(All names have been changed)
It was November 17, 2003.
We were always celebrated the birthday of colleagues in the office. Drunk considerably. We went to continue to a girl at the apartment. There is also continued, but I was not drunk and I wanted to debauchery. I just wanted to have sex with a girl, Elena, which had previously been only a working relationship. I saw that she, too, burned her eyes, she wanted to have sex. Maybe even me. Then I went to smoke in the stairwell with me came Tanya, smoked, talked with leading questions, I found out that Lena was not long ago Man, because She is very shy and she does not look for a boyfriend when as a lot of work sometimes delayed up to 23 or even to 24. I must say that Helen lives in the south suburbs of 1.5 hours by train. Those. t is not the time for personal life.
I glades. The apartment was only 2 beds, and we were 5 people. Of these, I am your humble servant, colleague (Sergey) which was dob and 3 girls. 2 girls went to bed early, and I, Sergey and Helen were still in the kitchen. It turned out that the girls took 1.5 bed, and was still 1 sofa 2-bedroom. Soon we went to bed. Troy lay on the bed in the whole garment that was on us. THOSE. Pants, shirts, etc. Lena lay down on the edge next to me and to other Sergey edge. Sergei picked up well and slept srazuzhe, so much so that his gun did not wake.
Since this all started!
I first kissed Lena in the head as She lay back on me. Then the neck, cheek, I felt like it well. She tried to resist, but her desire not to give her to do so, after a few minutes we lay bare the oud and caressed each other. I kissed her breasts, which was so beautiful. I glared at her nipples with his lips. She kissed me, wherever possible, except for my penis. (Because it has a complex. And it is only concerned with vaginal and anal sex.) I rolled her on her back, her lovely gnocchi were apart and she had an orgasm just from my caresses. She ran, she wanted more and more. All this time, Sergei slept nearby. But he was not even able to open his eyes. We are excited is becoming stronger. I fucked her in her bosom, quite a long time after I had finished. Right into it. At first she was afraid of pregnancy, and all that, then I realized that is not something to be done, and we continued our entertainment. I turned it into a lively and put the cancer came, then her virgin anus. At first it was pushed into the sphincter napryazhno my cock. Because He's not small, but a virgin ass. I fucked her fast pace that was coming out of the ass and entered her womb, then back again. She writhed in front of me as she could. It probably lasted for hours before 8 am. (And we went to sleep at 01:00). Then we hugged exhausted and slept completely naked under a blanket. Serge and slept there. Mark woke up probably because 10 hours it was Saturday we did not wake up, we slept until 15:00 embracing. Somewhere in the region of 12 came my ex-girlfriend Vika and Tanya's best friend Helena. Tanya wanted to wake Lena and pulled a blanket with us she thought we were asleep dressed. Looking at this picture, they shy and ran out of the room.
After that night long styasnyalas Lena, I was ashamed. Although I can not understand why. I think if you took a step m made it to a meeting, you can not be ashamed in any case. So I'm with her could not talk probably 2-3 weeks and then gradually returned to normal, and we remained friends. But it may not exactly friends, but colleagues.
Later we even slept with her and not once, but that's another story that perhaps write later.