Me and you one piece

Hello everybody. I write in the first and did not know whether rightly)))
About me ... I am 28 years old, married and live with my parents, I'm tall, slim, breasts 1st size with large nipples, buttocks round, Well, of course I'm here not much changed from the text of pure truth understand why for yourself my husband also comes here to read the stories and even wrote them here. but all in order.
Took the children in kindergarten, he came home and reached into her computer and saw the recent history of computer and came across this site, here is the husband climbed and I read his stories which he wrote himself, and was shocked to read this but at the same time I was this excited.
Denis wrote about the fact that he is wanted my mom (that I know and could not think) but a lot of that is found in our world unnatural Well, I read his stories, and introduced him and my mom getting fucked and excited, I began to to touch their breasts and squeeze her big nipples and I came out of the pussy.
Mama 49 years, brunette, beautiful and does not look his age, I know that they have a normal sex with my dad. Chest mom like me is not a big, little, she herself is not high and is in the lower abdomen a little tummy. Well, I want to become that they slept together and that would be Denis fuck her and I wanted to see it.

I started at the time to play with him in the role play and invited him to play in the mother-in-law, and he was shocked but did not give up, I saw that he was a member of the rose that never will get up and I was excited. After sex, I told him Demusik and you would like to try my mother? To which he replied emphatically not well, I never thought about it. HERE lying THAT, in the morning I got up early and at home no one except we did not have him already, I went into the bath and pulled out of the barrel of Mommy's black panties and put them in the washing machine that he saw them (wanted to see how it will go ). He woke up and went to the bath for a long time there was busy and it had breakfast and ran off to work and I ran into the bath and watch the shorts and they were filled with sperm and I was excited at the thought of my husband still want my mum. I took her panties and lay on his mother's bed and began to sniff panties oooo how nice it zavah and the smell of his sperm and I began to drive on their panties pussy ... ke. I finished very quickly from this.
Now I'm trying to keep Dennis with his mother like perhaps more often alone have something and succeed, but I want to see it and to masturbate or even lick mom clit and her crotch and another luchsche if Dennis would end my mother's pussy and I've been to it.
To be continued. I now had an idea and maybe my dad will seduce and all is well.