From prison, but the scrip. Part 1

Do you ever sit ever on death row? I am sure that there is. And I've. It's been a long time ... a very long time. In the early seventies of the last century. I was sentenced to death for the fact that I killed two scum attempt on the honor of my girls. However, on my honor, they attempted too.

Death Row - a loner. However, sometimes it sat two or even three. "Coffin" was standing there instead shkonok. Such things sculptural work made of cement and sand. Perhaps it should have been frightening bomber? Yes, the dick out there! Most suicide bombers knew what they were doing, and know what this means. Not everyone agreed with the thesis that the place - it is the worst thing that invented by mankind. What are other ways to punish the perpetrator of your wife, the daughter ... But you never know? Law and order has always defended those who will pay more, and mere mortals had to take the law into their own hands. Sometimes they have it pretty well. But you had to pay. I paid too. I waited for the verdict will result in the execution of ...

Not all were so. There were also those whom I would gladly have strangled with his own hands, though, and stood with them on "one board". But the story is not about them, and about me. I did not see anything extraordinary that prisoners and Dubakov treated me with regret and understanding. Often passed my hut, cons dramatically opened my bird feeder and threw back the sausage, bacon, bread, butter, cigarettes, so that it is necessary. Dubakov a blind eye to it. But what to say, they are often passed on to me from the rear of the people I knew. Once dubachka brought me a bubble of vodka and Shmat fat.
- Ure, this is for you from the nineteenth ... And you drink, do not become violent?
- What do you mean, Zinul, I get sleepy - I laughed - and not know why they did it?
- Nope - she shook her head, Zinaida.
- I have a birthday today ... October 25 ... 28 years have knocked. In prison, everybody knows everybody.
- Congratulations! - Said the woman - and I know you will do the same gift. Be sure to do! Here, senior change will fall asleep and do. You just do not get drunk much, okay?
- I will not - I promised - and let me by sotochku for my birthday?

I poured into an aluminum cup hundred grams, cut off the plastic fat, put it on a piece of bread and handed dubachke - bite.
- Zina took the cup and said:
- Ure, you're a good guy and did everything right, I do not blame you. I wish you to you mercy, that you spent, even fifteen years, and was released with a clear conscience, got married, she gave birth to the little Yurchik and girls too.

She abruptly overturned cup, she waved and quickly became a snack. I poured myself a little less, drank and wished her health and more denyuzhek.

Looking ahead, I want to say that I was pardoned, I spent those damn 15 years, and was released with a clear conscience and no debt. It was written in the gate area. Which opened in front of me, when he came an hour. But then the hour has not yet come. I waited a gift from Zina, lost in conjecture what these things mean?

Tearing off a couple pages of "Ogonyok", he brewed himself chifir. The irony of this magazine, was that he was the best one hundred burned, creating less smoke and soot. Thoroughly washing off the mug, I proceeded to religious rite. He made a couple of sips, took a bite of candy "Squirrel", lit belomorinu. Kaif! And what else is needed, someone who waits his death?

The door of my cell opened, missing heavenly creature. It was a girl of 20 years. On her naked body was wearing a wool suit of the finest cloth, okay sitting on it. On her feet were beautiful slippers. I stared at her breasts, not knowing what to say. It was something absurd. Out of the ordinary, unreal. I guess I'm going crazy? Or I started glitches from a mixture of vodka and chifir?
- I am your gift, - said the girl - Zinka came to our hut and asked who wants to be a boon for Yurochka of the 27th, the one that a suicide bomber? But free. The girls come to shout that freebies do not work, and Zina says: "More will have to pay extra if senior wake up and slept." I agreed. But the girls decided to chip in if the "coat". I remembered about you. You horoshiiiy.

She came closer and caressed my cheek.
- Yur so you do not menzhuysya. Let's kiss, eh? - Eye maiden flared hellish fire. She sat on my lap and his eyes half closed, lips stretched invitingly. I immediately latched on to them. He was warm and sweet. My hand involuntarily fumbled in her chest. It was so languid and pleasantly, my cock immediately hardened and stared at her ass.
- My name is Ira, - I explained my future mistress, and took the top of the dress, revealing beautiful breasts to light. I immediately hug their hands and lips. I strongly felt dizzy from the sudden fallen on my head such happiness. Ira got off my knees, sat down and began to knead and stroke, what was under my robe between his legs. It was so nice, and has long been forgotten, that I began to moan with pleasure.
- Like? - She asked? - And not waiting for an answer, he jumped out of the coffin. Moving two meters, it has become something to sing and dance to undress slowly. I had not yet seen the strip never in my life. But he knew it. Now after many years, I can say with confidence that erotic and sexy I have never seen and will not see. Undressed completely, Ira threw their panties at me. I caught them and by bringing to the face, sniffed the heavenly scent of a woman. I knew then that it was beneath one's dignity, and I was shit. I did not give a shit, and that can not be kissing pussy at the woman. It was also beneath one's dignity, not like a man, and certainly not in patsanski. I pulled her tender body to him and began to kiss in a frenzy right down there between her legs. She began to push me:
- Ure, well, you Che !? You can not come? Stop! Oh please...
- You did not like it?
- Like! Yura! Scary like! But you can not? - Her eyes expressed a desire and at the same time not understanding.
- Well, you do not tell anyone, but I do not have - I smiled wryly.
- What are you ... - she grabbed my face in his hands and began to kiss him furiously, repeating - do not want do not want do not want to!
- What you do not want? - I did not understand
- Oh fool's fool - she cried - dy, vyebesh you me, finally?

I understood. She did not want me dead. I began to love it. I do not know if she was a prostitute, or just experienced woman, but she is very eblas excellent. Feeling partner inside and out. I at least liked. And even after all that, I clutched at her sweet ass and stroked the smooth, soft tits, afraid to forget their taste and feel of his hands.

Then feeder opened. It appeared pretty attractive face Zina. She asked:
- Well, as a present? Like it?
- Thank Zinul! At one hundred percent! Very pleased!
- Live Grid. Let your pardon - the feeder is closed. I thought I heard a sob. No, of course not! It seemed to me ...