Lyubimov family. Part 1


Lena Lyubimov - mother - 38 years.
Stepan Lyubimov - the father - 39 years.
Kirill Lyubimov - son - 19 years.
Katya Lyubimov - a daughter - 18 years.
Masha - a neighbor girl - 18 years old.

Lena Lyubimov slept all morning and now much in a hurry to get dressed and gather the family before you leave. Her husband, Stephen, already had finished bottom of their breakfast, but probably two children were still asleep. Senior, Cyril, in the past, he graduated from high school and still have not been particularly active in the establishment of their independent life. The youngest, Kate, was finishing the last class of the school this year, so Lena did not want her to be late for class. Throwing the short transparent robe in which she likely looked naked than veiled, it is postponed trip to the shower and went to the room of his son.

The door was slightly ajar from what Lena looked inside before to noise and wake him. Son slept more soundly, and the veil strewn randomly on the side of his naked body. Lena herself loved sleeping naked, so was not surprised that her children also. She quietly crept into the room Cyril and sat on the edge of the bed. He lay on his back, legs spread wide, from which to his groin had full access and morning riser was clearly visible. Lena long admired his big boy, a member whose length and thickness have been even greater than that of the father. Thoughts of a pulsating handsome Stepa tearing its depth forced Lena shudder and she licked her lips, looking at her son's penis. Cyril began to wake up and smiled when he saw his mother barely dressed sitting on the bed.
- Good morning, - he yawned.
- Honey, you are again going to sleep all day? - Lena said, holding back so as not to look at the device's son.

Cyril did not even know that was completely open, but it is unlikely he would take care of it.
- Maybe.

Lena leaned forward and kissed his forehead, from which the view of the neck has become very good. For women who are nearly forty, his mother was a killer body, with a pair of perfect tits that he ever released. When Lena leaned forward to kiss her son, she accidentally widely spread her legs over him, causing the penis gently kasnulis its priests and twitched.
- Nice to see that you still like a mother's love, - Lena smiled, - I just wanted to talk to you, but I now have a little time, so do not have called, okay?

Cyril nodded.
- Um, just let me get settled a little more comfortable, I'm sorry.

At first he pretended that he wanted to remove a member from her, but then made sure that he almost touched the pussy mother, he could well see looking down. Long robe was so short that did not have anything dovoobrazhat plus mom was not wearing underwear. Her neatly trimmed triangle of hair, tickled the head of his penis.
- You have to find a robot - Lena continued as if unaware that the member gets up painfully son touches her most personal parts of the body.
- Mom ... - Cyril complained. The father has tried to talk to him about it.
- I'm serious. It is wrong to the boy of your age all day doing nothing, - Lena put her hand on his chest, moving a little weight forward, so it was more convenient.

Cyril looked down again and saw that a member of the show directly to the vagina. They were so close now, if he had only managed to lift it up a bit ...
- And I know that you all day in the house almost one - continued Lena, relaxing a bit and allowing yourself to sit down at his son. The two of them quietly gasped when her pussy was united with the member. Its shaft is wonderfully located between her soft lips, certainly not inside it. But both of them did not seem to notice anything. Lena did not want to interrupt it, so time was running out - and do not think that I do not know what you're doing here alone, sitting at the computer all the time. You need to spend time with real girls, not with their photos on the computer.
- Mom! - Cyril tried to object, but the mother has confirmed the seriousness of his more sitting down at him. It would be more effective if it does not become wet pussy, causing her stomach pressed against a member moved between the jaws.

She was surprised that so much was got, but did not want everything to stop. It was necessary to continue the conversation.
- Kirill, promise me that even today try to find the robot.

Erection Cyril literally throbbing now, with a good grip vagina. He was sure it was the second best thing after finding her inside. He could not stop fidgeting under her excitement, and it only served to create a wet friction between them.
- Well Mom, I promise - he said through his teeth, hoping that it would not move until he calms down.
- Thank you my dear, - Lena leaned forward, continuing to press the thigh tightly to him and kissed him more gently than before.

When Cyril felt the warm breath of the mother at the ear, its nut broke and he began to throw sharp bursts of semen on her stomach and chest. Lena blushed when she felt then and saw what happened. She did not want to embarrass the poor boy, but it was very flattered. And it was so cool, when a member stiffened under it.
- See you at the bottom of my son.

Lena got up from his knees, and say nothing about what had happened, left the room. Cyril watched as the mother was removed, enjoying the view of her naked priests, which was evident from the micro robe. He stretched on the bed, feeling very relaxed and satisfied, until I realized how much wants to pee. Then lightning ran into the bathroom, still naked, almost pisayas the road.

His sister, Kate, was already there, sitting on the toilet.
- Kirya Sorry, but you need to wait, - she said.

If he did not want to write so much, it just would not be against it. His sister was more of the beauty, it drooled almost all boys school. She had long red hair, pouting lips, a tight, toned body and what tits! God, what does this have boobs! Simply delicious, straight, like his mother. Kirill has forgotten that he was naked, but perfectly noticed that my sister also.
- Maybe you should then close the door, - he said, barely holding back, not to describe.
- What for? - She said, wiping her pussy and keeping the water in the toilet - I never close the door.

This would be true, it always kept the bathroom door open, even when taking a shower. Cyril liked to look at her naked body wet.
- What happened to you? - She asked, reaching for a towel and wiping his wet hair, not even bothering to hide behind. I think she just took a shower before he went.
- I just very much needed - Cyril practically ran to the toilet, from which arose his sister, and breathed a sigh of investment, when her mind started to urinate.
- Ah, I see I see - she giggled, looking at his glistening penis, not knowing what it vaginal discharge mother - you had a fun morning? Or just a good night's sleep?
- Stop teasing me - sternly said Kirill - it's just a coincidence, and you know it.

Katya started to rub lotion all over her body, she always did after a shower. When Kirya finished urinating and see what makes sister, his cock again became hard as a rock.
- Do not forget to wash the sperm from his abdomen - Kate laughed.

Cyril blushed, completely forgetting that all is well obkonchal themselves. He grabbed a washcloth shower and clean all wiped. But a member of the still standing strong as he watched the younger sister rubs cream on her big tits. God, what are they beautiful!
- I heard that my mother spoke to you about the work - said Katya, pretending to ignore the obvious erection brother - it sucks for you.
- Yes, I know - I did not close it yourself, and just stood there while they talked.
- What you going to do? - Kate lingered on tits, to the delight of his brother.

Kirill was sitting on the toilet and scattered stroked his drin. He did not even understand what is actually doing.
- I do not know. We need to ask the pope may just settle some work in his office.

Finally, Kate stopped to paw her amazing tits and reached for her panties. Cyril was disappointed because she winked at him and walked out of the bathroom. His cock still remained traces of her mother's juices. Wow, that it really has brought much! He now began to openly masturbate, when the sisters were not, although did not bother to close the door. From thoughts, as mum rubbing pussy on his cock Kirya began to finish the second time that morning, and just at that moment, already fully dressed, past the open door of the bathroom took Katya. She looked at her brother and gasped when she saw him play his hand his penis. Kirill heard her and looked up in shock, until sperm shoots from the head, spattering the tiles in front of him. They just looked at each other, until he graduated cum. Then Katya, without a word, went further.

Downstairs in the kitchen Stepan was already dressed in a shirt and tie, almost ready to go to the robot. While he was finishing his coffee, his wife came into the kitchen in a transparent micro favorite bathrobe.
- Hey babe, - he said, looking at her gorgeous figure - a great look.

Lena protested his compliments.
- I doubt I have not even taken a shower. But Kirei spoke to about getting a job.
- Super. I am sure that he was asked to work on me.
- Yes, perhaps - Lena opened the closet and reached for something high, from which her gown rose even higher, revealing not only the bare ass, but also a good part of the back.
- Len, my dear, - chided Stepan, when he came to it - that children think if they see his mother naked in the kitchen?

She ignored her nakedness.
- I somehow think that they will not care. I can see them naked every day.

Stepan smiled, thinking about how right she was. Their daughter, in particular, never closed the bathroom door. And he'd be lying if I said I never looked at her sexy body as she was taking a shower. Puts behind his wife, Stepan pulled thigh to her ass, allowing growing bury member between the buttocks.
- Oh! Step, well, you rascal, - Lena said, blushing.
- Do not worry, I'm sure the children do not mind - his hands slid over her beautiful ass and stopped it on the labia and anal hole.
- Stepan ... - raspy whisper voice broke Lena while her husband was playing with her genitals.
- Oh, my God, not again - the voice came Katie as she descended down the stairs to the kitchen, - the two of you have sex or something?

Stepan smiled shyly daughter, but Lena very much enjoyed his fingers and did not want to settle down.
- K-Kate! - She gasped - it's rude to interrupt his parents, even though what they are doing.

Stepan struck her bare ass and sucked on his finger that was in her pussy.
- Sorry dear, but I have to go.

Lena and kissed his father left.
- Mama! - Katie's voice was much more piercing today.

Lena looked at her daughter, but realized that the robe was wide open and her tits and pussy were clearly visible daughters. She quickly closed its transparent material, carefully trying to cover themselves.
- Sorry dear, - said Lena, again starting to rummage in the closet - but your father like when I go in the morning.
- It's OK - just shrugged Katya - you are very hot and therefore should not hiding his body.
- Thank you, dear, - said Lena - but I must admit that at your age, I was not as sexy as you are now.

Kate blushed. She knew that she was very cute, and that most likely it jerked off all school boys every night, but she was trying to look skromnyazhkoy. Sometimes she felt as her mother wanted to expose his body all on display to show how sexy she really was. Just thinking about how to walk in front of friends and classmates naked in her pussy start to tingle. Kate pretended corrects panties, but really quietly clutching pussy.
- Your brother is still on top? - Lena asked, remembering how his throbbing cock between pussy lips, then shot sperm ...
- Yes, you could say that. He had a great "top" when I saw him.
- Kate! - Zarugalas Lena, - you must not tease him with it. You know that every healthy man in the morning a strong erection.
- Indeed? - Kate asked, although already knew.
- Your brother ... was particularly strong today, and probably it is this very shy.
- I saw him masturbating in the bathroom right now - Kate admitted.

Lena was taken aback, not from the fact that he masturbated, and the fact that he did it so soon after the "help" him.
- Are you sure? - She said, concerned.

Kate nodded.
- Although it seems to have been my fault. I teased him a bit.

Lena looked at her daughter.
- This is not good. You know, what is sexy, especially your huge chest tightened. You should be very careful, or if you already want to tease him, then observe the good manners and help him after.
- Mom! - Kate did kind of shocked, although, in fact, it is many times seen a member of his brother and often thought, what to touch and taste of his big cock.
- Cach, do not be such a prude, - Lena followed the path of his own advice when previously, almost dry, brought his son to orgasm. Perhaps she should go and apologize to Cyril.

Kate watched as my mother was gone and wondered if she would be able to wear something like that. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the pope, as it was with Cyril earlier. She then caught him masturbating. Perhaps he was thinking about it then! But for some reason, she was inside of it only warmer? ..

* * *

Cyril out of the shower and saw that his mother was in the bathroom.
- Mama? - He said in surprise, standing in front of her completely naked.

Lena strongly fought to keep his eyes above the waist, but lost the battle. Member dangling in front of her looked very appetizing.
- Kir, I just wanted to apologize.
- All in mother right. I will find the robot. Do not worry.
- No, I'm not talking about it, - Lena shook her head - I am about what happened between us, literally. - Cyril stopped to wipe himself with a towel and just stared at her.
- Aah.

Lena moved closer to her son and helped him wipe away until went on to say.
- I just talked to your sister and gave her some advice, which I must adhere to. I told her to be more careful around you, she's ... nuuu ... very sexy.

Member Cyril jumped slightly, rising slowly and swollen. Good for him that Kate had never listened to the parents. Lena noticed the reaction of his son and smiled.
- He rises again, huh?
- Sorry - Kirill said sheepishly.
- It's okay. Do not worry about it. Kate told me that she saw you masturbating. And do not deny that in the past you did not get satisfaction. It seems lately you already excited for the many times. And I know that you look at your computer when left alone at home.
- Oh my God ... - Cyril was terrified, his mother knew he was watching porn and then very much. In fact, most of the day when it was alone.
- What's so exciting? - Lena's voice was so soothing, and is concerned that talk to her did not make the big work.
- I think it's just ... see you all the time with Katya. You're both very sexy, plus I do not have a girl to let off steam.

Lena carefully looked at his son.
- I do not really like the idea, so that you insert some first got the girl. This is a very bad idea.
- Then what do I do? - Cyril not helplessly watched her, his cock was already fully and twitching between her legs.

Lena bit her bottom lip, while still wound up on the fact that her husband had started but not finished. She especially enjoyed when he put his finger in her ass, but being too shy, she could not admit as enjoyed by such distortions. However, perversion forced her pussy much trembling.
- If I let you do something ... special promise not to tell anyone? - Lena asked his son.

Cyril did not understand what it's about.
- Aah?
- You have to promise that he would never, no, do not tell me anything. Good?
- Um, yes, well, - he lost his head.

Lena looked back to make sure that none of them are not spies, as the door was wide open, and slowly untied the robe, exposing the front of his son. Cyril's eyes climbed to the orbits, and his mouth dropped to the floor. Lena enjoyed such a reaction, showing themselves completely naked and not hiding anything.
- I will restrain my own advice, because I know how hard the young guy to deal with their excitement. So if you feel that you need relief, I let see yourself naked, okay honey?

Cyril could not believe how my ears and eyes.
- Mom, you look awesome. But this is unlikely to help me easier.

Lena just smiled.
- Oh silly me, then everything depends on you. But I am always at your service for additional stimulation, if the computer is not enough, right?

With these words, Lena closed her robe and left her son standing there with a raging riser. Cyril was stunned and did not know what to do, so just stood there and wondered how quickly things play out.