Timur and his team I. Part 2. Disclosure

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Waking up in the morning, Timur found next to him already two naked girls. When it happened, he did not notice, but Lara too undressed and now lay in an embrace with his girlfriend in underwear alone. Timur, involuntarily, experienced frustration from what is likely to miss any more exciting events, but now this could only accept that he did, getting out of bed and, as if by accident, pushing in the side lying closer to him Leroux, thereby making it clear that it is time to wake up and something to explain to him. She stirred, then opened her eyes and stared at Timura.- Who are you? - Lera.- Knight asked in a coat! - In rhyme said Timur. - Good morning! Just do not remember anything? You are in my gostyah.- I thought we were at home - such as sitting lazily she said, it is completely undeterred by the fact that the fallen blanket completely exposing her grud.Ona and sat rubbing his face with cosmetics which have, for the most part, moved on the pillow. Finally convinced that before it is completely nestydlivaya lady Timur also decided not to focus on these widgets Lery.- Wake up little by little. Now we will have breakfast. - Timur decided that the minimum show of hospitality, yet stoit.- And I woke up - there was suddenly the voice of sisters - now stand. Ljerka, cover the breast, ruined my brother. - Leroy looked at their naked charms, grunted with displeasure, but still prikrylas.- Waiting for you in the kitchen, - said Timur and went to the kitchen to cook yaichnitsu.Nahodyas Timur, though not seen what is happening in the room, but could well hear girls, creaking bed, get up and talking, odevayutsya.- Where the fuck is my bra - is the voice of Valeria - I do a bra byla.- and you che, all undressed at home -? Come on! Ah, thought, damn it! I get up at night. I left the balls in the pussy, damn it! Pulls out, then her bra snyala.Timur from such statements almost dropped the package with eggs, and twice pricked sluh.- You che, you fool! Slow down! - I hissed at her friend Lara. - Brother hear! - Come on! I, too, virgin! - Still a little quieter continued Lera. - And here's balls! - Hide! - Continued to sizzle Lara.- Where do you hide them, damn? - I did not calm down Lera.Timur immediately vividly, where they can be hidden, and the thought came to the wild excitement. He strained his ears in vain, to find out what decision would find a girlfriend, but other than fuss and muted battle more than anything not disassemble mog.Minut five breakfast was ready, as Timur loudly told the girls. On the threshold of the kitchen there was a nurse, and her and Lera. At sister over the underwear, wearing his shirt, which was lying on a chair thrown in the evening, but Lera, apparently bravely decided to undermine Timur appeared before him in shorts and a transparent blouse that does not hide the bare chest. Sister looked a little guilty, she obviously could not subdue his podrugu.Timur looked at the girls until they took their seats at the table, trying to figure out where all the same happened to the ill-fated balls. Judging by how cleverly Lera lifted up his feet, stepping stools, a variant of the return of balls in an interesting place seemed doubtful. Then he became suspicious follow the gestures sister. But that, though, and would sit leisurely, internal discomfort signs not filed. The question remained otkrytym.Zavtrak with balls at first, passed in silence, all three of them was eating cooked eggs Timur. Lara nervously glancing at Timur, he calmly waited, and as Lera, she had breakfast, as if nothing had happened, only occasionally, as it is more convenient to arrange on a chair, from which Timur concluded that the location of the balls may not neizvestno.- so surprised? - I asked finally, Lera. - We were just a number on a get-together. So I thought that it is possible to facial expression tebe.Po sisters could see now that it is not very confident in the correctness of the eve resheniya.- Yes, everything is normal, - said Timur - I'm on vacation, I can come off a bit. You better tell me how you turned out to be in the city, you should have been like in France byt.Lara thought for a moment, but then quickly prodolzhila.- I had long since returned, and thank God ... Just do not tell their parents. They do not know that I zdes.- I already knew. - Timur stopped because I did not know what else to say, or in the conversation entered sprosit.Neozhidanno Lera.- And you, then, is the very brother, whom I so much slyshala.Pri these words girlfriend Lara tried to shove her foot but that, as if nothing had happened, prodolzhala.- short, stop tselok break! Lark told me you fucked her in the ass, and she'll suck dick. That is now something to be manufactured - Fool! - And could only breathe Lara.Timur could not even pronounce it, he just sat there, staring open-mouthed and afraid to look at his sister. He seemed numb and stopped dyshat.- I did not think that everything will turn out well, - said softly Lara.- A cho? - Not appeased Lera - all turns out normally. He'll fuck you fuck him, that's cool! The names have equal. You have a couple - here's a couple! - She said, referring to Lare.- You come on, less matter - mastered himself Timur, - no one is fucked .. not fuck! What are a couple - Lark yours, can make a bunch of grandmothers - as if nothing had happened, I began to explain Lera. - We've got a firm one, arranges parties for the rich. Take just married. Well, such a concept there. And that was fun, we need decoy, for promotion, but, again, take the same, only married. According to his passport checked! And you have the same last name? Well, that's, like, a husband and wife! Che silent, Lark? Lara looked at her brother, yet apparently not realizing until the end of the meaning of what was said Leroy. She looked at Timur with surprise, as if she saw him for the first time. Timur did not know what to think. He, too, looked at her sister with no less surprised, but in his head floated ideas, the general gist of which was to ensure that the same relationship to them will not be able to return. As for the new relationships ...- I'm just afraid to say it out loud - he said finally from sebya.- Well, cho you telites - again butted girlfriend - Lar, do you agree? You see, brother ready! Lara only nodded his head. From this nod Timur dizzy. He thought again of their children's sex and clearly imagined it prodolzhenie.- ... It is necessary to drink - he got up from the table and headed for the baru.Kogda he returned, he found that the situation at the table has changed. Girlfriend Lera got rid of, again, by clearly hated her blouse unbuttoned and topless bra clasp on Lara. Lara did not even try to resist. She was still a little blushing, looking at the reaction Timura.- Come, husband, - Lera was his style - note your wedding! I do not mind? Timur bottles have not even mind. He sat down at the table and began to pour the cognac its half-naked sobesednitsam.- And where balls hidden? - Finally could not resist on.Lara Lera and both laughed. This question took his power, and everything felt raskovannee.- Let's have a drink first! - Lera said. They all drank. - Well, then, you all heard - not only heard, but also seen - emboldened Timur - night - said he just came sluchay.Teper Lerins turn to blush. However, she quickly gathered, laughed again, and, without saying a word, contrary to the assumptions of Timur, began to take off pants with Lara. Lara had no choice, once "showdown". She took off her panties, he immediately threw them somewhere into the corridor and turned his back on them, has placed nogi.- Timur, help! - Timur immediately realized that it is necessary to delat.On knelt down and, putting his fingers into the vagina sister, I felt there is already familiar to him the ball. Pulling for him, he pulled out all pretty easy bunch. Beads were six. He held them in his hand, still warm, and the other hand holding Lara's hip. Lara turned and sat down to face him, and smiled with relief and kissed his brother right in guby.- will have time yet - intervened Lera. - Let's go back better in the room. I'll show you my pussy - Lera! - Unanimously rebelled latter-day molodozheny.Lera only laughed and took the hands of Timur and Lara, led them to the bed.
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