All my life I wanted to hitchhike. It seemed to me terribly romantic and interesting. Many of my friends looked at me like I was crazy, asserted that it is very dangerous, especially for young and also an attractive girl.
When I was twenty years old, I decided that the time has come to my dream come true, and not listening to any arguments or my friends I went on a journey.
The first week went just fine, I was able from his town to get to Moscow, then drove to Tula, I have a lot of friends at the institute. Everything went just fine.
Of course, I knew all the danger of my adventures, but she could not stop, I called for my new experiences and I received them in full.
By the time I was no longer an innocent girl, many truckers obviously wanted me, I felt myself to their lustful looks, and I knew that because I already took one skirmish. I loved it, I found it terribly exciting and I will not hide, I would not mind to have fun with a cute man.
My desire grew stronger every day, every night I imagined how I would take a man, and maybe more than one. In the second week, I made a firm decision, I desperately wanted to fuck me, another word I can not find.
I stopped in a suburban motel, favorite place of truckers. The weather was terribly hot, and decided to give up favorite jeans and T-shirts, I needed something very sexy, and I found it.
I had an excellent short shorts and my round ass looked very appetizing to them, and to replace the dark T-shirt came white beacon.
I have a great figure, a high full breasts, which were jealous of all my odnogruppnitsy, thin waist and long slender legs, so dressed and looked in the mirror, I realized that I look impressive.
I deliberately did not wear a bra, and my chest was clearly visible through the white jersey. Out on the street, where the crowd a lot of men, I felt my nipples harden and were ready to break through the thin material of the shirt. As my body was a wave of pleasure, all the men devoured me with his eyes.
I chose Igor, he was very handsome, strong tanned torso and strong hands made him irresistible, besides, he had a partner, which made the trip much more attractive future.
Sitting in the car between men, I felt that my desire to have peaked, and judging by how fidgeting Igor and Sergei could judge what they told me, too, longed for.
- Very hot - I'm the first to break the silence, he unbuttoned the top two buttons on the shirt.
I knew that my chest was opened almost entirely, and were visible pink nipples.
- Can stop? - Sergey suggested. - And a little fun, you do not see the mind?
- With joy! - I said, unbuttoning a button one more, so that shirt opened, revealing a my full breasts.
Igor veered and rode on a forest path, from a sharp deceleration me pinned to Sergei, and my naked chest was pressed against his hairy chest. I felt his body tense.
- Minx! - He whispered in my ear.
We got out of the car, Igor was carrying a large blanket that was spread out in a small clearing.
Sergey spun me to him and stared at my lips from his kiss my knees buckled, and Sergei had to maintain my strong hand. Igor, meanwhile, stood behind and tried to pull off shorts me. I comfortably spread her legs, shorts fell to the ground, they were followed by my panties.
Sergei pulled and tore off my shirt completely freed me from the clothes.
- Good! - He whispered. - I love these. And you, Igor, it you?
Igor did not answer, he ordered me to lie down on a blanket belly and legs spread apart. I did as he ordered.
- Now bend your knees and lean on your hands.
After completing the order, I waited for what would happen next.
I felt a hand between her legs, it was Sergei, he managed to undress completely, his penis was in full combat readiness.
I began to stroke his chest with one hand, I wanted to forget about it not.
- Have we forgotten about these wonderful breasts! - Exclaimed Igor.
And it is the hour down on the blanket just under my breasts. Igor licked my nipple, I was like electric shock, it was just incredible, and then he sucked it into his mouth and began to suck. At the same time Sergey dramatically introduced his finger into me.
I cried, it was so unexpected. Sergei began to drive his finger back and forth, then sharply poked him and pinched my clit. I screamed and arched her back, it was just stunning, the two men gave me pleasure.
Igor, meanwhile, set to the other breast, he began to bite the nipple, after a bite, he just sucked it into his mouth. My body went through a spasm, I experienced my first real orgasm. After a fleeting respite guys swapped.
Sergei began to fondle my breasts hands, his calloused fingers gave me incredible pleasure. From these touch my breasts seemed increased in two and became much more sensitive. Nipples harden and shamelessly sticking demanding greater affection, Sergei noticed this and began to roll my nipple between his fingers from my pussy humidified this even more, I really wanted to take me, so that I went as deep as possible. Men knew this, and especially delayed the moment of complete fusion, they wanted to bring me to the extreme point, to drive me crazy.
Igor told me to lie down on his back and spread his legs wide, I anxiously obeyed. He sat down between my legs and started kissing my stomach, slowly sinking lower and lower. Igor began to bite the inner surface of my thighs, and Sergei licking my lips. I myself began to pull the nipples, which felt the moisture from the caresses of Sergei.
And then I felt that the language of Igor finally slipped on my pussy and settled on a small mound, which seemed to concentrate all my pleasure. He started to drive in a circular motion on the clitoris and from his rough tongue over my body crawl. My groans seemed to have been heard throughout the neighborhood. So I waited, Igor entered me one sharp movement, and began to move slowly, from his movements in my body passed a wave of pleasure, I felt like I hit in the stream of his sperm.
I briefly passed out, coming to himself, I felt that the place took Igor, Sergei, his cock was much thicker and longer. Looking at Igor, I saw that he was stroking his penis. Seeing that I was watching him, he asked:
- Do you want to try it, you'll like it.
I nodded, when finished, Sergei, put me cancer, Igor cock was just before my face. I licked his head, he was very pleasant to the taste, and I let him into her mouth. I began to lick it like an ice cream, Igor began to moan, it was very nice.
Sergei meanwhile started licking my clit, I'm sticking with pleasure her pussy, Sergei thought this invitation and entered my ass. I cried out in sharp pain, but the pain was replaced by pleasure immediately. Sergei kept moving, his hands caressing my clit. I then experienced an incredible orgasm. After the guys have changed places, I began to suck dick Sergei and Igor tear my ass.
I do not remember how many times orgasm that day, but it's completely changed my life. I became much more relaxed, and I prefer to have no inhibitions. I plan to have sex with a woman, but that's another story ...