Father. Part 4.

Once I woke up in the night, the toilet itch. Almost without opening his eyes, I went to the night journey through the apartment. Coming out of the room, he ran to his father, who was walking with a cup of milk in one hand and a piece of bread in the other from the kitchen to the hall. On the way, he took a sip of milk, from which he had appeared on the lip "whiskers" and winked at me. With me instantly flew all sleepy, and I thought: "He would have been a" mustache "person of my sperm, however, like to me from him." Quickly cope their "business" in the toilet, I sent my "ski" in the room where the folder was watching TV and prihlbyval milk.
Entering the room, I closed the door to my mother heard nothing. It is, of course, is sleeping soundly, but, as the saying goes, "better safe than sorry." The father was sitting in the chair, he had already finished his milk, but milk "mustache" still adorned on his lip. I came close and oprshis hands on a chair, leaned over to Dad's face and licked the "whiskers". Dad at the same moment his lips stared into mine, and his hands started from the bottom in my pants and started to crush my testicles and penis. Our tongues intertwined, pushing each other, we are more and more inflamed and were both panting with excitement. Looking up from the Pope, I stood up to catch my breath a little, and he, pulling my pants up to the ankles, and began licking my cock, from which is already abundantly flowing lubricant.
Papkin language walked around my penis: he caressed my balls, then licked the barrel, then began to be screwed into the urethra, and then crawled under the foreskin. In general, my dad loved passionately. I was already close to orgasm when papulka sharply his finger in my anus. Here it is the sperm out of me just gushed into his mouth. In the end, briefly pulling the head out of the mouth of Pope, I pulled a little bit on his upper lip, and get a "mustache", to which I immediately fell down and started! lick. Then I bit pobultyhal tongue in the mouth of his father his sperm, he was a little poured it into my mouth and I gladly swallowed. He kissed me again, a folder took up my cock and began to suck it out of the remnants of sperm. He coped with the work, he leaned back in his chair and began to squint, like a well-fed cat.
I pulled his pants, stood in front of his father on his knees and pulled out his penis through the "pocket" began to please him. Play a little with the head of the tip of the tongue, I climbed the language under the foreskin and began to lick, then, down below, I began to alternately take by mouth each egg and pinch his lips scrotum. At this time I nadrachival his unit. Gradually I began to insert his fingers into the anus of a folder, one by one. When it came to the third, his scrotum and testicles pulled up to the base member, and I realized that a little more and my father to finish. Continuing to massage his prostate, I took his head in his mouth and began rhythmically to sit down on the penis. A few moments later Dad gasped and began to fill my mouth with his "honey." Sperm were so many, but I have not missed one bit and swallowed everything, not forgetting finally draw a "mustache" papkinym "milk," which he immediately licked and we began to kiss again, and now share his semen.
Sucked out of my father's sperm remnants member and licked it clean, satisfied, I went back to bed, because the morning to work.