Real love

We had the best family. According to mom dad I'm happy family. Dad works a lot, at first my mother was right but many wives get tired of my husband for a long time is not here and she was tired at the time I was 14 years old. Oh yeah I forgot my name is Lisa so-called mother of Light then you will understand why I was so rude and dad talk Igor. I was still in school and when she saw the Pope, he was angry and crumpled note on the table. I walked over and asked,
- Dad what happened ..
Dad always, even in anger or shouting at me here and now.
- She left a note here.
I picked up and read (Goodbye, I love another take care of her daughter and sign the divorce)
I said nothing and went dressed and prepared traitor think my mom threw me and most importantly because his dad was sorry in two ways.
Dad lay sooner already asleep.

Oh in the 14 years I have had almost 2 breast size and had a light brown eyes blue eyes pretty well, not thin as they say has grown.
I do not know what came over me but I decided to go to Dad's room and lie down with him.
I hugged him and clung to him. He abruptly woke up but did not repel me.
- Lisa because I do not care that you're my daughter, but you should know that I'll be rude if you do not stop.
I really wanted what would become my first guy who's my father but I was afraid and decided to retreat.
- And I thought you were more courageous kitten okay I'll start.
He abruptly grabbed me and threw it on the bed abruptly cracked my shirt I wore a long shirt over his naked body.
- Dad please, I'm afraid!
- Oh well quieter sweet daddy knows how to make her nice girl, even a woman.
- I do not understand what you're enough stop!
- Well, my dear, I know not when I did not like your mother when my father said that the beloved and dearest person can become a native blood, and I think he was right.
- Dad Well I do not want to have you tell me you love me!
- Yes, and I want to say something sweet and I think that it is your children will consider their.
He abruptly pulled off my remaining clothes and clung to my body greedily grabbing my nipples and moved to my shaven pussy stuck there moved his tongue to them there and went to the clitoris oddly enough, I stopped struggling and went vulgar sighs and my father as soon as I blurted .
- What do you izvrascheka Vikulya.
- Mn. Oh
That's all I could say then. Then he undressed, then immediately showed it to a member of Horny see there 23 do not know exactly but for 14 years it's probably count.
- Well, you're ready bunny, I will not stand on ceremony because I want you to become fully mine.
I said nothing and suddenly a sharp jolt ...
- Mn. t enough ... please ...
- Hush you have to endure.
The tremors were becoming stronger and I cried too, everything is harder.
- Vic, I love you very much.
And suddenly something liquid and viscous rushed into me and flowed without stopping.
- You see how much I have saved up for you.
- Dad why and even in the me ...
- Vic knew I understand that you're a virgin, and very much wanted to be the first you because I love you more with the birth.
- The Pope is not normal
- Yes I know but what can I do that because you can not father said.
- Dad, I love you too and I want you but I was afraid.
- If so then do not call Dad Names and Igor.
- Good and Igor as well as it will hurt.
- No this is only the first time a couple of days now and wait for healing.
After that we went to the bath Dad ie Igor washed me and we went to bed a couple of days we continued and as it turned out after the first time I became pregnant and gave birth to a son here, we were married and went away.
As it turns out my grandfather was right relatives closest. Oh sons name is Serge.