The nurse at our school

One day I was sitting in class literature. And from overwork me a headache. I decided to go to the doctor. I went down to the second floor and went into the office.

There sat our nurse. Eskazal her that I have a very sore head. She began to measure my blood pressure. Died she said that I had a lot of pressure and I should prelech on the couch.

She was 27 years old. I lay down on the couch and she stood over me. And then I opened view of her lovely breasts. She will see this and immediately blushed. She said that I'm fine and I Stith to go to class. And he sat down to his chair.

And then to me that is found. I kissed her passionately. She became saprotivlyatsya and yell at me. But I prodalzhay. After 3 minutes, it is no longer soprativlyalas. Yastal undress her. Undressed her before the goal I became tongue flexing her nipples. She began to moan with excitement. I sat her down on the table, spread his legs took a stick to explore the throat and began to slowly immerse it to her in her pussy. She began stongat even stronger. I tell her to be quiet bitch. She began to subside. Then I started to play with your fingers and then with the language of her clitoris. She had told me, fuck me more, but I have not played enough. Then I posodil her on a chair and shoved his mischievous in her mouth. She licked swallowing it drove them himself in the face. And then I was ready to fuck her. I lay down on the couch and she sat on top. She jumped on me like at Buffalo and eventually gained Tampa. Then I put her stomach on the table and began to tear it into her ass tselenkuyu. Then she began to moan so much that I had to stuff his shirt into her mouth. I tore it 2:00 3 this lesson.

And now I come to the doctor's office, it immediately closes and we start to fuck. That such story happened to me in grade 9.