In summer, the village

It was summer. I went on a vacation to one of the remote villages, of which there are many scattered throughout the country. He took off his small house on the outskirts of the village from a local resident - the pensioner Zinaida. I paid a month in advance.
About how many - said, taking the money - I am now and I will go to my sister, and agriculture remains. Well, thank you, settles - she smiled cute. Manka - she suddenly barked - anna help a person bring things into the house. Yes darmoedka pickings.
From the house flew a beautiful girl 13 years old,. Picking up things, she dragged them into the house.
- This is my granddaughter - explained pensioner - does not want anything to do with everything from hand strayed. Anyway you go. Who will have dinner and rest.
We walked into the room, the middle of which stood a large table. Sit down, sit down - grandmother fussed - showed me on a chair and cried - Manka drag on the table, you see a hungry man.
From the kitchen ran out already familiar to me girl, and began to set the table. It was a simple cotton dress, which clearly it is not the size, clung tight thin body. Hem was short and did not cover even the knees. Despite the painful thinness longitudinally she was pretty.
Quickly spread plates she again ran to the kitchen, where he returned with a large pot of potatoes in his hands. By putting it on the table froze in indecision.
- What up? I brought and go back to the kitchen to wash the dishes - ordered grandmother.
She was about to leave but I stopped her. - Let eat with us and then will wash.
Grandma obviously wanted to protest, but then changed her mind. Meanwhile, I took out brought with provisions - sausage, fruit, sweets. The last took a bottle of vodka at the sight of a grandmother revived.
- Oh, do not dry there will be - she said, delighted. During dinner time, the girl said nothing and tried not to raise his eyes from the plate. Grandma is not a measure he was talkative and a stack of stack overturned a vodka.
- You're a good man. Not that this slut - thickly grandmother said. Villages on my neck, even if Che was doing housework, darmoedka. You when I go to my sister, do not let the descent Manka, just that once the belt in the ass, but it does discourage by hand. She's a fool, it teach something you can just strap. Yes Manka ?! - Suddenly she cried loudly.
She jumped in surprise and turned on my pants a glass of juice. For a few seconds there was silence, then Masha threw a towel to collect the juice from his pants. Grandma also yelled as nedorezanny: - Are you a fool has done, his pants, I suppose, there are a lot of money. Well drag belt, I'll teach you how people spoil clothes.
Mary looked up from my pants and ran out of the room with the returned soldiers already in the hands of a belt. The belt she gave grandmother.
She laid it across his knees, lifted her skirt, under which the children were white panties prispustila them, revealing a thin ass with traces of earlier beatings, and with all his strength began her whip each time saying, I will teach you, I'll teach you.
Initially, Mary endured beatings in silence, then began to sob, and the end is already crying out loud. I could no longer tolerate such abuse, and came to the grandmother took her belt. I think she'd had enough - I said severely.
-Good people you boss - ingratiating said grandmother. - If it is not smack she was a fool and so it will remain. And you darmoedka obey all over the host - it has turned to the weeping girl - whatever he says to do everything. He will say let's have - drag eat will say from the roof to jump - jump. And what was guilty - just Carry strap. And I know that when I did not have anything you wanted to do, and constipation in the blood - she lectured quietly sobbing Masha. Now go show the owner's room - it's time to sleep.
The next day the grandmother was gone, as promised. I got up at ten o'clock and went to wash. Sprinkle on the face with ice water to the kitchen from which came the appetizing smells.
The kitchen is hosted Masha in the same short dresses.
- Hello - I said hello. It is evident she had not heard me come in, and because of surprise already jumped.
- Hello - she said shyly.
- Well, we have, or have you decided to kill me with hunger - I asked cheerfully.
- Oh, of course, of course, excuse me, that is not immediately realized. It will not happen again - somehow frightened she said, and ran to cast me food.
- Putting me a plate of pasta, pouring tea - she stood expectantly at the table.
- What are you standing there, sit down and eat - I told her.
- No, no I can not. When the grandmother at home, I always feed her first, then I eat itself. While she was eating, I bring it all - she refused.
- Well, as you know - I said with a shrug - then give me something ketchup pasta and season with salt and bring the way that you do not dosolit.
- And we do not have ketchup - she said shyly.
- No? Hmm. Okay. Salt is hope, there is - I asked.
- Sorry boss, but also no salt - she said almost in tears.
- Okay, figs with this salt bring even bread - I started to get irritated.
- Bread too is not present - all ate yesterday.
- The pancake and bread is not ... well, you give. As I can see you do not have a damn - I replied. - But at least you could run to the store to buy something in the morning for breakfast.
- No money - quietly said Masha.
- What? - I shouted - and no money, I'm your grandmother yesterday gave a lot of money.
- Sorry boss, but she had taken the money with him - she said.
- That old hag - I force pounded the table with his fist. A glass of tea stood on the edge bounced and rolled. All of the liquid was a dress standing next to Masha.
- Forgive me girl - cooling down, I said. You go get changed clothes while I'll go buy food and anything else.
- But ... - I tried to say something to Mary, but I interrupted her. - No buts, you've heard that you punish grandma obey me in everything and do everything that I say. So go take off the dress, and then come and vsyplyu on the first number. Understood?
- Yes boss - said Masha miserably - I'll do as you say.
- Well, that's nice. Okay, I come in an hour.
Once in the car, I went to the district center. Going to the local general store, I marveled at the richness of the range. I bought food, a couple of disks with movies (including a little porn) for your portable DVD player. Finally leaving the store, I decided to buy a large teddy bear for Masha.
The road back took much longer than I expected. The sky clouded over noticeably darkened, and finally began to rain. Roads razvezlo so that even I ate his jeep crawled through the mud. As a result, the road so I got that I was ready to fret and fume.
Finally get to your home, I pulled out of the car with shopping bags and went into the house, grant has ended.
The house was almost dark, I stumbled on something a couple of times, but still went to the kitchen lit space. There sat hunched on a chair Masha in the same stupid dress with disgusting tea stain.
When she saw me, she jumped in fright.
- Take provisions - I said angrily. - Well, the weather outside the window. By the way, I told you the Russian language told to take it off and put on another dress. Well, what are you silent? - I looked at Masha downcast. Okay, out with products that soon there will be.
Having said that, I left the room, flopped with exhaustion on the sofa and closed his eyes. I think I even dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up to the sound of flip-flop on the floor bare feet.
Opening my eyes, I saw a Masha were holding my acquaintance belt.
- Why do you need the belt - I asked.
- For punishment. I'm guilty today and should be punished - said Masha softly.
- This is when the same - I asked.
- I made you a tasteless food, do not dress dressed and therefore must be punished - she said with a grim hardness.
- What are you, the food was very tasty, not salty is true - but it is salt ... white death, so you saved me - I tried to laugh it off.
- No, I was guilty - with frightening hardness she said - and you have to punish me. You is still my grandmother said before leaving.
And no longer listening to my objections, she came closer to the couch, I put my hand strap and she lay down across my lap.
I have not had time to do anything, and she had already lifted the hem of her dress, presenting my review a little ass hidden tight-fitting children's panties.
- You can flog owner - said Masha only should you flog me very much otherwise I do not understand their mistakes, I'm a fool - so grandmother said - she said.
- Well, if such a thing is hold.
I lifted the hem higher and hit her belt by the pope. Once again.
- Stronger beat host stronger - asked Masha - and that does not hurt me at all, and grandmother with my panties lower a little, then beat that painful.
- Well - I have not found that yet to respond to this statement and bared her ass. He took the belt and began to spank, ass reddened from the blows. From such a spectacle excited I started.
- Even more host - she moaned.
Even more? - I asked, and I was struck by the idea - Well, then you have to take off her panties at all - I said, and began to shoot.
She jerked at the beginning. But I pulled them in one motion. My eyes opened all the splendor of the children's ass. From such a spectacle, I was excited even more cock began to swell. Masha felt seen my swellable member, wanted to say something, but I did not give her such an opportunity again started beating.
Flog I became stronger from the blows ass turned red as a tomato. Finally a couple of times I hit with full force, from which she cried and cried.
- All right, it's not cry. I will not flog you today. I think you've learned, that I should obey in all things, whatever I said. Come on let's get up. - I took her off his lap and moving it to the upright position again sat on his knee.
- Wipe your tears Mashunya - I stroked her hair - all was over, the more you yourself asked the hit harder, but I think you have learned a lesson and continue to repeat it will not. After all, however, I learned?
Mary nodded, still sobbing.
- Well, that's done - I stroked her again - come on now put on her panties and go to dinner. Good? - She nodded again, almost reassured.
I picked up her tiny panties.
- So come one foot slips, and now a second, Now lift up the hem of her taller, well, that's all - I said, putting Masha. When she lifted her skirt so that it does not interfere with it, I saw a small crack veiled delicate bloom.
- All but now let's go to dinner - I said rising - And no, wait. I have something for you - I took out from the pack of large teddy bear and handed Masha - on, keep this gift to you.
- I - Masha asked in surprise.
- And who else, you're here only one Masha. And each relies on the bear Masha - I remembered the tale of Masha and the Bear.
Masha stood for a couple of seconds and then began to sob.
- What? You do not like a bear - I asked in bewilderment - I do not like so I'll come tomorrow, buy a doll or something else.
- Very like - through sobs murmured Mary.
- Then why are you crying - I asked.
- I never gave anybody toys - said Masha - You are such a good host, even after a spanking, which I deserved, you spared me. Granny slut always just name-calling, and more ... What can I say - suddenly calmed down said Masha - I'll do anything for you, you can beat me, smack - sterplyu all, I have for you even jump off the roof, you want to?
It was obvious that she really ready to jump off the roof, so I hastened to reassure her - Neither have anywhere to jump, I'm completely useless.
- Then how can I ever thank you
- Just tell me thank you and chmoknu me on the cheek - this will be enough - I replied.
- Thank you - said Masha, and standing on tiptoe, kissed me on the cheek, with a little blushing.
- By the way, why are you still not dressed dress? - I asked
- I have it only one - quietly replied Masha.
- One? Yes, the case - I muttered in confusion - What to do? - I thought about it for a minute - Eureka! All agreed, tomorrow you're going to buy a new dress for you.
- Oh, no - fearfully said Masha - It costs a lot of money, you already shelled out for me.
- Do not argue - I said - said, let's go shopping then go. But the dress will still have to remove and wash. Tomorrow it is dry - and then walk through the city in a dirty dress - it's just not decent.
- But ... - I tried to argue Masha.
- Again argue? And to say that you will listen to me - I chided her.
- Sorry boss, I will not.
I went to Masha raised her arms up over her head and took off his clothes. Beneath it turned out, except for the panties was nothing in sight - perfectly formed breasts undisguised. I could not take my eyes off her breasts, my cock stood stake, threatening to tear the pants. From myself such a reaction I did not expect - she's a girl - I reminded myself, the girl, the girl - repeating and still looking.
Seeing where I look, Masha blushed slightly and looked down at the floor. Some - how to deal with them, I said in a hoarse voice, until it faded to dress, and I will prepare something at this time.
Mary picked up the dress out of the room. I shuffled into the kitchen still impressed by what he saw.
Masha came back after 10 minutes, and all bare-chested and in shorts. Masha took over the cooking, wearing a little apron, making became even sexier.
Dinner was held in a relaxed atmosphere. First Masha really shy, but eventually grew bolder and told a lot about yourself. It turned out that her 12 years, she was an orphan. Her parents died in a car crash when she was not yet five, so she does not remember them. Since living with the grandmother. At school, she studied the first three classes, then grandmother forbade her to go to school - they say, such a fool does not become smarter, better for the economy let monitors.
After supper I sent Masha to sleep, and he decided to relax a little bit to see porn. The film was, without any plot. On the first fucking some two aunts, and then they were joined by a man, and he has already started to pull them one by one. In the next episode has already had two men one woman. In the end there was an episode where one man had a woman in all holes. A guy a few times during this period had finished twice in the mouth (once a woman forced to swallow all the sperm), in the ass - because it then long flowed sperm and stomach. The film on this and ended. I turned off dividishnik and went to the toilet. I must say that the toilet was in the yard, and as I walked to the front door, I heard the creaking of the floorboards and footsteps. In the house but me and Masha was no one there, so that steps were undoubtedly her.
But my point was not up to it - I had to quickly drained. It took some time, finally, to celebrate small need, I went into the house. By accessing, I remembered the creaking floorboards and decided to check Masha there.
Mary lived in a small room behind the kitchen. Rather, it was a big closet than a room, but with a small window. It placed a small wardrobe, table and small bed. Just on the bed and I saw sleeping Masha. She sprawled snoring softly in his sleep barely covered with a thin blanket. Suddenly she stirred and covers all slid to the floor. My eyes opened pretty picture - charming beauty girl lying on the bed, her hair spread on the pillow giving it some mystical charm on his face froze peaceful smile. I looked below and saw a lovely chest with two burgundy tops - they slowly heaved in a dream.
I looked down even lower and saw something really difficult - in the small children's panties that I had today ... to see a lot of time was thrust her hand.
Moreover a closer look, I realized that they were dripping wet from her selections.
From such a sight took my breath away and I have to somehow calm took a step back. Ironically, I stumbled on the fact that most bear Masha presented today - perhaps he had fallen out of bed. I could hardly keep his balance, but it was too late - Mary heard the noise start to toss and turn, and finally opened her eyes.
Awake she could not understand, but when she realized that in her room I'm standing, it instantly curled into a ball and tried fumbled a blanket, but it is far strewn on the floor.
- Master? What are you doing here - in a trembling voice she asked.
I did not know what to say and decided to go into the attack.
- Why, I wanted to ask, what did you do after dinner? - I replied.
- I? I'm going to sleep. You know the owner - with feigned confidence Masha said.
- Sleep? Are you sure of this.
-Yes the owner I went to bed after dinner and sleep as long as you did not wake me.
- Yes ... - I mused ... Well stop lying and tell the truth - I suddenly snapped. - What did you do after supper answer, well. - I demanded.
- Sorry boss - suddenly burst into tears and threw Masha on the floor hugging my legs. Excuse me, excuse me - not stop, she said.
- Well, hush, hush baby. Let's tell the order of what you were doing after dinner - I demanded.
- First I went to sleep, but then I was awakened by noises? - The beginning of Masha
-What sounds?
- At first I could not understand what kind of sounds, but then I realized that it groans. I thought it might be you feel bad and decided to see if everything is OK - continued Masha - when I came to your room, I realized that the groans publish at least 2 people. I was curious what you have going on, and I decided to look ...
- So, go on.
- Well, I came to your door and saw through the crack in it - then Masha stopped blushing deeply.
- What did you see? Answer - I demanded.
- I saw some naked uncle puts his wand in pussy naked aunt and at the same time they both groaned loudly - quietly murmured Mary.
- What happened next - I asked.
- Then he pulled out his wand from my aunt, and she began to lick and suck it, and then poured out of some white liquid - red as a lobster whispered Masha.
- It's all? You do nothing else? - I asked.
- No - quickly replied Masha - and then I went to sleep.
- And how do you explain it - I asked pointing to the wet panties.
Masha was silent with his head down still on his knees in front of me.
- Why are you keeping silent? Answer.
Mary gathered with the spirit of continued - When I saw Aunt wand sucks his uncle, something rose up in me.
At the bottom of the stomach was hot and oppressively and I, to somehow appease is held down by hand.
- You want skazat, s that ran a hand through his Picea - I interrupted her.
- Yes boss - said Masha blushed.
- And you liked it's so - I said.
- Yes boss, liked. Then I ran a hand through Picea again then another - I could not stop. It was so nice. But then I heard you turned off the movie and go to the exit. I barely had time to run to the room, so you did not see me. Already in the room, I lay on the bed, and again put her hand into her panties and began to rub it tightly, and in a minute I like an electric shock, something exploded and it was so nice to me. After that, I probably fell asleep. - A barely audible voice said Masha.
I did not know what to think. This little girl has experienced an orgasm for the first time in his life. From these thoughts in my general pants I stood at attention. I just did not know what to do. Naturally he fell into a stupor. Finally took himself in hand I have matured a daring plan, I asked Masha - Masha Say, and you liked it when Aunt Uncle sucked wand.
Masha quietly nodded.
- Do you want to look at the wand alive
Mary hesitated, then said, in a hoarse voice - Yes, really want.
- Then close your eyes and do not open it until I tell you - I said.
Masha immediately closed her eyes. And this time I took off his pants, then underwear, freeing nalivshiysya blood body.
- Now you can open your eyes - I Masha said.
Masha opened her eyes wide and saw swaying in front of his face my cock.
- Oh, what a great - said Masha, all eyes staring at my cock. - The owner and how it will fit in your pants - it would be so much and go probably suddenly uncomfortable? 'Asked Maria.
- Silly - I laughed - usually it is small and becomes large only when he is nervous now. By the way if you want you can touch it.
- The truth can be?
- True, true - if you want to touch.
Mary gently took the term in his hands - Wow what it solid - Masha began to twirl it, viewing from all sides. From such manipulations I came in very excited.
- The owner - Mary suddenly said - and I can suck your wand like the aunt of the film.
- Well, I just do not know - I held out - do you really want it?
- Yes, yes boss - really want - she exclaimed with fervor - Please let me suck, I'll be very careful - with a plea in her voice she asked.
- Well if you want it so it can suck, but do not bite it - I said.
Masha clumsily picked up a member and began to lick and kiss. At first cautiously, then more and more confident and more confident. My cock, despite decent size, included most part in her mouth. She seems to really like this thing - she did not stop for a minute and you could hear a smacking.
I felt that I will soon be over and pulled out a member of her mouth. She tried again to seize him but I stopped her.
- Wait mung not so fast - I said
- You do not like the way I suck boss - she asked in frustration.
-like I said, even ochen
-Then why do not you give me another suck - she asked - give me a little bit more please, I'm so pleased that the salty taste - she said with entreaty
- You know Masha, when a member comes to the great excitement of it pours liquid ...
- I realized it's like that uncle of by award she interrupted me.
- correctly. This fluid is called semen - I said
- sperm?
- yes sperm.
- Oh, can I try it too? - She asked with hope
- I do not know, you're still a little more, and it's wrong of me - with mock thoughtfulness I said.
- The owner well, please let me try it, and I'll do anything for you, do not ask - she said pleadingly
- everything, everything?
- Anything host
Determined, I again brought his body to his mouth girl. She eagerly swallowed it and started to suck. Soon I felt that is about to finish and, clasping his arms around her head, more attracted - sperm river flowed into her mouth. Masha ate time to swallow - so it was a lot of sperm. Finally, the flow has dried up, and I pulled the limp body of his mouth girl. A bit of semen left on the lips Masha, she immediately licked.
- it's so delicious - breath, happily said Masha - I loved the owner, perhaps there is nothing more delicious in the world than the sperm. Boss, can I still suck - Masha asked hopefully.
I'm speechless - this girl just wants to suck and more. Her insatiable little alarming, collect my thoughts, I still responded - no need to hurry Masha, I need, firstly, to relax ... and generally talk about this tomorrow - I finished putting on his pants
- tomorrow, boss? - Masha asked in frustration
- so tomorrow and even stop calling me master and it is awkward - I said, lifting her from the knees - just call me Uncle Dima Dima or in general, and the owner will be called only if what was guilty.
-But the owner of ... - tried to argue ... Masha.
- not the master, and Dima - you have nothing is not guilty - I said - and even wait - suddenly I remembered - you spy on me without my permission - so you guilty and must be punished as they say your grandmother. Although what she grandmother - hag even dresses removable not buy old child. - I said angrily.
- Yes the owner I was guilty - gloomily said Masha. She quickly went to the chair, took a belt and hanging there dutifully filed it - punish me. Mechanically I took the belt, Mary turned her back on me and prispustila shorts to the knees.
- can flog owner - I'm ready - Masha said resignedly.
I gently ran his hand over her ass, beautiful despite the bruises from the blows. - I said - - Masha, I know you will not smack today.
- You will not be - surprise Masha asked.
- No, I will not - I said, putting on her panties and gently slapped on the ass - I promise you that today is not beating.
- You are so kind ... Dima - Masha softly.
- Well, not so good and I probably - I sheepishly muttered, sitting down on a chair - come to me and sit on my knees - I called Masha.
Masha without delay not seconds climbed into my lap. - You want something Dima - she asked.
- Yes. Tomorrow we go shopping - to buy food, I said - bread, milk, and of everything else that relies - I began to list - but this is not important ...
- Not important? - Surprise said Masha
- No, not the main thing. The main thing is that tomorrow we're going to buy you some clothes - I said.
- Clothes? Oh, no, I will not go - expensive clothes, and you look at me, and so many have already spent - bought bear ... - protested Mary.
- Will you go, rather than uplift - jokingly I said and kissed Masha in the nose, causing her embarrassment reddened, but nothing against said - you need to buy a dress - you have it all one, then you can buy any pants or jeans - she said I - by the way, do you want to buy more and bra ...
- And what is the bra - interested, said Masha.
- You do not know what bra - I asked in surprise
- No - said Masha - never heard of it.
- Well, the bra or the right bra - is a subject of women's clothing - I began uncertainly.
- And where it is worn - Masha asked.
- It is worn on the chest - I said - that he supported a woman's breast. Here you have, for example - I ran a hand over his bare chest Masha - quite a decent size and the chest so you can wear a bra.
From these words Masha blushed slightly and lowered her eyes in embarrassment.
- And it is worn constantly - she asked, already slightly parted with embarrassment.
-No - I said - many women do not wear a bra - for different reasons. For some - it's just like the others want it to attract the attention of men.
- And men like women's breasts - Masha asked.
- And how - I replied.
- And do you like the female breast - interested Masha asked.
- And I like it - I'm a man - I said
Mary thought for a while. Then he asked quickly - and you like my breasts.
- Your chest? - I asked myself thinking that the answer to this charming child - you know, I saw the chest and a little more .... but your really like me too - quickly I continued seeing that Mary was upset.
- True love - not believing a little Masha asked.
- It is true - and I said Masha shone like a copper penny. - He can not like your lovely breasts - I once again ran his hand over his chest, which made Mary roused herself.
- So let's continue - removing his hand from his chest I said - you need to buy more panties, preferably not alone, by the way - I covered palm panties Masha - your - now wet.
Masha blushed.
- You will not be embarrassed Masha - I said - this is natural and there is nothing but panties styditsya.- let's take off and put dried.
I put Masha on the floor and then took hold of the panties and pulled them down. Straightening with panties in his hand I saw a lovely child, there is no longer a girl - an angel in the flesh. Wonderful breasts trembled from gripping her feelings. Delicate silk skin glowed in the dim light. His face filled the gentle blush of embarrassment. A thin, weightless hands do not know where to go - then covering nursery crack with soft down, then removing them apart.
- Well - hardly cope with them, I said - and now we have to wipe your pisyu- that all was dry. Come closer - I took command - now push the little legs - Masha immediately complied with the order, and I had her panties several times over a gentle body, wiping the remnants of discharge. Whenever Mary shuddered at the touch between your legs.
- That's it - I said landing completely naked Masha himself on his knees let's continue to think that you need to buy. Do you think you need? - I asked Masha.
-Dima, you have already done a lot for me - I do not think that there was nothing worth buying ... Masha says.
At some point I stopped to listen to what the girl said and looked at her child's body in detail.
- Oh - I interrupted my contemplation exclamation Masha - there's something moving.
- where moving - dropping out of the trance, I asked.
- You have in the pants - Masha said.
- But are you talking about - I said - it stirs my penis- I have it really was the swell at the sight of a naked Masha.
- So stick that you sucked today, is another nazvanie.- I explained
- And why did you get moving - innocently asked Masha
- You see, when a man sees a naked girl his penis begins to swell and become hard ... - I began
- today is your wand, though - happily waving interrupted.
- Yes you are absolutely right - that he says what he likes naked girl, and he is not averse to closer znakomstvu- I continued.
- So, like me your penis - said Masha
- yes you really like it - I said.
- Oh, how cool - Masha said happily. And what it means is ready for closer acquaintance?
- Well ... it's like when you have it sucked and something else ... - I said
- What - a lively interest in Mary.
- All in good time - I said - you know it then, but now it's time to sleep.
- But - I tried to resist waving.
- But no - we still have tomorrow to go shopping - I was cut off.
Then he stood up and told the girl to bed in his arms. Putting it - I have some time to admire the youthful body, then sighed and covered her with a blanket.
- And now let's go to sleep - I said and kissed her on the forehead - good night.
- Goodnight Dima - said Masha, and a minute later sniffed sweet.
Little standing, I also went to bed. Wet panties I hung up to dry on the back of his bed. I thought that after all seen for a long time can not sleep, but as soon as his head hit the pillow as I fell asleep.
The next day I woke up from the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. Hastily dressed and taking back with the already dry panties, I was poisoned in the direction of the source of pleasant flavors.
The kitchen cooks Mary dressed in a faded old dress, but at least clean without the ugly stains of tea.
- Hello Mashunya - I said hello and kissed her on the cheek
- Hello Dima - said Masha turning pink, and a little thought stood on tiptoe and also kissed me on the cheek.
- What are you prepared for breakfast - asked her, seating himself on his knees.
- Buckwheat porridge, sandwiches ... - start list Masha.
- Well done, umnichka - I kept saying I kissed her in the cheek, then why nosik.- Masha and giggled a little embarrassed. - By the way Masha, and you are not purged from the bottom - I asked.
- Bottom? - Maria did not understand.
- Well, under the dress, because the panties you do not have - I said, picking up her dress-here and your pussy probably cold - I ran his fingers through her tender buds - your panties in my dried room, why not ... taken away - I again ran his fingers about children's cunt and lowered the hem.
- I did not want you to wake Dima - intermittent breathing Masha said.
- and you do not bottom-blowing, I asked.
- there is not purged, so even more convenient to go to the toilet - no need to remove her panties, lifted her skirt and sat down at once - with a smile said Masha.- here is probably difficult to write while sitting with the thing between his legs.
- A man sitting and do not write - I said.
- No? - Masha was surprised. - and how then.
- The men pee standing up - I said - you never saw that as the Manneken Pis?
- No - he waved his head Masha - never seen. - And can I then see how you do it - with childlike asked Masha.
I'm a little taken aback by this question, but he answered - Yes, of course you can, and only you show me how you write, do you agree?
- I agree - Masha said.
- Well, that's good - I said. - And is put on your panties and will have dinner.
Masha got off his knees and took my panties and started to put them on me, not at all embarrassed.
Breakfast turned out to glory - crumbly buckwheat with butter sandwiches with sausage and cheese, and for dessert chocolate candy. Judging by the way Mary was eating candy she had not eaten them for a long time. Finally, I fell off the table with a stuffed belly.
- Thank you Mary - fed, watered - thanked me for breakfast.
- Oh, you - I do it was not difficult - Masha embarrassed by the praise.
- So come on - I said get up - what are your plans for the next half hour.
- I have? - Masha was surprised - no. Fir you need something, I suddenly do.
- Well, if any is going to - we're going to the store to shop. - I proclaimed.
- In the shop - not believing Masha asked - I thought you were joking yesterday.
- what a joke? You need a lot of things to buy - dresses, jeans, underwear, toys there, I do not know anything else - and do not argue - I said, seeing that Mary wants to say something - as I said, so be it, right?
- Yes Dima - said Masha - you are so good and I want to thank you, just do not know how ... maybe ... maybe I'll suck your penis - it seemed to me that it was pleasant to you yesterday - hopefully Masha asked.
I stood a lot, paused, and then asked - Do you want to please me, or even want besides herself suck for pleasure.
- And for your pleasure too - downcast eyes said Masha.
- Well, okay, just go to the room - I said.
Entering the room, Masha asked - Dima as possible before sucking your wand, I'll take off her dress.
- Why - I asked.
- You see, I like it when you look at me naked, I'm so pleased and became so painfully straight and pricks ... - said Masha
- Where he pricks you - I asked with interest.
- Here, in Picea - he said Masha showing itself on the bottom of the dress.
- And you pleased when you have there pricks
- Oh, yes, very nice - eagerly exclaimed Mary.
- Well then take off her dress - I said
Masha at the same moment off her little dress, left standing in shorts.
- Do you like what I'm looking at you - I asked
- Yes, I like it very much
-Then I'm allowed to go without a dress and call me when you want me to look at you naked
- Oh, this is so cool, thank you Dima - beaming said Masha. - Can I kiss you - all of a sudden she asked.
- Of course you can
Masha stood on tiptoe and kissed me on the cheek.
- It's so wonderful - said Masha.
- I see you like to kiss, is not it - I asked.
- Yes, I like it very much
-Well just like you have to kiss on the lips.
- On the lips? Is it because you can - surprised Masha asked.
-silly - I laughed - of course you can, go here.
I attracted a bit tensed Masha - Mashunya relax, I will not hurt you - with these words, I brought his lips to hers. Mary closed her eyes. I began to kiss her, kiss - once, then again, for the third time I parted her lips and tongue penetrated her mouth. Finally, I pulled away from her lips - Mary frantically sighed, opened her eyes - it was simply wonderful - she whispered.
- Well, as you feared - again, I pulled her to him and kissed her on the top of his head.
- da kissing on the lips - it's nicer than the cheek - said Masha.
- and you know that girls have more lips than these - I suddenly asked.
- yet - Masha was surprised - and where.
- Here - I said pointing to the Mashi panties.
- Here - terribly surprised Masha - and you're probably kidding - smiled, waving.
- No, I'm not kidding - they are there you do have.
- Strangely, I never them have not seen - said Masha, a child with a shrug.
- Well, I'll show you later, but a little later, okay? - Sprosilya Masha
-Okay, Dima - said Masha - and now I can you suck your stick, ie the penis. - Mary asked.
- What are you impatient - I said laughing - Of course you can, I, too, like when you do it
- True love?
- true
-Oh, I'm so glad Dima
- Then take off my pants myself - I said Masha.
Masha eagerly rushed to perform my request - first took off his pants and then panties, finally getting to the already standing on such a member conversations.
- Oh, how beautiful it is - Masha said.
At that moment, she began furiously sucking my dick, smacking his lips with pleasure.
Soon I felt that will soon be over, as Masha, and said, pulling her mouth member.
- Oh, it's okay, I want to feel again the taste - enthusiastically said Masha.- me he likes.
-Okay, but that there is more sperm to me to look at something exciting - I said.
- exciting?
- Yes.
- And what you want to see - Masha asked innocently.
- Well, for example, before you start to suck, I would like to take a look at your breasts, the more you told yourself that you like it when I look at you ...
- oh yeah, I love it so much - jumped up waving from his knees and stretched out in front of me - see how many you want. She was trying to stare her little chest as far as possible in advance.
- Masha, and you would not be able to jump around a little bit - I asked
- Jump, and why? - Said Masha
- I want to see how they shake you - I explained
-Oh, of course - joyfully shouted Masha - see. And she began to bounce, squealing happily.
-Suffice it to Masha, now show me your pussy.
- Pussy? Here you are - stuck out her pussy Masha fitted by panties.
- So I can see your pussy, you need to take off her panties - I said.
- Oh really laughed Masha now wanted - she bent down and swift movement took off her panties to see kolen-.
- Come closer - I asked.
Masha awkwardly, holding the panties came closer.
- you take off them altogether, as they interfere with you - I said, waving with their willingness to shed.
- Do you like my pisya- asked Masha, sticking her as far as possible.
- Yes, really like - do you mind if I touch it - I asked
- certainly not against - said Masha
I put my hand on the child's crack and find the clitoris slightly massaged. Masha breathed heavily and closed her eyes. Massaged a bit, I sozhaleni6m took his hand back.
-Now you will have a lot of sperm, so I could drink it? - Said Masha
- but will now be a lot
- Health - Mary clapped her hands - and now I can continue to suck your stick
- Of course you can - I said.
Masha again dropped to her knees, now completely naked and gently took in his mouth still standing member.
- a couple of minutes, I felt cum - sperm was really very much - Masha did not have time to swallow the sperm of the glass on the chin - last eruption was over and licked clean ... waving limp dick.
- It was so delicious - enthusiastically said Masha.
- You still on the chin remained a fair amount of - I said
- Oh and pravda- waving palm gathered in all the sperm with podborodka- typed on a sip and swallowed greedily licked his hand.
- Good Mashunya - you suck cool - I commended.
- True? - Mary asked incredulously
-Yes - I replied.
- gee - clapped Masha.
- By the way - all of a sudden I said - you're kind of wanted to see how to write men - I asked
- yes, very much like - nodded Masha
- Then go to the yard - and how not to tolerate mogotu already.
Masha first jerk to wear a dress, but I stopped her - so let's go, you're still a big fence no one will see.
And so it went - in front waving completely naked but for her I'm a T-shirt. Stepping into the courtyard waving toward the wooden hut standing in the distance.
- Stand Mary, we will not go there - I said
- No - I surprised Masha
-There's too crowded for the two of us, bad smells and most importantly you will not see - I said.
- What to do? - Masha was puzzled
- and come straight here - I said - we were standing near the barrels of water for irrigation.
- So, now look - I said Masha - that's out of this hole, from which flowed the sperm all men and pisayut- you ready?
- Yes Dima - you can write - Masha stood to the side and leaned closer to my penis.
- Then we began - tight jet hit the ground
Masha watched fascinated as I write, she leaned even closer to the member - to see better. Finally, the flow has dried up.
- It was great - exclaimed Maria, before I never saw such.
-Did you enjoy watching? - I asked
Mary nodded affirmatively.
-Then maybe now you will show how to write - I asked.
- Of course Dima, look - with these words Masha wanted to sit down, but I stopped her
- Wait waving - I said - I will be so hard to see - let me put you on the barrel - I pointed to a barrel of water to the top of the closed general board. - You do not mind.
- No, Dima is not against - said Masha.
I took her by the waist and put on a raised barrel - Masha was surprisingly light, weightless like a feather.
Sitting, Masha began to act - first a trickle of light, then a full jet began to pour out of her charming slits. It was pretty exciting spectacle that showed my blood nalivshiysya body.
Finished Masha saw erection and joyfully exclaimed - Dima your penis seems like the way I write?
- You're right - he just loved - I said - and now gone to the house to dress up and go shopping.
A quarter of an hour we were driving in the direction of the district center. In the regional center, we quickly found a good clothing store. From behind the counter to us came very sexy saleswoman age 20 in a short mini skirt and transparent blouse, from the recess that almost spilling his chest. Her gaze was frank longing, but when he saw me, she immediately lit a spark in the eyes of desire.
- Hello, what can I do - she cooed
- but that's wanted to buy something for the girls - I pointed to Masha.
- that is - I asked the saleswoman looked at Masha
- all. Dresses, jeans, tops, swimwear, underwear - just a wardrobe.
- Oh, you're a good customer - livened up girl - by the way, my name is Marina and I will do everything that you wish for you - with a hint she said.
- Marina great, first, let's clothe girl that you can offer us
- almost all - let the girl held in her an example, I'll show all
- Oh, master, I will not go without you - scared Masha and grabbed my hand
- Why - I was surprised - and I told you - call me Dima.
- I'm afraid one - whisper told me Masha and looked at the saleswoman.
- master? - Surprised Marina - you slave owner - she winked playfully
- But no, everything is much more prosaic - I have her, or rather her grandmother took a house for the summer - and I told her the story about the eat at home
- clear - she held out - okay, I do not mind, but how will you measure panties - she said Masha - because your boss sees you naked
- so what - Masha was surprised - and so he had already seen me naked, and I liked him - proudly said Masha - it's true owner - came to me waving for help.
- uh the truth - I awkwardly mumbled and wondered how it would react saleswoman.
To my surprise she took this idea is normal.
- Yes - she held out - and you are a lover of little girls as I can see - said Marina - a girl you do not accidentally like for older, and even in our backwoods men not at all, only alcoholics but idiots - said Marina sweep a shoulder, causing her breasts swayed
- Imagine Marina, quite by chance, I like girls, and younger and older - I said with relief
- and you are a man - said Marina - then you will not make it more difficult to go after fitting into my back room and have a little favor lonely lady.
- always at your service - I bowed - and now not pass to us in an exemplary
- Of course, of course let's go - said Marina and led us into a small alcove, separated from the rest room curtain.
-where to start - it FPIC
- I think with the underwear and then everything else - I said
Marina moved away and came back a minute later with a pile of different shorts, tops, bras.
- undressed - she ordered Masha
Masha looked at me, I nodded - then she took off with all left to stand completely naked
- You beat her - indignantly asked Marina to see the bruises
- so that you - a legacy left by her hand babki- I said silent about their cases, flogging.
- poor thing - she sympathized with Masha - especially terrible bruises on her ass. Dima, I advise you one ointment, then go to the drugstore and buy all the bruises will instantly.
- excellent - I said - I have long thought what to do with them.
- Only fatty ointment, poorly absorbed - continued the marina - a girl have to walk for some time without panties, perhaps even without pay to an ointment not erase - she explained - but once you have this understanding, I think the problems will not be - Marina said, and winked at me .
- Well, let's start with panties - finally got down to business - what you like - strings, such as you or as shorts
- I do not know - said Masha confusion - and how they look
- Well Thong look like this - small marina filed girl trusiki- see these here at the strip, so that your butt will open.
- oh - and I could only say it Masha
- this is especially so done for beauty - in addition - this like men - she nodded at me.
- truth - Mary asked curiously.
- the truth - said Marina - at me now wear thong
- as you can see - Masha asked.
- Of course you can, but then I take off the skirt to see better. And Marina slowly took off her skirt and left in little panties.
- Here's a look at Dima - he really like these pants, because the truth - and she looked at my jeans standing stake
Masha looked at me and asked trembling with emotion - you like to host
- Yes, Masha - very like - I said in a trembling voice,
- Well then I want those - strongly said Masha - and pulled the thong - beautiful?
-Beautiful - I said.
- gee - clapped Masha
- so let us now look and other pants - said Marina - 10 minutes mung measure panties of various sizes and colors, finally took a couple of strings, some panties in the form of shorts and a dozen of simple shorts, among which were so thin that through them without interference viewed children ... lye.
- Now let's measure bras - you already have a small chest, and she needed a bra - said Marina
- but because you do not have a bra - artlessly said Masha, and pointed to her blouse marina.
- you're right, no - she said - but in some cases it is simply necessary.
- why you do not put - asked Mary
- - Well, I wanted to today - said Masha, and glanced at me
- Now keep this one - handed it to Masha small bra
- as well as his worn - said Masha - you do not show for yourself, but of course if you do not hesitate to master?
- on myself? - She looked at me- and that show - Marina unbuttoned her blouse and out seemed delightful breasts nipples hardened to her in front of.
I caught my breath from such a spectacle. Marina was clearly a woman without complexes.
- Oh, what is it you have a large, but I still small - said Masha
- nothing will grow - it has calmed marina - especially if it often caress - she winked at the girl.
- Caress? - I did not understand mung
- Yes, caress - Marina said - you Dima has not shown how it is done?
- No - she shook her head waving
-Well, nothing, I think he'll even show. - Marina said - it's true, you do not offend the girl caress her? - Marina winked.
- Master? - His voice sounded pleading wave
- Yes, yes of course - I said hastily
-Well, that's great 'said marina- Let's Get It - Now hurry waving saleswoman.
The following quarter hour I watched a girl fitting bras - that is not even a bad sight.
- After fitting underwear, Marina said Masha sit long one, and she took me into the back room on the pretext that a score.
- Masha, I will come - I am sure I wave lastly, do not go anywhere from here
- Good boss.
- what you want pribit- I asked Marina eagerly looking at her grud- she remained in some thong and topless
- not profit, but the goal - corrected marina - and I need to score the most eggs - said Marina and slipped off her thong, left completely naked.
- What - I'm stunned
- Dima fuck me, and then in the wilderness of our normal guy in the afternoon with fire will not find - explained Marina.
I did not think long, inside of me is all burned, and I took off his pants, blocked the marina on standing here table and widely spreading her legs abruptly entered her - a member of the stake was already half an hour. She cried out in surprise, but then she began to moan with pleasure. Her breast heaved after a powerful impetus with which I was a member of its current pussy.
- Deeper still, oh yes, I well, fuck me - half delirious whispered marina. How long it lasted I do not know - at last her body tensed, arched and her bitten lips there was a loud sigh of satisfaction. I have not finished yet, and Marina realized it climbed down from the table and took my hard cock in your mouth and start sucking frenzy. That is completely swallowing, almost letting his mouth.
Sucking it very professionally - probably was a great experience. No wonder that I could not hold back any longer and began to descend - part of the sperm got to face the marina, but the rest of it greedily swallowed - how delicious - handed Marino - a long time I was not amused by sperm.
At this time, the door creaked softly, we turned around, but saw no one, could be heard only removes spanking bare feet.
- like girl spying on us - said Marina with a smile.
- You - do not care - I was surprised.
-Worried? What are you - it even gives some izyuminku- waved marina - and you tell her already fucked or just going to -? She asked.
- what? - I was stunned by these words
- oh just do not have to deny it and say that you have in mind, and it was not - said Marina - I saw how you looked at her eyes - and would have rushed at her. Moreover, she said that you had already seen her naked. How did this happen?
I thought that I had nothing to lose and told her everything.
- Dima - she wants you to fuck her - confidently said Masha.
- what do you think normal adult men fucking 12 year old girl - I asked Marina.
- Why not? - Surprised Marina - have you got in the city can not fine - and the village girls mature early - I'm here, lost her virginity before that it was 11 years old and nothing.
- Well I do not know ... - I said dressing
- Listen, I'm here with my girlfriend wanted to leave for a week to rest, but I have a sister and take her, I can not - the beginning of the marina - you could not take her for a week to yourself - you took the whole house? With it, no problems.
- why do it with do not want to take? - I asked.
- you know she is already 15 years old, and intelligence is a 7-year-old girl. Doctors say some lag in development - she plays with dolls and barely learned to read by syllables, and so I simply can not take with them.
- wow no problems - I was indignant
-Wait do not interrupt - asked Marina - she is very obedient. Also, I did not just slips it to you - said Masha
- Come detail - I'm interested.
- Her intelligence, though a seven-year, but the body of the 15-year-old girl
- Well…
- Well, she, respectively, have all itching between the legs - she needed sex. So I want you to be deprived of her virginity there, do not you think it is not ugly - it's very beautiful - Marina said.
- yes you who to take me - I tried to rebel
- Well, Dimochka- marina gave me a kiss - well, darling - then I'll be there in a week and pick it up - well please. Better you fuck her than any drunk.
- Come on, bring - I said - what I do - I thought to myself
- that's fine - but now let's go, let's continue fitting ...
Just a couple of hours, we were forced to wave to measure all kinds of dresses, jeans, shorts, suits - waving while there was some wistful. Finally, by all that is needed to solve the steel that Mary wears is now on the road.
- What do you want to wear today? - I asked, waving
- These thong - Masha showed panties, consisting essentially of strips, then here this skirt - Masha picked up a mini skirt free bottom and here the T-shirts Show waving.
- A bra you do not want to wear - I asked
- No - he said Masha - hot outside
- Then get dressed now, and I'll go, calculate - I said
- went through a fairly decent, by local standards, but it was for me a trifling
- gee - exclaimed Marina - one day to collect annual revenue
- Toli still will be - I said.
At this time, the fitting out of Masha - short skirt barely covering the ass, and a white T-shirt to the navel, the transparent so that through it, and shone a small chest of a young girl.
- you are charming - I said sincerely
- true?
- true
- gee - Masha jumped and clapped her hands
- Well ka twirled around him - I said waving
Masha immediately began to spin, revealing himself to all. sides
- Now lift up her skirt and panties show - suddenly said, standing next to the marina.
Masha obediently lifted her skirt, putting on display her pussy fitted by Thong
- Now turn your ass, legs spread wide and rotten forward - continued to command the marina. - In the light seemed charming ass, almost undisguised.
- Well, how do you - Marina asked me?
-Excellent - I said hoarsely
- I try everything for you Dima - you still do not see this when I give you my sister - she whispered in my ear marina. - You do not change your mind?
-No - I said in a low voice
-all done - I already Masha - Now go for the food, the pharmacy and go home
Having agreed to the marina when it will bring my sister we said goodbye, we went to the store bought food, I still ... popped into the pharmacy, bought ointment for priests wave and a few important things for upcoming events with the girls. Make a purchase, we went home.
All the way, Masha, was something thoughtful. Every now and then cast a glance at me.
-Something happened to Mary? - Finally I asked
- No, the owner of all right - said Masha and the rest of the way, we drove in silence.
When we arrived, the street was still quite light. I unloaded all the shopping, and departed, waving to lay her things in the closet, and he went to score a fridge provisions.
This done, I waited for Masha, but she did not come out, then I went to check why it took so long.
I quietly entered the room wave. Masha sat me back on the bed and drove retmichno hand between your legs. Looking closer, I saw that her thong lying on the floor.
Realizing what she was doing, I coughed to attract the attention of girls.
Masha immediately jumped in fright.
- What are you doing here - I asked sternly
-Boss ... - muttered mung
- Well, I'm waiting - answer - I said
- Suddenly Mary flopped to his knees and began to embrace my legs - I did not want the owner, it turned itself - sobbing, said Masha
I'm not listening lifted her off the floor and sat down on a chair and sat on his lap Masha.
- Mashunya not cry - I will in no blame - I said seriously.
- True - said Masha
- True - it's natural, when she saw something exciting and decided to do what you did. After all, you spied when I was in the back of the marina. It is so?
- Yes - quietly sobbing, said Masha
- Well, you saw and you awakened a desire to try something, right?
- true
- I'm not angry at you for it, and even what you spied, just that you should not have secrets from me, because I am your friend and all understand
- Oh - waving in the hope looked into my eyes - you really do not get angry at me.
- certainly not angry - you can understand.
- Thank you to the owner you are so good, I have no one ever wished you - said softly waving, quite reassured.
- Come on - I'm confused
- No, really you are so good - with conviction said Masha.
- Well good so good - I said laughing and moved directly to the serious tone - then what are you doing now he says that you're a big girl, and it's time you try something more ...
- More? - Mary asked - but what?
- What you see on tape and what I did to the marina in the back - I said.
- You want to say that in my pussy insert your penis? - Masha guessed.
- Yes - I said - but only if you want to own this.
- I very much want - eagerly exclaimed, waving - only here ... she said thoughtfully - it is in my Picea probably does not fit, you have it so much, I even wondered how he fit in Marinin pussy.
- silly - it just seems that it does not fit - I smiled - though your pisya a little bit small, but it fit my penis.
- Then I want to try - exclaimed Maria.
- I want to warn you, it will hurt a little in the beginning - I said - because you're still a virgin.
- Virgin? And what is it?
- Virgin - so it has never had sex ...
- Sex? - Interrupted me waving
-Yes, sex - are engaged in a man and a woman to each other - I said, and seeing the bewilderment wave explained - it is the same when a man inserts his penis into a woman's pussy. Sex is also called fucking, perepihona, sexual intercourse, making love, etc.
- A pussy - it pisya women - said Masha.
- That's right, good girl - I said, and kissed her on the nose. Women called pussy pussy by a pussy, flicking, hole, forage cap, vagina, etc. it all depends on the case.
-How interesting - said Masha. She was flushed from these conversations and hyperventilate.
-A little pain is because there is in your pussy hymen that my penis would have to overcome to get inside your pussy - to break the hymen becomes a little hurt - I continued - you have not changed my mind to have sex with me? - I asked.
-No, Dima, I really want to have sex like a real woman - a childlike said Masha - and you did not show me where the hymen is located - said Masha.
- Certainly show - I said - let's just take off her skirt.
I pulled waving from his knees, pulled her skirt (long-thong lying on the floor) and sat waving back to face him, her legs dangling on either side. In this position, children's slot opened up and revealed itself in all its glory.
- You have a very beautiful pussy - I mache said.
- Thank you - Mary blushed - I see your penis, and it is very ponravilas- said Masha and ran down my pants bristling. Member really stood stake.
- Di you liked him, too - and your pussy MRC will soon get to know - I said smiling.
- Ah, would soon, I want it - exclaimed Maria.
- Have patience, my good girl - I drew her to him and kissed her szharom beautiful lips.
- Now let me show you where you have stored your innocence - looking up from her lips, I said.
- Innocence - a hymen? - Said Masha.
- Yes, so it is sometimes called - I said - Let's start with the priests. Now look through the hole you Cocoa - it's called the anus - I rubbed a little ring sphincter. Do you like how I'm massaging it - I asked Masha.
- Oh, yes - it's so nice - she said with a smile.
- In the ass, too, by the way, you can insert the penis - this is many girls like it - I suddenly said.
- Gee, clapped her hands waving - you, too, will insert me in the ass pradva - she asked hopefully.
- And you'll be a good girl - I asked
- course - willingly responded waving - I you will be obedient girl.
- Well, then I think we will try and this kind of sex - I said.
- Wow - beamed waving.
- So now I come to your pussy - I said - it nazevaetsya labia, large and small - I ran his fingers through her soft petals - the way you wanted to know about them.
-This is called the clitoris - I rubbed a pea clitoris, why she immediately swelled - it is very sensitive to caresses - you feel this - I asked
- Oh, yes - Masha moaned - I feel so good when you touch it.
- You wrote Through this hole - I have said, but in this hole is thin plenochka and it is in this hole enters the male member. - I finished.
I must say that the car is already pretty wet pussy and be on her panties, they would have to squeeze.
- what you mokrenkaya - I winked at Masha.
- Dima, I do not know what happened to me - breathy said Masha - I get wet when very excited