School debauchery

She told me once about a friend of his fantasies. From time to time in the dream of her torment erotic visions on school and violence. Dreams of those were vague and uskolzayuschi. Basically, it was forced (Nona much) nudity. We have long poobsuzhdali this topic, I told some stories that are known on the subject, and that would be all and ended, if neither surprising meeting.
After just a few months I met a married couple, originally from a very large Russian city. The wife in this pair was a sociable woman, and also a very loving frivolous topics. We drank hard, and in the end, I told my friend about fantasies, and I noticed that very often life surprises us more than the wildest fantasy. And the proof brought a story about a yard, where school-age boys dragged the girls in their basement labyrinths, where they were corrupted, and then laid on them a kind of sexual service.
My new friends have listened to me very interested. And in the eyes Darling (the name of a woman) lit devils in his eyes. Igor, her husband seems to have a lot of things could be noted in this regard, his eyes said: "I know, what you know is not given, but will not tell"! I was intrigued by the situation. Since after my story established a significant silence, as the couple looked at each other with smiles that touched me. Well, that at this point we have a good drink. I did not kompleksuya, I began to demand an explanation for such a meaningful smile. Mila finally gave up (I think that she herself sverbelo share), she just asked her husband: "Well, Che, tell"? The question at the time was simply to comply with visibility difficult delivery. Igorek nodded simply, it has already nailed to the couch konyachek. He, by the way, and soon fell asleep under the monotonous voices of his wife.
Mila also told me that's a story, try to pass it without ado, and in compliance with the narrator's style. And there's how it goes.
Well, it all started in the 6th grade. We had such Slavik, quirky kid, smart aleck, but terribly clever, and a born leader. He amassed around him a company of classmates, people 6-8. They indulged in all sorts of pranks, teachers build intrigues, others touched, and to us, the girls molested.
Once they stayed in the basement of the school after school, it is clear - smoke, and when they began to go through our floor, ran into Tomka A .. That class cleaned on duty, and just closed the office. The boys pinned her to the wall. Well, they indulged in before. Only this time Slavik wanted to have fun in an adult. He was the most advanced. And Vidic cassette watched pornographic cards brought to school. A more clear age arrived. In short, they said Tomochka that if she wants to return home safely, it must do all that he would say to her. And he gives the word for it that a gentleman would cost her.
Exit at Tomka something and did not. It is, in short, he nodded. Slavka in its class dragged behind him and jumped Bear Igorenya, big two, like his soldiers. And then Sasha and Tolia, pinwheels, where all there and they are. Tomka said Slavka, so everything below the waist and lifted him, then his hideaway demonstrated. But he assures that his hands to it, no one touches. Tomka crying, and undresses. She said then shame not become red, and purple.
In short, she was put on a chair, and she brought her feet on the desk on the sides. Banda this spectacle so spicy enough have a good laugh, and Tomka has had the most fingers sponge plant. They are "a gentleman" it has not been touched. Slavka then shoved all, and Tomka said, when she dressed her again will be called the next time. And so it does not show off, and then it will be worse. Fear, he was able to catch up, and even if it was a bluff. Only next time, he said Tomka, it will show them his "Thing" On the other hand, in the back.
The game is inspired by this band, and they began to no longer waiting for the case, but by the search for the victim. Girls, pretty, attractive in the class was on the strength of ten of the more than twenty. So only those interested in them. When on duty in the class were Mila M. and her neighbor's party, unsympathetic Tajik Gulya, Slavik, with three still his henchmen, began to watch for her. Tajik went first because cool her keys did not trust. And Mila caught when the key is in the lock became a paste.
Slavka clamped over her mouth, and Micah Igor feet and her hands clasped. So in class and dragged. Mila was umnichka. Everyone loved her, and she was one of the most beautiful girls in the class. Brown hair, curls to the middle of the back, face chiseled with breast skin. Eyes greenish blue. Her body was already well formed. Breasts of a bra, buttocks round, rounded legs. She's in the gym went up to the sixth, and then on athletics passed. Slavka her ear and breathes: "There is nothing you will not do, only listen, mouth and legs let go, and his hands will hold, yelling become - to give dyhlo"!
Mila them with the fear of looking, she later told me, so probably a sheep to a wolf looks. So Slavka her story with Tomko said, and she also offered to give up to them, and they it, they say, will let tselehonkim. At Milky nerves passed, she rushed out of the hands, ran to the door, shouting, but did not have time to open. We put her crucified guys on the desk and began pulling off her clothes. And at the same time and beat her fists in the stomach, hands on her cheeks, legs, ass. Milka cried bitterly, and she forbade Slavka said, will beat stronger, if not silent. Here she gave up. Resist stopped. And whimpered softly.
Kindled former gymnast on the desk. Forced to take the legs by the ankles, and 180 breed. Stroked her stomach and legs, boobs take, pussy paw. Then Slavka told her that he did not need to withdraw myself from them, so they would all peacefully the same and received, and Mila less troubles. And she nodded her head, but her face closed, afraid that will strike again. And in the end it Slavka said that it hurt will no longer, and will be protected, it should also be only occasionally, here are the services they provide. And while "Yes" He did not say, did not let her.
And they caught Tanyuha after the New Year.
The first day after the holidays. More and duty was not. Shreds keys from the staff took the pretext of something forgotten. A Slavik Mishka Igoreney and, as always, in an ambush hid around the corner of the corridor. They knew that Tanya will last into the locker room. She Micha after the last call stomping the entire portfolio, and textbooks on the floor wiped. In general, as it waited for the appearance, so just took a pen and dragged class. Tanyuha lass she was still. She herself up to the fourth grade with the boys playing "Show me". And about the fact that everything, everything showed us, the majority (of her girlfriends), told. By the middle of the sixth, it was the highest in the class, thin and flat. Copper-red hair, always in a ponytail gathered and green eyes and gray. On her older boy would not have looked, and our loved her face.
Tanya did not have long to explain what is expected of her wish. She even began to flirt. And where it was said to her show, she willingly turned, and touched prepend unquestioningly. Slavka this time Misha sent to collect the whole gang. And nine of them crammed into the office. So far, it has not peretrogali, Tanya was not released. So she spent in the classroom for two hours. By the way, she was the first girl and then blabbed about it all. Such a temper she had. Language does not know how to keep his mouth shut. They laughed over it all, but pretty girls were cautious, and many hold out for long.
Just before I got to them, the week before the holiday - 23 February. I loaded the class fool public instruction, to prepare gifts to men boys holiday. Yeah, the boys, they already members of the adult sizes, and stood, so much so that they would have ... any Maryvanna plant could not be worse than an adult man. In general, parents' committee has brought to us after school three boxes of souvenirs. And we have two Ludmila - M. and S., dragged them into the room, hiding in closets. Something was terribly restless Milka, I would think at least a little, and I'm on monthly written off, thought began.
I must say that I was at that time in the classroom was the most precocious. One Tanya was above me. The bra I wore a third dimension. Legs stroynenkie, okruglenkie, ass balls rolls. Hairstyle my mother made in adult barber shop, short, terribly fashionable. From the 8th to me boys even glued. At one point, the door to the plowing, Slavka bursts and with him another five. I got used to their antics and was not afraid. Only surprise she shuddered. And Mila all shook.
I fear it too soon to convey. Because they started to surround us, as in a fight do. And Slava still called Mila to her. She went to him, well, as penalty. Steel remaining tightly around me, so that the run has been nowhere. And I look at her friend, and really I became scared. I decided to rape. Slava Milo nodded his head and tells me that I can not be afraid of anything, if I, as the rest of the girls to behave prudently. A lovely, they say, has long been a good girl, and because she is nothing wrong do not. And he told me immediately that these girls do. And it has turned out that they seem to very much. I was immediately asked to verify the veracity of the bandit leader.
Mila, according to his sign, began to undress, naked on the desk and sat down. Legs divorce, as she ordered, paw prepend themselves anywhere, sponge fingers bred and showed the hole. I was the first time in his life felt so got, although the words did not know this. I suddenly wanted to also show all the boys themselves. And in the next moment I was terribly scared of this idea. And laugh or cry.
The whole crowd to Mielke, of course, gushing. Only the big man, Bear and Igor next to me were, and took the hand, like in the movies about the police. As soon as one cute enjoy oneself, to me the basement. I, therefore, give an ultimatum to Slavik. Either I voluntarily gave them, or are they all take, but it will be worse. And if you give up, it gives me a choice. (It had been such notions of fairness). I can only get undressed to the waist, but they will play with my tits. Or completely undress, and all show, even posture will take what is ordered, but to me nobody touches.
I somehow did not think, most of all afraid to be naked in front of them. "Boob choose"- I blurted out quickly, still make a fuss with me. Mila, a friend, and remained naked on the desk, she was not allowed to dress. She looked at me and sitting with her legs spread. And I was feeling the winner, school dress unbuttoned. Then he pulled out from the top of one arm with the shoulder, then the other, and dress my waist moved down. Bra unbuttoned, tits and jumped.
The roar of admiration flattered me, honestly. I even somehow strashnenko priyatnenko-warmed in the back and between the legs. My breasts touched all climbed excitedly, I nearly collapsed under their pressure. But Slavka order quickly brought. Listen to his amazing unquestioningly. They began to approach me one by one, and each Slavka given 5 minutes to play with my breasts. At the end of the most recent to me he went. I'm already on their touch was surprisingly pleasant warmth spread in the chest, then in the stomach, then some kind of languor came between her legs. And when I became Slavka squeeze nipples and breasts, I even regretted that he "a gentleman" honest, and why not in my hand puts panties.
In different combinations, we show the boys staged the whole end of the winter and spring. After me "casualties" Valya caught, excellent student and good girl, Larissa, beautiful shkodnitsa that cops and robbers preferred classics. Natasha J., fashionista and pioneer of cosmetics. Olga P., athlete, champion in his age in swimming, basketball and volleyball. Ended May and Slava decided "finish" standing, in his understanding, the girls, whom he had not yet accustomed to their dirty games. And there were two World B. (the only one in the class with divorced parents) and Kate L., recently from the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful woman. The whole week we Slavka scare and intimidated before the appointed Saturday "farewell ball". So we were all ready to go at least in a gas oven, but would have left alone. I can not speak, which we then showed obedience. A script from him, that's what has turned out.
After school and Saturday - a short day, we have eight pieces (sorry, so in the narrator), we went into a cool room, where someone on the list was on duty that day. Behind us there and then we went all Slavkina pals: Sasha, Shreds, Oleg red bear Stas, brand new Pasha, cruel boy Kostya, cornstalk Andrew and two other Vova. And Slava with his everlasting artists Mishka and Igoryok, hid in a closet with the light and Katya. In the closet all the cool stuff was stored, and the ceiling was a long, narrow window. They are there broken chairs framed, and the girls gave a look that will be. It was he who, under the pretext of their great mystery to lure them to their curiosity and caught. They thought they where secrets will open such that all be jealous, and they will turn up their noses. Secrets were really that necessary. Only here the continuation of what followed, they were not expecting.
While they were there five of dust swallowed, while we boys, as always naked. To each his own, as Slavik opened. Tomka dress and removed her cancer began, the face on the desk, legs spread and his hands placed on the buttocks, if ordered what else to push. Milka undressed and climbed on the desk, cords do. Tanyuha, cornstalk, as always, naked in the hands of the guys climbed. Well, I was there as usual, his chest out, and on a chair in the corner was attached, who will get necessary. Valya, the achievers, such pyshechka nice, I think, by the time the talk went. It's like doing your homework thoroughly and immediately undressed, she folded her little things, hung neatly, and then with a sugary smile to Andrey Vovk and to hand it to him was not indifferent. Larisa, snorting with displeasure ostentatious, all undressed slowly, wanted to show that she was alone here involuntarily. She was given to quickly understand who she is, Shreds and Stas, which is not removed, tore at her, elbows on the desk under the belly laid. Feet apart, and rushed ... Natasha Olya on a recent whim of Fame each other undressed, hands tangled, clothes unbuttoned prevented, and who was standing next to them laughed, as they undressed each other had to touch instead of boys. They strongly reddened, his eyes were hidden, but I already felt that it is very had to taste.
Tighten the carousel that what should have been called an orgy. It is much later I learned this word, and then I said to myself: group floss. Hour or two was enough heat in our boys, they then still at large were not ingenious, and Slavik no longer allowed. We have gathered belongings and go home. Then the ambush of the closet and crept to the place of the departed.
Slavik, girlfriends come round, shocked by the spectacle, not given. And once they gave as all the girls were intermingled to such cases, and that they, and Svetochka Katechka also to lead and shown all is not in vain, and to know what is required of them. And then they have everything, everything that they saw themselves portray.
Something that day Slavka was evil. He used his spare victims of such steep penalty is not imposed. Well, Svetik with Katusha in snot and tears, undressed, and were laid on the desks in all positions, in the arsenal of the rapists were. Then fingers are tried everywhere on the body. A Svetik - mama's daughter, always dressed, always neat, with Mama's pies for lunch. What is it! But she grew up, rather big breasts to outline feet - sight for sore eyes. The hair always combed waves of red light on the back, like a cat's eyes ...- green, looking defiantly. Katya, may not have to worry. Her family is poor. And until recently it at all in the class nobody noticed. The girls were not friends, the boys at her side did not look. Only changes have recently become apparent. Stretched, although thin, but the legs are round, plump breasts, despite the thinness, prettier face. Scythe stupid black, brushed, beautiful hair down to his shoulders made. True eyes remained timid and not expressive. Yes, they even then, as with Olenka Natochka forced together hugging and licking.
It must be said that the time for the end of the school year, guys tasted the taste of kisses, and then their full-snatching. So after their lesbian scene, the girls an hour they meet aspirated.
In fact, the idea, and had to result in the 6th grade. And those shameful scenes ever sink into the recesses of school history. But that's just a feature of our class that Slava and his thugs, and remained the unofficial ruler of the class, and, returning after the summer holidays, has built other plans, not like we were building.
Starting School in September, I remember how I was surprised by the changes that have taken place with all the guys. So we just called and they were then. Slavka all outgrown, even long Tanyuha was half a head taller. And his henchmen Igorenya with Meehan generally matured, adult men looked like. Well, the rest of the same song. I did not really thought about that, and the girls in their eyes had to undergo significant changes.
If shorter, straight from the 3rd of September, when the study, Slavka, with the his entourage, took me, Katka yes, yes Valka in the basement. And there all last year happened. As if there was no interruption, as if we do not change as if not all grown up by one class.
I'm with the girls, without saying a word, began to resist giving. We have in mind discos, dating, romance, kissing, clothes in magazines, flirting with high school students, as they are with their valve and inspections, as in kindergarten, I swear. Only Slavka from our furious resistance, and after him all his bandits. Beat they have soundly on Valcke expensive clothes broke, me at his sides form has gone. In Katka only intact all of the clothes left. In general, they have completely perelapali, admire, and all hold hands, do not let go.
In the basement of the benches stood along the walls. We whine, sit, walk away hunting. And they died down, and so we slowly stroke, but potselovyvayut. In short, after a while it became this thing like a date. We just sat naked. I was on my knees Stas, he became even healthier, a sort of bear. And next close Slavka himself sat and played with my tits. Katka is kept between Bear and Igor, and Val whimpered on the lap of Oleg.
Like all abated, I was pleased that the glory of me so tenderly stroking and polapyvaet, and I liked it even then, to be honest. It is he was a nice person. So when he began to kiss me, I answer him and start. Maybe with me an example taken, and they may also themselves well was only Katka and Valya, too, the guys began to hug and snuggle.
How much time has flown by, I do not remember. Stas hurried on business. He patted me on the cheek and said that he was taking me to his girl. I was so flattered. I even standing naked in front of everyone, blurred happiness. I have seen all sorts of pink elephants. Dressed we somehow, Slava made sure there was no sign of special tracks. Stas he sent to the teachers say that the girls got into a fight, it's to justify clothes torn. We then reprimanded for it endured. We asked him, promised not to say anything, but did not agree, he said, that we will be a lesson, and he himself without cover never leaves.
It was after this, and away we go. How is it with other cost - I do not know, but apparently easier than with us. Became a regular meeting after school or in the classroom, or in the basement, sometimes in the athletic locker room. Girls usually have from three to six people. The boys somehow hobbies all dismantled. I Stas always Milka Igor, Valya Mishka and so on. Very rarely it happens that the guys have changed, but it happens. We are very much accustomed to sit naked in the campaign. And how come so undressed immediately, knowing why we are here.
Then the meeting began to take place in our homes. We began to celebrate birthdays, and not with a cake and lemonade, but with wine and cigarettes. The girls did not smoke, did not like this Slavka, and the boys are all as one. Once so we do all gathered. Ten of the girls and boys of eleven or midnight. We walked in the country, can not even remember who was the birthday. Well, that was the first time and learned some of us, that is sex. Those Days have become cold, generally already in the cottages was empty. I am with Slava secluded in the annexe, on mattresses, blankets yes. Everything was as usual. Once we were alone for the first time.