The first plus black

A few days ago I came to me, my friend. We are lovers of the past 2 years. About feelings, of course, we are not talking, but we have been friends for a long time. As it so happened that we became lovers - is another story. But this time he came very puzzled. I made coffee, we sat down and I asked him what kind of problems.
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He said that in the course of his university studies in one guy. This guy - a student from one of the African countries. They are friendly and share some of my concerns with each other. A major problem Virsa - so call the guy - that he has a very large unit. He was terribly want normal sex, but does not work, because enter fully he can not. Feel the touch of flesh to flesh, snuggle pubis and feel completely in the body of your partner - it is impossible. How and with whom he had just tried either.
Acne glanced at the closet where he knew the lie of my sex toys.
- I think that with your games you would not be difficult to help Veers?

I wondered. Of course, I had principles in the selection of partners. Acne profuse in assurances that his friend is very decent person and blah blah blah ...
In general, I agree that it takes us to meet and if I like his friend, then everything is possible.

This morning I got my biggest toy. This silicone phallus was about 30 cm in diameter and 4. My sleepy warm ass did not want first to take such a big toy in the morning. I had to take the first toy smaller. Gradually it came and to the greatest. My ass is already flushed craved more intense movements. I have imagined that this is my future friend. Especially because the toy was brown. I am very excited by the paintings that drew my fantasy to me.
Vitali and Wirth came as promised immediately after classes at the university. Wirth was not very bright representative of his race. Slightly swollen lips slightly drooping corners of the eyes, pale skin and chocolate rather flat, not flattened nose. Pretty nice guy.

In general, I have the impression it was quite enjoyable. We took a bottle of wine and settled down on my bed. Reclining sipped wine and talked about college friends.
When the wine is more relaxed all of us, I said that I needed the bathroom and the guys can reside comfortably. In fact, I had to move a bit to calm down and give the guys a little time, too, to get used to the surroundings. It was the first time me and Vitaliy was someone else.
When I re-entered the room, the boys were already without shirts, Acne in swimming trunks and Veers still wearing pants.

Acne knew what he sees, so meet me quietly. A Veers was not prepared. I wore a beautiful lace underwear is white, perfectly in keeping with my tanned skin, breasts lifted the bra, which is usually not noticeable under his shirt. I've been taking hormones and I had little to hide this beauty in everyday life. Thin white stockings snug my shapely strong legs. I saw his eyes light up Virsa.
Approaching him, I unbuttoned his pants and helped him to remove them. Under the trousers were very tight swimming trunks, which are snug nice round ass, and in front of it was evident that something unusual hiding.

Wirth sat on the bed and I knelt beside the bed beside him. Gently she pushed him in the chest and he lay on his back. Acne at this time removed the trunks and lay down next to Veers, watching me. I took up the melting of our African-American friend and slowly pulled them down. That opened my cause us to gasp with wonder and amazement cry Vitalik. Member Virsa was a little nervous, but the full excitement was still far off. And in this state, it was something. About 40 cm long, it is not clear as to this is placed in the trunks started to gain strength, filled with pulsating blood. But the wild - it was a miracle the head about 7 cm in diameter below the head is slightly thinner and further expand the base to a total of 8 cm.
I just buckled legs of fear. But delight at the sight of such a beauty often made the heart beat.

Vitaly said Wirth said that he had problems, but that is so ...
I fell a little below the tongue and licked the head of the giant. Member Virsa already was excited and was lying on his stomach quivering from my touch.
I took him in hand and squeezing it tightly with both palms, wrapped head with his lips.
Acne crawled up on the bed closer to us and began to caress me, stroking my back, ass and second hand crawled under her bra. Then he stood up, walked behind me unbuckled his belt and took off my panties. He pressed against my ass with his cock and began to caress me, stroking the head of the anus.

I have not yet lost time caressing Virsa and trying at least to take the head completely in the mouth. It's not really worked.
In general, it became clear that orally does not work. I got up and sat on the thigh Virsa. His hands immediately slid on my chest. He drew me to him and kissed my sisechki.
Acne stood behind me and continued to fondle my ass already handed.
- Can I help you? - he asked
- Yes - I could only breathe with excitement.

He lifted me by the ass and taking member Virsa splashed him with oil for the body and sent it to me in the ass. I slowly began to fall on him, trying to miss a this huge phallus. When the head came in, it became a little easier, but it still hurt. It hurts, but incredibly exciting.
Having made a few moves up and down, not letting the head of ass, I began to descend below.
Veers dropped one hand on my chest and began to fondle my penis. With my head already flowed transparent drops caused great excitement and pressure in my ass.

Well that its Acne smeared. Slowly huge black cock into me, pushing yielding flesh.
I was beside myself with excitement when Vitaly grabbed me from behind and squeezed in the hands of my nipples. Tightly embracing me, he abruptly pulled me down. I cried out in pain, but the term was already fully in me. Member of twisted inside me, avoiding obstacles and now I felt it almost in the heart. I wanted to try to move it but his legs trembled with weakness and pain.

Veers understood it and gently rolled over with me, and then slowly, pulling member, put me on the back. Carefully he lifted my legs and leaned toward me completely.
I asked him to move more slowly. He began gently and slowly come out of me. I thought it lasts forever. My ass frantically tried to shrink but it is bursting with hot body. When the movement has stopped and then I prepared Veers again entered me completely, forcing screaming in pain. This was repeated again and again until I started to lose a sense of where I am. In the eyes of the dark, I almost fainted, but a huge cock moved in and moved me gradually gaining momentum. Acne was sitting so that he could see everything. He looked like a huge cock black man enters me like drops of blood running down my legs and caressed herself.

Wirth has moved very quickly. Surrendering my nipples fingers he looked into my eyes, and I saw that he was already at the limit. Making a few sudden movements he stopped and I felt like his whole body spasm of ecstasy. He graduated in me and I felt his cock shrinking vystrelivaya me cum.
Then he relaxed his hands beneath his head down and kissed me on the lips.
Relax, he lay down on me without leaving my body and I felt like the voltage drops between my legs.
We lay for so little more relaxing. After a few minutes he got up and slipped out of the phallus relaxed me and legs drained drop of sperm mixed with blood.

Wirth went into the bathroom to wash, and was replaced by Vitaly. He did not even let me dry off and went into my ass, that has not even really could not be closed after a monster that just fucked her. I almost did not feel it, because all numb. There was not even the pain of grated. Vitaly finished in just a minute - so it aroused all that he saw.
I struggled to his feet, his legs trembled and did not want to come together.
Veers came out of the bathroom, and I wiped my cum ran down the two men and went to wash.
Having washed, I changed into a light robe which usually go to the house and went out to them.

Veers grabbed me in his arms and set him on his lap and hugged not let Acne is making coffee. All this time I Wirth whispered words of thanks.
When they left, Veers asked when we see each other again. I said I'll call him. Closing the door behind them, I leaned against the wall. I felt for the first time fully satisfied. But I do not know if I dare to do it again ...