found it. She tied my eyes took in the room, undressed, and lay down. She told me to take off the bandage, I took off and saw before him a pair of boobs, a decent size, and the vagina. I crawled over to her and touched her lips to the clitoris, it flowed, well, I got up again, I was asked what to do next, in response I have received full access to her body. She was lying, and I slowly walked over and entered her, it was amazing, she was moving on my cock, it lasted somewhere about 20 minutes later, she took my cock in his mouth and I finished.