My ass

Hello! My name is Julia. I want to tell you my story I am 19 years old I am a student, slim and tall brunette with magnificent breasts and very appetizing ass, which reduces the scrip is not only men but also to me herself. Recently, I have become a very exciting thought of anal sex, I imagined a huge dick stretches clamped my hole in the pope and then fucks her at a furious pace. Unfortunately, in my life there was no one with whom I could realize their secret desires in life, but luckily I love to experiment. In general, I have repeatedly tried to thrust in her ass finger, when she was in the bath and masturbating, but especially not focus on this issue, but now it was quite different, as if someone had switched my ass, as soon as I touched her fingers to the wrinkled holes my pussy began to flow like the last bitch and so I was determined to fuck her in this small, but highly coveted hole. For my goal I went to the sex shop and bought everything you need, a couple of vibrators of various sizes and shapes, anal lubricant, plug ass and DVD movie, which as the name promised to institute a limit. Praed home, I turned on the film and started undressing, got cancer before a mirror so that all to see. Leaning with one hand on the other chair I was a little pat yourself on the elastic buttocks and squeezing out of a tube on the finger grease, began to enter it in its rear opening. The finger went surprisingly easy, vse-taki grease lubrication has, at this time on television with his aunt fastened the end vengeance pearl girlfriend in the ass, it has added my enthusiasm and pulled her finger out of the priests, I took up the vibrator that was smaller. He was smooth, thin and long form. Pick it up in the ass, I enjoyed a bit, the reason it around the anus and began to shove. Just because he did not want to go, ass persistently resisted, then I pushed harder and yielding to force a hole cracked open, head pushed the edge of the anus and passed inside. A little getting used to new sensations I continued movement in the depths, tucking it about ten centimeters, I stopped and began to caress the clitoris. It is not transmitted sensations to masturbate watching myself standing doggy on the floor in front of a mirror with high battened down ass and sticking out her silicone member. But my pleasure was short-lived, from games to sing, I terribly wanted to use the toilet and had no choice but to do as the seductive pull of the rod butt. Go to the toilet, I realized that now I do not get high, and there is no time to start all over again, would have to wait for tomorrow.
In the morning it was necessary to run the institute, and wait all day not like getting up early, I decided to start with an enema, not to repeat yesterday's story, going to the bathroom, I pulled the rubber hot-water bottle with a hose sticking out of it, and a small white tip. Fill a water bottle with warm water and hung it on a hook. Pulling from the shelf cream I heavily greased tip and take a position in the bath became a pleasure to enter it himself. After inserting the tip and stroking his nipples have become really hard, I opened the tap on the hose, warm liquid began to flow through my vnutrinney. Enema in general I do not really like but to achieve the desired all good. Water stopped flowing and I closed the tap, but did not pull out the tip, instead I began to stroke his alkalis and lingering on the button of the clitoris fingered it a little.
The water in the stomach Soon manifested itself, and I was forced to get out of the tub and sit down on the toilet, because I was immediately a torrent came all "excess" That was in me. After the procedure, I crawled under a warm shower and began to think that to do next. Without becoming limited enema, I decided that today will go to the Institute of the inserted plug in the ass. We quickly ran to the room and it took cream and cork, I returned to the bathroom. The plug was pale blue color exciting about 15 cm in length and 3 and a half wide at the thickest part. Forcing cone on top of a large amount of the cream, I spread her legs a little wider, a little bent their knees, bent forward and lifted the cap to the hole in the pope cherished. Cork was bolshevat for my zadik and when I began to press on it the first skin around the holes began to sag, and only then, my ass was the slightly opened gradually letting a foreign object. The first half, which was the expansion, included very tight and was a bit bolnovato, so I had to stop and massage the clitoris to relax, but once climbed the widest part of the second half, tapering, I hopped on smoothly leaving outside only a small flat part Do not let get away a stopper inside. From the voltage of the pope and excitement gripped me even knees buckled. After washing with cold water, I slowly wandered into the room, not moving his gait was unusual to feel something in itself, it did not close around the anus and the vagina sweet grated through a thin partition. While I was going to college, it is completely accustomed to their spigot and a wave of excitation overflowing to the body forced my anus to shrink and thus feel the cone down and shutting up my lustful ass. Reaching the institute, I felt like the grease from my panties pussy drenched through, especially excites me the idea that under the skirt of narrow holes ass sticking cork base, and this one could not even think. Barely withstand one lecture, I rushed back home. Praed, I took off with all the clothes leaving only stockings, tight nylon Lingering in my slender legs.
In the ass sverbelo and mink burned with desire, therefore, lost no time, I included the last film took their new toy and went to bed. Clasping a pillow under the waist, she spreads her legs apart and pressed it to his chest, his knees touching the nipples. During the morning, I got used to the sensation of cork inside myself that I did not want to part with it, but I'm waiting for more interesting and unexplored sensations so holding ass sticking out of the tail cone, I pulled it out. The plug is first pulled the edge of the anus, and then abruptly jumped out. Taking on the cream finger I became well lubricated ass inside, and as it was a bit stretched sphincter plug the finger entered freely. Holding a small phallus, which was already familiar with my ass, I put your back door and began to immerse it inside. He went virtually unopposed, and I began to push it deeper. It made my hole howl with desire, then I'm almost to the end of the thrusting vibrator in the ass undertook a second, larger, made in the form of a healthy male member and one motion shoved all the way into her wet hole, including a small speed and feeling overwhelmed me, I started at a furious pace to drive it in the ass, in the gap of these stallions, but I wanted more and I changed their places, is now a fat dick that barely housed my mink sticking out of your ass tightly covered ring gouging anus, while his younger brother for the rest went in my pussy absolutely stunned. A little getting used to the size of a member in the ass I turned to maximum vibration and began to work them in the ass like a jackhammer. Almost removing it, so that the anus time to shrink a little bit, and then driving it to its foundation in the form of healthy eggs. I ended up repeatedly, but could not stop until it fell into complete ecstasy ...
Few come to himself, I realized that this miracle of technology still sits deep in my ass and still vibrates, forcing tremble all over my body. Grasp the base I slowly pulled it out, my ass is not converged edge in all throbbed and burned. But I still had good feelings overwhelmed me, I still did it, I fucked myself in the ass.
After the day was a long time ... and my love of anal sex is becoming stronger by the day, especially after I tried to get fucked in the ass with his new friend, from a living member in the ass almost fainted. Now my ass is ready for any adventure, which I always find it for her.
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