Foot fetish: the winner

10.05.2004 Mr.
ABOUT! ! Female legs, about you, beloved, I am ready to write endlessly Once upon a time two abnormal subject: I, at the age 20-21goda and she bit younger. Met. The pretty girl, not hand-written beautiful and ugly, German, now permanent residence in Germany. But then it was quite serious, even the wedding it was. The love-dislike, but the relationship was on full blast and somehow immediately switched from platonic to frank. No dominance I did not have it ever, it is, in my opinion, does not even know about my "cockroaches". Or maybe I guess, but keep quiet. But there was a girl one passion: adored her beautiful legs, right now I would say - a definite fetish. All scholarship went on stockings and shoes, miniskirts, creams and lotions. Well, when I was against it, only - for. Do you want to make a gift - get beautiful sandals and gave her. Sitting somehow almost night on the bench Mila, and she asks her feet to kiss. Herself! Well, that persuaded when I myself want. I get up on one knee, and went to the process. And then - already obtselovany legs at each "close" communication. Pedicure then considered not quite respectable luxury, so she painted nails, at first colorless, then silver, pearly or rosy varnish that is not much in the eyes brosalis.A then one of her relatives brought from abroad polish with glitter, then only -only he appeared in Europe, such zhltovaty kiselk in vials well and densely zolotinki swim. Everyone wanted nakrasili everything possible. But I liked the smell of varnish and polish on the freshly painted claw - all cool. Then blushing posirenevee, and after that the whole colorful power. We make love, always waiting, whispering: - Honey, do not forget about the legs "Dear" is certainly not ungrateful pig - do not forget!. Then fate separated us, she went to Germany, I spun Institute. Then he met, she was already married. There, in Germany, but here is wound periodically. Pedicure - upper class, comparable to the one sharmovoy lady from Kiev. Our relations have remained close, friendly. I ask - how - Cool sex to-ceiling windows, but kissing feet shrink, and you know how I love how my plant became we had to keep the Council, thought, thought different options?!. Uehala.Proshlo two years, drew back, her husband privezla.- accustom says, kissing, regulyarno.Ya ask - what took .- And said - he was not the child's face until I receive that joy?. And fell in love with her husband, sdalsya.I last - she was here, now, in March, on a joint of both the anniversary of a mutual friend to us, I invited her to dance, ask about the "grave" life in a foreign land. She: - It is now mine, shoes, remove their shoes, feet kisses, wash at night, with the foot in the mouth ends, orders for pedicure makes for color and composition. Satisfied, he asks! And I also condition it stavlyu.Pozdravil her victory.