Yacht Club.

You know, I think I should talk to my father about your behavior?
-In the sense of? About what?!!
-About that, what he brings. I'll tell him everything: about masturbation, about my mother's stockings, which you have in the bathroom at night to dress up as himself in the ass fucking cucumbers at night about your masturbation! Everything!!! Let taken for your education
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-No, Natasha, I beg you !!!
-You must Fedya, you must! I'll send him your pictures in pantyhose, even for his son fell in love with that idleness has dried up many years!
-Natasha, well, please do not do it !! He would kill me if he found out ..
-Serves you right! You're a slacker and got what they deserved, I promise you. You somehow decided that you all available and that life is such a sweet thing, that you can sit on the parent's neck, stroking sweet doing nothing .. I will tell your father that you flogged every day, took all the pocket money and everything and better in the army sent you to begin with, you have nothing to wipe his pants in the MSU.
-Natasha, calm down! You are welcome!
-No! I said everything! Prepare for retribution ..
-Natasha, well, do not !!!!!!!!
-My dream is to have you chained to an oar in the galley, and that over the years, blood and sweat all this nonsense out of my head.
I continued to masturbate on the conversation with Natasha and her picture, which was well seen her beautiful legs in stockings, under which were exciting the perfect heels and toes, when everything in the room began to change. Gone was the first one wall, then another, formed around the gulf. I froze with fear and closed his eyes, after he saw that the floor disappeared from under his feet.
Suddenly I felt like I was caught and dragged somewhere. I opened my eyes and saw that I was on some kind of ship, where a bunch of naked men, chained to a huge oars, groaning and languishing fatigue and wild heat.
I began to arrest in chains to one of the oars. I tried to yell, "Help!" And to resist, but I did not have this nary forces. Suddenly, I realized my eyes and saw that at the top on some throne sexy sitting leg to leg Natasha, which overlooks the Empress looks like me shackle. And Natasha was just as well dressed in the same bodily stockings, as I have on the photos, which I so often masturbate during correspondence. After I chained it slightly raised finger, he said:
-In thirty years!
I started to shout in all throat:
-No!!!! Natasha, do not !!! Do not!!! Natasha, let me go !!!! Do not!!!! I beg you !!!
-All slacker, good-bye! Serves you right!
-Natasha !!!! Not-ee-t !!!!! Let me go!
-To you again turned on the porn and began a sweet podrachivat? Never! It's what you deserve! Goodbye!
I've been chained to an oar and rowed with all, continuing to shout.
-Natasha, do not go !!! Let me go!!! Let go !! I will not do it, I'll be good !!! I swear!! Let go !!!
Having recently, Natasha got up and disappeared and I was left to continue to work on the paddle with the slaves. I started to get wild blow after blow with a whip on the back when not to invest. I fainted from the pain and fatigue, when he woke up.
-Phew, no more Saturday .. Railways !!!!