Getting my very sexual life

I am a student, I am currently 19 years old ... I look not bad enough, big breasts, blonde hair, not thick, in general, all as it should. I'm madly in love sex, I can not live without it, like when I was molested in the subway or at the university, like when I was teasing her nipples, like when fuck with all his strength, like when cums on my tits and face, in general, I like sex in all its manifestations. Sexually active, I started 15 years ...
In May, 9th grade, such as recently when I was 15, I made friends with one guy (Dennis) from our school. Denis was very handsome and privlikatelen, he immediately liked me, and I lost my head. He starred in commercials and worked in a modeling agency. And once we returned to the place of home (we lived in the same house) in a taxi, and he put his hand on my leg. It was warm and always wore short skirts. He ran his hand and called him at home, so I, of course, agreed. We came to him, he pulled out a bottle of whiskey and offered a drink, I am again, without hesitation resounded. We had a drink with him, I have not been drunk, but there was a sense of freedom and permissiveness, and some kind of extraordinary courage. Denis turned on the music and I started dancing. Later he joined me. First he put his hands on my waist, but they soon fell lower and lower.
Then he turned me back to him and touched my chest ... I do not soprotevlyalas I liked. He started to squeeze my sisichki, twirl nipple. Then he pulled off his T-shirt with me, and her bra ... and he looked at my chest and began to knead them again. My nipples were already very, very tverdikimi attracts stuck. We continued to dance, it rukpi were then on my ass, then sisyah, and then ondobralsya to my recording, she was such mokrenkaya, he began to pull at my clit. After a few minutes, he threw me on the bed and started kissing my neck, he licked and kissed in the ear, I wriggled with pleasure and did not see how he pulled off my panties. Denis kissed my nipples, biting them.
When he stood up and pulled off his pants, his cock was so big ... um ... he crept closer to my face, and I stuck it in her mouth. Oral etogo I had to do only once ... but not looking at UTB I started to suck it very actively, stroking dick at the base, then lick the egg. I liked to suck it. Soon he began to moan and put me cancer, and began to gently shove cock in my pussy. When he came in I was completely incredibly painful, but soon the pain was replaced by pleasure. His movements were very fast, I was so pleased, and I did not mean that he would stop, but it has cell phone rang. He picked up the phone, called a friend of his, who was under his door, and we just simply have not heard.
Do not hang up, he went to the door and opened it, went to the apartment of his friend and saw me naked on the couch in the living room, and the same naked in the hallway of his friend, Denis turned and walked up to me, a friend said to the Join. At first I did not understand nothing, Dennis began to fuck me and I do not what could not think. A minute later, I saw in front of another member, a friend of Dennis, but I did not want to make him a blowjob. Then he took moyugolovu and he tried to stick his penis. Then I felt a pop pope cotton, strong enough and heard the words of Denis, "Suck him, bitch, and then it will be bad." Well, I started to suck him, soon his cock nachel harden, and they swapped positions with Denis.
His friend turned me and lifted my legs and drove his cock into me, Denis in eto time I stuck my dick in your mouth and in etozhe time I squeezed tits, after a while he came to me on sisichki. So they fucked me, but then his friend said he wanted to fuck me between her breasts. Dennis immediately squeezed my boobs, which profit from the slippery sperm, and his friend started to fuck between my breasts. After some time he came on my face. I went into the shower, and then go home. After etogo we fuck every Saturday, and the fact that we meet with other people, the current brings spice to our sex.
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