Timur and his team I. Part 5. Recruits

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Admission to "work" It proved to be very difficult. In normal-looking office in the city center, where they led Lera, they made copies of passports and were given directions to a bunch of doctors. They had to pass a lot of tests and undergo a full medical examination and obtain a police certificate of good conduct. They are carefully executed, and three days later Timur phone rang. They were again invited to appear. At this time of the reception took them deep into the building. The secretary sat them at the office, on the door is only one word was written - "Dinara" - And I am telling wait retired. We had to wait no more than ten minut.Dver opened on the doorstep stood a slender red-haired woman of about thirty-five. She was wearing a trouser suit and gray, if not loose hair and make-up is clearly expensive, it could easily have passed for the teacher for physics, Sign, - she said with a smile snow-white zubami.Voydya, they found themselves in the usual office. Cabinet hostess sat on a chair in the middle of the room, and they offered to sit down on a small sofa, standing in uglu.- I Dinara - said the woman, when everyone was seated. - You Timur and Lara - she continued, as if it were some kind of revelation. - Want to join us? - They nodded. - Very good. Immediately it should tell you that we do not often fill up our staff, but lately things are going so well that we decided to carefully rasshiritsya.Molodezh slushala.- Do you mind if I ask you to undress? - Suddenly I asked Dinara.- Completely? - Said Timur.- Yes, it will be easier to continue razgovor.Naschet convenience Timur was not sure, but did not argue. They got up from the sofa, and began to undress. Dinara silently watched as the guys take off their clothes. A few minutes later they were standing in front of her, completely obnazhennymi.- you feeling well? - I asked Dinara.Timur gathered, was to answer, but Dinara, waving his hand, stood up and began rasstegivatsya.- Sit - ona.Sev said they watched as Dinara also removes clothes, throwing her to the floor. Left in their underwear, it effectively turned around him, and then took off lace bra and panties and then. Standing in front of them completely naked she said: - It's your first lesson. When people are exposed, there is no social barriers and unnecessary conditionings between them. Let's speak openly and chestno.Posle these words Dinara moved her chair closer to the couch and sat down facing him, legs slightly apart. Timur heard duhov.- scent of her vagina It! - It is a finger pointed at his crotch and wider spread her legs, as if to make guys better see what she says - there is one for each woman, but not every woman can fill her in about dreams. We are working to ensure that the contents of the vaginas of our clients have been the best possible variety, - after these words, she reached out to Timur, and took his already excited member. - This is the penis - she continued her lecture - most men dream about, so that he could visit more than one vagina. And not only. Ways of obtaining pleasure from their sexual organs a great many, but most of them are not open yet. We are working us in order to discover as much as possible their kolichestvo.Dinara stood up from his chair, he turned his back, legs spread wider than shoulders and bent down, put his hand between her legs, plunging his finger anus.- This anus. That is, both women and men - she stood up again, and sat down on the couch between them, putting his hands on their knees. - Believe me. God alone knows which of the sexes is getting more pleasure from playing with that body. - In addition, - she went on - there are many other objects in our body, which can be used for sexual pleasure. But the main object - it is your ability to realize fantasies. - Dinara again stood in front of them. - What do you want now? - She said to rebyatam.- live in your world - Lara.Timur said nearly lyapnuvshy much more commonplace thing, but bit his tongue and shook his head in sign of agreement with sestroy.Dinara contentedly smiled and sat down again between you nimi.- Good guys. I see. How long have you been together? - Suddenly changed his tone with the teachers on a friendly, asked ona.- From childhood - not lied Timur.- Do you love your brother? - She asked, referring to the very Lere.- - immediately she said, belatedly realizing content voprosa.- then kiss him. And you take care of my sister, you have to have much experience, - said Dinar, and shoulders pulled them to one drugu.Timur realized that, despite the fact that their small lie uncovered, they are accepted in the community and, at the same time raking in his arms Dinara smiling, happy stretched to her sister, to respond to her kiss.
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