Hey. My name is Veronica, I am luxurious brown-haired, twenty-three years. I have everything that you could wish for - parents-actors, loved and loving me a man, machine, training in prestigious high school ... But once the chain of accidents abruptly changed many lives, including mine.
That evening I sat at home and idly wondered what would keep him occupied. My father was on tour, my mother on vacation, Vadik, my boyfriend on a business trip. We could have a party or go to a nightclub ... My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. Called Aigul, sister of my classmate. She said that her sister has gone somewhere, taking the keys to the dorm room, and now she does not know what to do ...
- Come to me, have a drink, chat, - lazily stretching I muttered.
- Oh, really? Well, thank you, come today - happy Aygulka.
She had come for some reason asked to come if Vadim today, and then we sat in the living room, we opened a bottle of martini and the conversation rolled on the established path - Institute-guys-rags. But here Aigul pale clutching her heart and said quietly:
- Nick ... You have valokordin?
- Yes, of course, I'll get - I jumped up and ran to the kitchen.
My father regularly prihvatyvaet heart, so I know well, where the drugs are. I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a brown vial, quickly dripped 20 drops in a glass of water and returned to the dining room gave a glass Aygulke.
- Thanks, I already have all gone, - she muttered.
- Still drink just in case - I advised.
She drank, we have a little chat, she tried again to call his sister, but the phone did not answer. I noticed that his cheeks were flushed Aigul, and look a bit "floated", but attribute it to the effects of alcohol.
- Stay for the night, in the morning we will go to college together - I suggested. - Only we sleep in the same bed is necessary.
- Why? - She asked.
- And because we are changing the bed, and these doldonit of furniture company instead of three mattresses brought one - I told the truth. - So what's left?
- I remain.
I gave her a towel and went to the shower. Left alone, I took the glasses from the table and carried them into the kitchen. By putting them in the sink, I was about to leave, but paying attention to the left on the table valokordin stopped. The label was somehow a different color.
"Oh my God, what am I Aygulke given?" - Flashed through my head.
"XXX" - was written on the label. The following text was fine, "drops for women, enhance libido. Take no more than 5-6 drops at a time. " It was enough ofiget. Firstly, if the droplets are not mine, they maminy. Ah yes, Mom! And secondly ... Holy smoke, now with Aygulkoy something going on ?! I do it not five or six, and twenty drops poured! Do not worry, now she is in the shower, apply, perhaps, the old tried and tested manual method, and everything goes.
In the meantime, she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her face still flushed, and there was no movement in that relaxed, lazy, who are in just finished man.
"So it's not masturbating" - I thought.
Aigul I left in my room while she went to bathe. Lain in the bathroom for about an hour, desperately cursing himself for carelessness, I decided that Aigul must have already completed the process of self-satisfaction, and fell asleep. The room was dark, I lay on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up from that mattress twitched beneath me. Aygulka intermittent breathing and fidgeted ass on the bed.
- Hey, what are you doing? - I asked in a whisper.
- Nothing! - She replied, startled. - It's just ... I just had a dream ...
- If you had a dream, go to the bathroom and vzdrochni, but I actually want to sleep, and you're in my way, - I muttered angrily.
- What to do?! - Somehow amazed Aigul.
- Well, like you never did, - I smiled.
- You what ?! Of course not, - she said.
Even in the dark, it was clear that she was blushing. Sleep is gone. I sat on the bed, looked at her in disbelief and asked:
- What, never, never?
Aigul silent. I was on the one hand funny, that, behold, she was twenty years old, and she was not just a virgin, but also not masturbating never, on the other hand, I was scared. She is the heart sick, I valokordin she never gave, and she is now the entire underbelly of the fire is burning. It would not have happened then - I thought. In addition, alcohol is drunk I set up a certain way. The head quickly had a plan.
- Let's have a drink of champagne, still do not sleep ... I'm ...
I went into the living room, got two glasses of champagne poured into them until about the middle, and then one glass dolila water, and in the other vodka. Having done this, I went back to the bedroom.
- Here, Aygulka - I said, handing her a glass, in which there was champagne and vodka. - Here's to us, beautiful.
We drank and began to talk about that, about this. Champagne and vodka, and even combined with the martini, not long in coming. Very soon I Aigul start to laugh, trying to say something thickly, at the same time no matter how vznachay clinging to me. Here and X the hour.
- Aigul, and you, it turns out, it never ends? - I asked.
- No - she blushed.
- You want - I smiled. - I'll show you how it is .. Well, how to do it?
From the embarrassment she had probably lost his voice. It only further blushed and nodded. I quickly put out the overhead light, lit a small nightlight, and laid her on her back. She was without a nightgown, she was wearing only black panties hebeshnye. I touched it and felt that the poor girl a real flood. I just pushed a little finger in the place where there should be a clitoris as Aygulka screamed and quickly covered the place with his hands.
- No, my dear, so it will not work ... - I muttered, placing her hands behind her head, and reached for the headboard.
Vadim loves me to connect, so the battery behind the bed I always hang handcuffs. So now two seconds Aigul was chained to a radiator.
- Nick, what are you doing ?! - She whispered, looking at me with frightened eyes. - Let me go!
- Tsssss ... everything will be fine, you'll like ... - I said, fixing her legs.
I was annoyed that she was watching my every move, and I tied her eyes black belt made of soft leather. Then I took a pair of scissors and cut off her panties.
I straightened up and looked at his handiwork. What was the picture! Miniature plump naked yellow-skinned aziatochka with long heavy hair, lay associated with wide spread legs with a small appetizing second breast size. Between chubby legs, among the little black curly hair gleamed brightly red excited clitoris. ... I had no idea what kind of a naked girl can make me so. I literally shook with excitement. I lay on the bed between her legs, and took two fingers of her left nipple. I just squeezed it gently to drive between your fingers, and then bent down and began to caress his tongue. Meanwhile, my left hand crumpling her right breast. She writhed, she bends toward me and panting. After playing with her breasts, I began to kiss her belly, descending lower. I have from the vagina in all flowed, and I was anxious to get to her clitoris. I lowered my head down, and found her tongue sexual sponges. Aygulka jerked and moaned. I spent the tongue from the bottom up, spreading and penetrating her vagina. Wow, its allocation were unlike my taste. My tongue struggled in her vagina, she moaned louder and louder ...
- Do you want me to continue? - I asked, suddenly interrupted.
She nodded silently.
- I can not hear, - I said.
The idea that it is now entirely mine, I wound up stronger and stronger.
- Yes ... more ... please - she whispered, blushing heavily.
Again, I bowed my head and my tongue fluttered around her clitoris. It was already close to orgasm, but I do not want her to cum so fast. I decided to stick his index finger into her vagina, and then ..
- Nick, no! Do not! I do not want to lose your virginity! I'm saving myself for a loved one ... - silly almost cried.
- Quietly, I do you will not tear. Quiet ... - I reassured her, without ceasing to play the tongue with her crotch.
My playful finger continued to slide deeper. And then her vagina tightened first. I almost bit her clit, to delay orgasm, and again started stroking it easily, then gently press down on her unprotected towns. From her throat burst something between a grunt and a groan, the body twitched convulsively, and I did not let her finish. Soon, my neck is stiff, but I have not played enough with this doll. I had already reached out a hand to her crotch, but ...
"No, - said the reason the inner voice. - This method you always have time to train her. What then? "- I thought.
Idea! On electrodepilator have attachment with tiny vibrating rubber antennae to alleviate pain. I quickly pulled out of the appliance and tables included it. In the room resounded loud buzz.
- What is it? - A trembling voice asked Aigul, shaking his head in the hope that the belt will slip from his eyes.
- Do not worry, you'll like ...
I again put into her vagina a finger, and a crotch bailiffs epilator attachment. It was a sight almost made me cum: Rubber mustache rubbing her clit until recently untouched, and a plastic stand, to which they were attached, and kneading kneads the red pea. vaginal muscles tightened for the second time. I removed the appliance and press down firmly on the clitoris, and then start all over again. I toyed with it indefinitely, as soon as she came to orgasm, I instantly squeezed her clitoris or painful pinching of nipples. Her body glistened with sweat, she moaned loudly, in the end she begged me to stop torture her. Only then did I pressed tightly to her body attachment and put the epilator at maximum speed. Less than two minutes later, the body of the pupa twitched in her very first orgasm. She screamed so that if it were not one hundred percent sound insulation, which took care of my father, to escape the house in an apartment, and a few neighbors. vaginal muscles contracted and all declined, massaging my finger. Her orgasm lasted about three minutes, I'm looking at it, she had finished.
I reached out to the bedside table, removed the appliance, and when looked at Aygul, she saw that she was sound asleep. I carefully untied her and found in his dresser hebeshnye black panties, gently pulled on it.
In the morning I woke up before her, made coffee, and began to prepare breakfast. She went into the kitchen, and just looking at it made me want to immediately repeat what I did with it at night. But then she said something that I'm stuck with a plate in his hands.
- Well, we typed yesterday ... All night long dreamed of all sorts of nonsense ... - she said, stretching ...
"Wow! She thinks it all a dream! "- I thought.
Then she left and the institution alone, because I decided to be absent from the first two pairs.
To be continued...