I told him the words of another.
Today was a special day, my birthday, and my wife and I decided to celebrate it in our club. The club was a little unusual, to put it simply bi-swing club. My wife and I got there on the recommendation of a couple with whom a long time met.
But first things first: I am a pretty big man under two meters tall and nehily member why my wife is also not a small 190 increase with enormous breasts, with her perfect figure, such as it is what I call - women grenadiers, in short it I just large. Immediately after the wedding, we had agreed that change each other will not, and I jokingly said that I allow her to change me, but only to a woman, and in my eyes, something I would have if I wanted to could join, she said that then and I should only be changed with the men, and on the same terms. Laughing said - I'm pink around so many beautiful men, and I somehow pulls on women, in general, a good laugh and good. My wife got a wonderful, most importantly, it has never refused to experiment in bed, and she thought out a lot so we went pretty fast and anal sex, and change roles with the strap, and light domination, in general, all that we could together.
One day she brought home a friend from work the same major as it only had a small chest, we sat chatted, drank and of course my wife said: I remember the conditions under which I allowed her to change me.
Tipsy, said with a laugh that the recall and if she wants a bedroom at her disposal, and then I ofanarel finally, the wife with the words: I told you, took her friend's hand and they went into the bedroom, at first I thought it was just a joke and they will come from there a couple of minutes, when passed fifteen peered into the bedroom and saw a picture of Repin: sailed, my friend's wife on the bed in the classic pose of 69, my girlfriend at the bottom half of the top enthusiastically lick each other pussy. After standing pillar left, poured a glass of brandy, slammed a volley virtually spat and went to look, which surprised me because it is the size of the labia with a friend, they were huge, my wife just dived into them over the face, and after a time kakoe-to emerges, her face everything was covered with juice, wet hair. Head of inputs and outputs with the smacking sound.
Here I am like a normal man could not restrain himself, took off quickly all clothing and was attached to this beautiful butt directly overhead wife, and all the fluff drove his cock in her pussy, it seemed to me that he had failed to get along with the eggs, the wife there also was attached to the my balls and started to suck them, I made the motion, did not feel anything, it seemed to me that my penis moves in the air and I just tears a couple of minutes with the words: It is not my razmerchik. My wife took my hand and put it into the vagina girlfriend, hand held freely almost to the elbow, then I squeezed his hand into a fist and only then felt the resistance of the walls. A friend at the same time began to moan and to ask for something I went, in fact I just pecked her fist like a pear, it just flowed with the moisture that gladly licked my little wife. Such orgasms like it, I have not seen her shaken from the heels to the crown, and she cried so I wonder why the neighbors called the police and while she fell to the side depart from the orgasm, surprised asked his wife what it was.
She told her friend that can satisfy either his hands or huge artificial member or a lesbian act and it is for her hulk of a problem, because men do not want to have sex with her, and the women just scared her size of the labia and the clitoris. After these words, I looked at the girlfriend's pussy blessing that she lay outstretched legs and saw that the labia just stuck to her feet, they really were just huge and almost black in color, almost at the very top of their parted the clitoris. Here I ottoropel finally he was not just big, it was huge, if the wife I could suck the clitoris as a pacifier, this can probably been like sucking dick ....... probably about three centimeters in diameter and seven in length and it fails to erection. Because it is the head of the clitoris hidden under the skin and he himself was a little wrinkled. His wife added that her friend offered her a long time to have sex and when it warns what her problem in this regard, on that my wife told her honestly about our contract and offered to have sex with three of knowing that it was my dream.
After these words, she, along with her friend flunked me on my back and they together tongues began to lick my body, my wife straddled the end of the rearing and girlfriend hanging over me my vagina. Hands she spread it lips and held your clitoris or penis to my mouth, waving his hand, I gently took his lips and sucking became the language processing each millimeter, generally feeling was at first not very good, all the time, it seemed that this cock is too big was clit, he began to swell increasing in size, the girlfriend moaned incessantly in unison with my wife. And then it became just fuck me clitoris in his mouth, like a man a woman, I put her fist into the vagina, and it is making a motion simply sit down on him, with her richly flowing grease my face and chest were covered with her juices, although the bulk of flowed on the clitoris and I never stopped swallowing. The taste was not bad, but too much, and then she came almost sat on my face, pipets kitten, I thought there was no air at all, her labia just shut down my face, and it is shaken in orgasm rubbed on it, it lasted not long and she came down with me. Here and limp little woman cried out to me.
Tax means fucked me and all shish you my beauty and I the most innocently asked and where this big cock which it is possible to fuck, girlfriend went to the room and brought the package, when it pulled out this thing, I just do not believe my eyes, it was but a strap, 30 in length and at least 7-8 in diameter, black, copy the male member that's just probably measurement was taken from a Cyclops. Putting on and tightening the belts, I came across an inferiority complex that my dick stuck just below this giant looked a pipette.
Throwing his legs girlfriend on his shoulders, I stuck this eldu her vagina, far from the truth does not matter about a third is no longer my own cock ran into her, my wife took and sent his girlfriend in the ass, that's where I was part of a stretch perhaps pop in she was still a virgin. A friend tried to jump out at me, but there it was, I had already been wound up to the limit and just planted it on the black elden and its own member. After waiting a bit to her pain subsided, he began to move slowly increasing with every movement of the vibration amplitude, after some time, she grabbed me by the hips and hands become just grind me into itself. I am very surprised watched the black garbage, going in and out of it, and above it is jumping her clit, I was curious, and whether it can masturbate as a member, taking his hand became fingers move through it top down, the girlfriend began to moan incessantly and then I felt that something was wrong back.
This is my wife, seeing that I was in a stupor and I can not come wearing a strap and perched my ass, akuratno inserting it to me in the ass, she found a position where I myself leaving the girlfriend to sit down on the strap wife, and since it was a double, it turns out that at the same time I fuck three, ie, girlfriend, wife and himself. After a short time already sniffle could be heard without stopping, and it could be heard by all three of them, we finished almost simultaneously, I deliberately pulled out his penis and eldu girlfriend and finished on the vagina, I wanted to see how the sperm will look at this Huge clitoris. It is tempting looks but since I had already tried his sperm to his wife more than once, the taste of anything, I did not hesitate began to lick the cum from girlfriend's clitoris, she finished seeing this again, breaking away from him, I am pleased ... I kissed his wife, saying thank you for a wonderful evening.
Thus we began our meetings three when we have great pleasure in fucking each other and then one day the wife offered to invite the fourth member, a man for a friend, hardly she convinced me, saying that a friend with him periodically found something to fuck his threesome, and I can see in nature as they have the guy threesome, at the first meeting I Kripen'ka stepped on vodka, and we have four of them lay down in the bedroom and there at some point I realized that I suck no Huge clitoris friend and member of the men, who had just finished my mouth. Later in the morning the wife showed me the record, she managed to put the camera on record, as it turned out we had not just made a blowjob to each other.
Naturally, I said that it was not me and vodka, and in general it is mounting, though vaguely remembered that the way it all happened.
The next time he came with a friend to us, we were sitting like clams, but went into the bedroom, his wife and girlfriend wearing strap-ons, and said that now they have to have a will, and not we them and put us on on the side of the bed in position 69, alleged to have seen, we have a close-up of another. My wife settled down to my ass, and a friend to his and away, and I saw at every jolt bounces his flaccid penis, mine too was not, and here the wife took one arm member sidekick second tilted my head to him and help him well skazala- , then I felt that my dick sucked, it was the sidekick, spitting at all I took his penis in her mouth and began to suck it gently. Strap in the priest, a member of all of this I opened a mouth, a visible and sidekick of his cock began to grow in my mouth and I began to suck it the way I wanted to I sucked. Member, he had a long, but not quite thick curved towards the bottom, with each thrust of his girlfriend in the ass strap members include deeper into my mouth and then he came, I thought that there was so much sperm choke. As I mentioned his sperm to his wife, I tried several times, but the taste is a strange but coupled with a member of taste has not been repeated, I continued to suck out every last drop and when his cock began to fall I finished himself, he for some time ceased to suck my member, and then literally began to suck my balls through the penis, it seemed to me that makes a pro blow, but as it turned out all that he, too, for the first time, last time, we did not consider because they were drunk in the trash, and virtually nothing to remember.
After resting our friend offered us anything we fucked each other without much resisting, we agreed to rising cancer, I was looking forward to, and that's his cock slowly entered me, he was warm, even hot, he began to move all accelerating pace in me, with him inside of me began to grow hot ball that is becoming more and then in the balloon burst still something hotter, as I later realized he had finished, I was seized by such an orgasm what I had never experienced with every release of his semen, my orgasm only grew.
Moving away from the orgasm, I was surprised to find that my trembling legs and arms, and the most amazing thing was my orgasm without emission of semen that is dry. As stated by the wife - she thought that I was losing my mind so I groaned and suddenly fell silent, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. As a member of my stake, I stood planted sidekick and two minutes later he began to moan, I increased the pace and he finished the Gulf sperm sheets. Pulling dick I put it in his mouth and pounding his girlfriend in her mouth for the most eggs came. Fucking guy was just unusually, no new feelings I still have not received my wife's ass and already, but what kind of experience I got an orgasm when I have, once again, would like very much.
That's how I became a BI, then we had a few couples and I have had almost every time a dry orgasm, his wife called - female. I also really liked the taste of semen, particularly fond of her pussy with my wife, when she shall have finished in the pussy I just licked a member of that please her and then drank all the sperm of her.
Eventually we got to the bi-swing club, it was a closed club and get in it could only be on the recommendation in it there were a couple of 15 and all bi. The atmosphere was friendly, everyone was liberated, my wife and I quickly fit into this range and today we go to a club to celebrate my birthday, and all thought of celebrating my wife and I had hoped it would be for me an unforgettable day.
When he came, we undressed in a special locker room, inside the can is only naked, took place in the club, as it turned out we were waiting and began noisily congratulating drinking champagne I laid on the bench above me got cancer, my wife and lifted my legs up there also one of men entered into me, the other to his wife and began to have to fuck a woman is participating in this is not accepted, the form included in the little wife to squelch member, and even cock in my ass, but still wife gently suck my dick, quickly brought me my dry orgasm, almost at the same moment a man who fucked my wife had finished and walked away. I wanted to lick pussy wife, but one that was fucking me pulled out a member and going to pussy wife had finished it, on it flowed sperm, and I have fucked the other, so the same as his wife already had a second, sperm simply dripped on her clitoris to me in her mouth with her juices, so the men one after another fucked us, ending with the wife, then her pussy, and so it continued until all men have not been around. During this time, I came several times, and how many sperm I swallowed along with the death of his wife? I thought it was all but ........
After resting and drinking all dispersed in pairs at the corners, my wife and I did not call, probably gave the rest through some piece time from all sides could be heard moaning, claps, squelch. And then I noticed that my wife lay on the floor on his shoulders, and back rested on the sofa on which we sat and took out some piece put it himself in the vagina, pushing her pen she spread the entrance to the pussy so that I saw her neck uterus. Baffled, I watched as the suited man turns and podrachivaya finish her open vagina. Spellbound, I watched how slowly filled pussy wife of the dull white and transparent semen, but that's the last man poured semen into his wife and the woman presented me with a dessert spoon. His wife announced - cocktail for the birthday of our club, sitting on it, I became a spoon to scoop this delightful lively cocktail of my wife.
Bailed out every last drop and wife during that time managed to finish a couple of times, I got up and immediately announced a competition among women -Each woman once sucks my dick in turn, and so as long as I did not finish, the prize will be a kiss with sperm transfer me from mouth to mouth. I continue this marathon for a long time, and I could not finish and then offered me to put on the bench, and that men, too, would be involved, but they should have me fuck and here began.
Is replaced by the head and members, grew in me someone, even someone as an avalanche that suddenly burst seemed to me that I was separated from the body, I shook so orgasm, the whole body arched, sperm seemed to me just beat me out of a fountain. Once it has dried me someone has to drink my same sperm opened my eyes I saw that it was my wife, she won this competition and now kissing me and all stood around and applauded us.
Here I had a birthday and I now come up with a holiday in the club on the occasion of the anniversary of his wife.
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