Irishka. Continued picnic.

From Irishki very strong smell of alcohol, apparently for lack of water near Egor laundered traces of their crimes vodka. It was very bad on your feet, why, because after so many drunk with us she guards succumbed to normal. For that would not particularly shines I averted Irishku to nearby bushes and put it on the grass. Taking off her T-shirt I found that Yegor and not really trying to launder my girlfriend, the whole back and tummy she had traces of semen in it it just a little bit smeared.
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I found that there is no panties on Irishki pulled off her skirt. I reached into the bag and there was no panties, and stockings were quite pitiable sight and dress them up is not possible. Apparently calmly remove her clothes the guards had the patience and stockings on his left. Once again, looking at Irishku I realized that before her with her dress should be little to wash away the remnants of sperm, and then everything will be clear. I decided to go to the car, I was there with a five-liter bottle of clean water. Covering Irina clothes, I said that she was sitting quietly and went to the car. Coming closer, I saw that the booze is in full swing, pulled two more machines.
Irishkiny pants I found in the car, she did not even bother to dress them, and why, after all these ladies go without panties for such dismantling.
- Well found Irina - came up with Olga asked back.
- Find I found her, but only in such a way that lead here strmno- I said pulling her from the trunk of a water bottle.
- Come on, what's strmnogo here because all svoi- Olga said smiling and looked me in the eye so exciting view from which you can -Themes To get more of her here and not in this form videli- she continued.
- What do you mean? - I asked unable to tear his eyes away from her eyes.
- Do you still know - she said, and took a bottle of vodka from the trunk, kissed me on the cheek, I went to the table
Not betraying her words really matter, I took a bottle of water, Irishkiny panties and went to the bushes where I had left my girlfriend alone.

Going to the bush, I realized that I was already ahead, and Irishka sitting naked in the bushes caught the attention of Vova and Dima, the guys who came to Yuri. Irene was on her knees, and Vova was standing behind and winding her hair on his hand pushed my head forward forcing nasazhivatsya to a member of Dima who was in her mouth. Second hand he supported her under the breasts, as she is constantly trying to fall. Irina's eyes were closed and it was evident that everything that happens, it takes hard.
- And Andrei, hello again - Vovk said, without ceasing to stick Irishku to a member of Dima - you'll be third after me?
- Hello Voves, and nothing that I meet with Irina - I said starting zavoditsya- and you here in her mouth in a circle have.
- Come Andryukha not be offended, we do not znali- confusion Dimka said without ceasing to stick Irina on membership, we went to walk, she'd look naked lying around, here and decided that it is not that girl sit idle, let him work.
- Especially after she broke up with my boyfriend, we are constantly on her outings using, for this here and take, and it does not see protiv- smiling Vovk added.

What's true is true to say that against Irishka I could not if they wanted to. Kneeling she grabbed his feet and Dima diligently processed tongue his cock, while trying to lift his ass that would be substituted Vovka. Then when I realized the meaning of a drunken woman "pussy" is not the mistress. I'm not a monster and thought let Dima finish. Dimka finished rapidly pressing the face of Irina to his groin, rolling his eyes and whimpering. Taking a member of her mouth, and he lifted her shirt and she wiped the remnants of sperm from his penis and then to her face. All the efforts of Yegor he laundered Irishku vodka in vain, because the wipe is not well turned out, and just all smeared.
- Hey Andrei, but I may be too prisunu her, what do you feel sorry or something - said Vova looking at it from me- do not lose anything, we used it for five or six people had, and nothing happened to her.
- Vovk not good today and it went so well, though a rest a little girl - I said, and started to open the bottle.
- Well, then let's go look for Zhenya, she, too, like podnabrat normal and now is not who does not otkazhet- Vovk said, and they walked briskly toward the table.
- Let's successes you- I said, and turned to Irishka surprise froze. She was standing on all fours, turning his back to me and turned his head toward me looked at me with drunken eyes.
- Well, Andrew, before you turn came, let's make your girl in full, as it recently did, and then everything in his mouth and in his mouth, and my pipiska zaskuchala- she said thickly and turned away bent lifting ass.
- Irishev may not have to, you are very tired, and besides, you all tried to wriggle rastyanuto- I though my younger brother demanded another.
- You that I do not want to -? She- said look I'm all for you.
And then I could not stand it, I grabbed the bottle began to pour Irishkinu ass that would be a little sperm wash Irishkinyh previous partners.
- Well, you chistyulya sucks, you're going to wash me or fuck, come on now, I'm waiting for - she said turning.

Pleskanuv for decency on Irishkinu ass still some water, I went, in her thirsty member squeak. No wonder Egorka said he dangled in the hole, even I having considerable assembly was impossible to do so would go to interference. I have it on the ass and slapped and pinched, but nothing did not work, she has a hole and the hole. Irishkina suffering pipiska did not want to fall, now is too much fallen to its lot. To work hard for another five minutes, I realized that I like Yegor with this option does not work and it is time to switch to a spare, as did Yegor. After another movement I abruptly changed the habitat of my little brother, what Irishka reacted only in a low groan.
- All you have such and such obizhenno- she said no to deliver a fun girl and let me finish, just think about yourself.
- Irishev, you do not obizhaysya- I began to calm it - you just have in your squeak too spacious for my members and I have nothing.
- And who is to blame, I'm what? - Continued she- because it is you like me fucking started yesterday so I am now and I can not stop.
I prefer not to enter into discussion with her, and continued from the case of me, increasing the tempo. I had quite a bit of action to its logical conclusion when I heard the sound of approaching footsteps and saw Olga.
- What are you doing here - she asked ulybnuvshis- Andrew, you're gone Irishku cause in order, and leads to an even greater mess.
- Here I am about the govoryu- filed voice Irishka- rest I do not give, all take turns fucking and fucking, absolutely I will soon erase.
- Here you poor thing, and I was now no hochet- she said grustno- Zhenya won and the Dima Vovka taken away, she was lucky.
- What about Yuri, he's arrived? - Irishka asked hard podmahivaya me.
- But he only had time to kiss, drunk and asleep in mashine- said Olga- disappointed because it is not known which of us poor thing.
- Hey Andrew, can help devushke- Olga came to me and stroked my plechu- and I really zagruschu, you promised me.
- This is when you promised her - I handed you a voice Irishka- before orgasm dotrahal, and already my friends in the queues.
- Come Irishka not be greedy, now we are together with Andryukha you to orgasm dovedm- purred Olga came to Irina poblizhe- because you love me?
- Very - Irishka said, and turned over on the back spread her legs wide.
- Yes nice you here potrudilis- said Olga looking Irishkiny dyrochki- you water then at least have a little rinse it?
- Well, here's another look chistyulya prishla- said Irina-fuck I want, and they are trying to wash me all.
Olga took a bottle of water and began to pour Irina holes while gently rubbing their hands, what Irishka responded groan.
- Yes, I have a girl here without affection ostalas- smiling Olga said, continuing to rub Irishkiny holes - you would only come, but for us, you do not think, well now everything is correct.
Olga is widely spread her legs and Irishkiny becoming cancer began to lick her horny holes, while caressing her breasts. Irishka arched, apparently she is very fond of such affection and they were not her first time. Olenka She grabbed his head and started to press it to his crotch, while arching for that would give it more access to his depraved body. Olga worked with skill, not stopping for a moment and not letting Irishka breath. I have already mentioned that I like to look like a girl with a girl, and had seen it many times, but such rough sex, I saw for the first time.
- Well, why are you just going to stand observer sucks - said Olga up from Irishkinyh dyrochek- I help you bring your girl to orgasm, and you help me - and she showed me a view of her ass and again prinelas for Irishku.
At Olga was wearing a skirt just above the knees and tight T-shirt. Coming closer, I lifted her skirt and I opened a magnificent picture. Two mouth-watering buns Olyushkinoy popochki covered with stockings, which shared a thin white strip of her panties mini vidnevshayasya under stockings. Olenka flowed, and flowed shamelessly, her feet on the inside were wet almost to the knees of her love juice.
- You see how I'm hurting, and you're standing post - she said again, breaking away from the case - let's make me like you did before this slut.
- I'm not a whore, I just like it when I have a - rejoined Irishka- let's go on, not ostanavlivaysya- she added, referring to Olga.

I did not force me to do Olga repeated suggestion, dropped to her knees with her panties stockings, abruptly entered her pussy and at once began to increase the pace of intercourse. Olga began podmahivat, not forgetting to lick Irishku and massage her breasts. This I have never been, I had a charming girl who, in turn, was my friend. And then I noticed that Irishka looks me in the eye and smiles.
- Well, that got his way, I have long noticed with how you look at lust Olenku- said she- and now it is completely yours and you can do with it whatever you want.
And I did it all I wanted, I reached out her hands to her breasts and squeezed them as crumple usually dough squeezed and delayed nipples. I pinched her buttocks and slapped them hard enough with her pussy steadily declined. I massage the tight ring of her anus preparing a springboard for his new attack, getting his finger deeper. And now it's time to attack, I pulled my cock all covered Holguin love juice, and almost without slowing down the tempo entered her ass. Olga twitched in surprise and gently bit her clit for Irishku from which it began to violently put an end enveloping Olgino face of love juice. Irina, Olga grabbed his head and began to carry it on his person depraved the hole while growling like a wounded animal. Olenka start podmahivat more rhythmic and I'm feeling the approach of orgasm, it again entered her pussy, and in less than two minutes as the Oily start to finish. It had to be seen, Irishkin orgasm was not any comparison, is ending, I saw for the first time, she was shaking, she moaned and screamed at the entire forest. Her pussy was reduced so I thought, as if she did not end crushed. Do not hold back, I also began to finish filling Olga's pussy cum forgetting that she asked her to keep an.

But now it did not matter, I'm fucked in turn two of the most beautiful girls and the area had their way I wanted. At Olga's screams came to Eugene.
- Wow, you have here a whole orgy, and I think you're just the quiet Anryuhe pososet and vsyo she said with a smile and going to Irina gently ran her hand over her litsu- slut and you still do not like not natrahaeshsya - Zhenya said looking into her eyes .
- Nope - Irishka told her not taking his eyes, and suddenly sharply pulling Zhenya's head began to kiss her on the lips. And Olenka came back to Zhenya lifted her skirt and began to knead her charming ass.
Looking at this picture, I realized that now is such that I wanted to see his whole life. But this is the next story ... Continuation of the adventures of my future wife should be.