After the medicine all the girls rushed to the next lesson. In the study there were only Mary and Diana. Mink wanted to do the story and waited for the office free. But Marischenko in no hurry to leave. She sat on the desk, so that her legs were crossed almost next to face a friend.
- So, you're going out with Anton? - She asked sadly.
Although Diana and wanted to keep their relationship a secret classmate, still has a week later the whole school knew about it. Especially Mink insisted that news of this had passed ears best friend. Masha earlier he met with Anton. But the most offensive is that he still loved her.
- Let.
Lie and twist did not make sense.
- So what? You're not happy for me?
- Vice versa. Very happy. You're my best friend, and Anton is very good, you are perfectly suited to each other, why can not I be happy for you? But ... sometimes I'd love to stay a little bit in your place.
- It was already like.
- Was ... - dreamily he repeated Masha, tilting her head to one side. Blonde curls tumbleweed from the right shoulder of back. - What we just did together ... And you kissed yet?
- Yes ... it was.
Diana blushed and looked away. Of course, kissing, more like. Yes, even today, Anton went to class in the morning and all kissed Diana. The poor girl almost died of shame.
- You yourself saw today.
- I Saw ...
Mary knelt down on the desk right in front of Diana. In this case, the cut of her white blouse was visible appetizing seagull tops of her breasts. Mary took off her glasses and friends close to her face.
- He kissed you this morning. And a kiss is not yet evaporated.
And Diana clung to his lips.
A friend had recoiled back but Masha hugged her. Tearing himself away from his lips spacey mink, she whispered in her ear:
- I'm sorry, forgive me. For me, this is the only chance again to feel close to Anton. I can not help it, I love it. But I can not kiss him. He's your man, and you're my best friend. We are the first-class friends.
- You, as always, surprising me with his logic ... - murmured Diana. And she stroked her friend's hair. - So you want to feel again with Anton?
- Yes…
Diana dropped it on the desk and went to the top, connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. She caressed his chest through Masha's blouse, pulling out of her shiny pink rotika sweet moans.
- Diana, we did not have to do ... - Mary whispered.
- You like. Imagine that you Anton caressed and relax. That's all I can do for you.
Diana unbuttoned her blouse. Then she lifted her white lace bra up to the collarbone and sided with chest girlfriend. Masha moaned even louder. Her nipples were filled and hardened. Diana pressed her wet crotch to the leg of Masha and began to slowly rub. Then down below and began to caress the tongue swollen pussy expiring friend directly through the thin white panties. Masha was screaming and writhing in ecstasy, holding her friend's head and if nasazhivayas on her tongue.
Diana pulled off her panties and pressed her to smell sweet sources of pleasure. Machine pussy reminded her bud rare plants. Pale pink inside, smooth, plump lips and mouth-watering sweet tubercle on top. Diana licked it and press down lightly. Thumb launched inside. "Perhaps now she wants more ...." - Diana thought. She took off her panties, gently laid out next to the machine. Then transplanted girlfriend on a teacher's desk and got to itself.
She crossed their legs and pressed her wet pussy slit to a friend so that their clitoris rubbed against each other. And she began to move her hips. Logged into a taste Masha moaned and podmahivala her. The swollen pussy squished, full of juice. While both girls are not a prolonged groan and fell to the table.
Its glass surface flowed viscous puddle. Diana wiped her own panties and put them back. Masha also dressed. Girlfriend kissed for the last time, left the office and headed in different directions.