Do not train came

My name is Sergey, I'm 30 years old and I am married. Once I returned from the country to the city, we had to go to work at the weekend, his wife waited my return to our house, and I went to the station. It was the end of November, was bitter cold, and the train did not come as luck. I had to stand in the wind and wait for the next one. Except for me on the platform stood a woman about 50 years, pretty good-looking for his age. Tall, stately guessed under the sheepskin coat slim figure.
Before the train was 40 minutes and after a pause, she said:
- And today is not hot.
- Yeah. I replied.
Soon we were talking, before the arrival of the train we were able to discuss the latest news from the Ukraine, weather as well on the sea and much more. When, finally, let us train in the warm car we sat in one compartment, and continued the conversation.
And Balti Jaam, is already in the vestibule, where everything is gathered at the output it imperceptibly, reached out and touched my groin. And I broke through I suddenly unbearably wanted it, so that in the street, I certainly agreed to go to a cup of coffee with cognac, (you're so cold, young man, you need it). Tatiana lived, and her name was on the next street Shkapina, so that after 10 minutes we were in her apartment. As soon as we took off robe, went into the room, I was literally attacked her, began kissing her passionately, tearing clothes. She also dug his lips to mine, and after a few moments, I threw it on the sofa and without any foreplay, abruptly drove his penis into her vagina expiring juice. Our first sex was very passionate but short-lived, we were too excited for long games. Within 10 minutes we were in an embrace, and my hand slowly traveled down her body. Indulging caresses, we had a leisurely conversation, I learned that Lena is 55 years old, she is a widow. I must say that her body was just amazing, graceful, elegant, medium-sized breasts, but the ideal form with funky nipples. It turns out it is a hefty portion of their income spent on shaping and cosmetologists, so that nothing more under her velvet skin is not delayed. Not dressed, we went to the kitchen, drank brandy, and I soon realized that I want it again. I hugged Lena, and we began to kiss, our tongues played dance of passion in her mouth, my hands squeezed her magnificent ass. We were back on the couch, Lena lay on her back, and I began to massage her chest, stroking her stomach, thighs, my fingers got into her pussy. Lena was breathing hard, her nipples harden, finally, removing my hands, she put me on his back and leaned over my member. I felt her plump lips encircled my head and my cock sank into the moist heat of his mouth. After some time, the unearthly pleasure, she let go of him and sat down on top of me, I saw a delightful picture - a woman of unearthly beauty strung on my stone penis. I reached out and began to massage her nipples, stroking her ass crease. Soon she moaned, and at that moment my code sperm rough stream filled her she screamed, fell on me and I felt like she was shrinking, squeezing inside my shooting end.
- Wait that's not all.
She said, catching his breath, standing with me, she sat her pussy on my face and offered to lick her. I do not try this, but agreed, and I liked it, especially the unusual combination of taste it was grease and my sperm flowing out of the depths of her right on my tongue.
Finally we got up and went into the bath, where we took a shower together and vytershis were back in the kitchen. During the night we had sex three more times in the morning, squeezed like a lemon, I hurried to work. This night is not just passed and we occasionally meet, but do not believe it and have sex with his wife became more passionate and frequent. I am very grateful that no train had come for a meeting with Lena.